Desktop access to full-text NACA and NASA reports - Systems developed by NASA Langley Technical Library


NASA Langley Technical Library has been involved in developing systems for full-text information delivery of NACA/NASA technical reports since 1991. This paper will describe the two prototypes it has developed and the present production system configuration. The prototype systems are a NACA CD-ROM of 53 classic NACA reports and a network-based Full-text Electronic Reports Documents System constructed from both paper and electronic formats of NACA and NASA reports. The production system is the DigiDoc System presently being developed based on the experiences gained from the two prototypes. DigiDoc configuration integrates the on-line catalog database WWW interface and PDF technology to provide a powerful and flexible search and retrieval system. It describes in detail significant achievements and lessons learned in terms of data conversion, storage technologies, full-text searching and retrieval, and image databases. The conclusions from the experiences of digitization and full-text access and future plans for DigiDoc system implementation are discussed.

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35th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit