Submissions from 2020


Social emotional learning in arts teacher education policy: a content analysis of assurance standards and course descriptions, Daniel S. Hellman and Stephanie Milling


Discovering Essential Voices in Johann Sebastian Bach’s Solo Instrumental Suite Movements, Daniel M. Ketter

Submissions from 2019


Universality and diversity in human song, Samuel A. Mehr; Manvir Singh; Dean Knox; Daniel M. Ketter; Daniel Pickens-Jones; S. Atwood; Christopher Lucas; Nori Jacoby; Alena A. Egner; and For complete list of authors, see publisher's website.

Submissions from 2016

Composing Across A Cultural Divide: Introducing Wang Yi, Cynthia Green Libby

Submissions from 2015

Profile in Courage: Ukrainian Composer Zhanna Kolodub, Cynthia Green Libby

Submissions from 2014


The impact of budget cutbacks on music teaching positions and district funding in three Midwestern states, Fredrick Burrack, Phillip Payne, Dale Bazan, and Daniel Hellman

Submissions from 2013

A Man and His Music Glendower Jones and Classical Vocal Reprints, Ann Marie Daehn

A Man and His Music Part Two: The Future, Ann Marie Daehn

Submissions from 2011

In Beauty We Walked: The Twelve Lecture-Recitals, Cynthia Green Libby

Submissions from 2010


A Research Agenda for Alternative Licensure Programs in Music Education, Daniel S. Hellman, Barbara J. Resch, Carla E. Aguilar, Carol McDowell, and Laura Artesani

Empathy as an Outcome of Learning Harp Therapy, Cynthia Green Libby and Daniel Hellman

Submissions from 2008

Founding Mother of the International Double Reed Society, Cynthia Green Libby

Taking a Chance on Harp Therapy at Missouri State University, Cynthia Green Libby


Traditional Chinese instrumental music: Importing diversity into Midwestern America, John Prescott, Sun Li, and Meng Lei

Submissions from 2006

From Bach ti Vivace Press: The Metamorphosis of Barbara Harbach, Cynthia Green Libby

Submissions from 2001


Effects of Modeling and Tempo Patterns as Practice Techniques on the Performance of High School Instrumentalists, Paul T. Henley

Submissions from 2000

Oboe Virtuoso for Popular Consumption? An Interview with Cynthia Steljes of Quartetto Gelato, Cynthia Green Libby

Submissions from 1998

The Commissioning Performer, Cynthia Green Libby

Submissions from 1995

Burgers vs. Borscht: Americans on Tour in the Former Soviet Union, Cynthia Green Libby