Modifications of the watershed surface and channel system during urbanization can result in downstream channel instability due to changes in storm water runoff rates and sediment load regime. This project involves the investigation of the geomorphic conditions that influence channel instability in a small stream draining a residential area of the southeastern part of the City of Springfield, Missouri. The channel has been affected by increased flooding, bed and bank erosion, and planform change. Local officials have questions about the potential risk to sewer and utility lines. In addition, local residents have concerns about the risks posed by flooding and bank erosion to their properties located downstream immediately downstream of the project site. Olsson Associates contracted the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) in Spring 2007 to complete a geomorphic assessment of the 700 ft long reach of Ravenwood Creek that flows through Lake Springfield Park. The objectives of the study are: (i) perform a field investigation of the longitudinal profile, channel cross-section, substrate properties, and bank conditions present; (ii) evaluate the geomorphic setting and causes of instability; and (iii) submit a final report on stream stability and related channel restoration recommendation. This report will provide information for the planning and design process for proposed Ravenwood Creek drainage and channel improvements by the City of Springfield.

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Final report to Olsson Associates for the City of Springfield, Missouri

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