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Elastic and electronic properties of Ti2Al(CxN1-x) solid solutions
Sitaram Aryal, Ridwan Sakidja, Lizhi Ouyang, and Wai Yim Ching


The indestructible insect: Velvet ants from across the United States avoid predation by representatives from all major tetrapod clades
Brian G. Gall, Kari L. Spivey, Trevor L. Chapman, Robert J. Delph, Edmund D. Brodie, and Joseph S. Wilson


Dataset for SERS plasmonic array: Width, spacing, and thin film oxide thickness optimization
Christopher M. Klenke, Zachary T. Brawley, Stephen J. Bauman, Ahmad A. Darweesh, Desalegn T. Debu, and Joseph B. Herzog


Positive solutions for resonant (p, q)-equations with concave terms
Shouchuan Hu and Nikolas S. Papageorgiou


Subaru and salt spectroscopy of chemically peculiar hot subdwarfs
C. Simon Jeffery, Naslim Neelamkodan, Vincent M. Woolf, Steven M. Crawford, and Roy H. Østensen


The population of hot subdwarf stars studied with Gaia: I. the catalog of known hot subdwarf stars
Stephan Geier, Roy H. Østensen, P. Nemeth, N. P. Gentile Fusillo, B. T. Gänsicke, J. H. Telting, E. M. Green, and J. Schaffenroth


Meet the family the catalog of known hot subdwarf stars
Stephan Geier, Roy H. Østensen, Peter Nemeth, Ulrich Heber, Nicola P. Gentile Fusillo, Boris T. Gänsicke, John H. Telting, Elizabeth M. Green, and Johannes Schaffenroth


The effects of reduced hemodynamic loading on morphogenesis of the mouse embryonic heart
Tanner G. Hoog, Samantha J. Fredrickson, Chih Wei Hsu, Steven M. Senger, Mary E. Dickinson, and Ryan S. Udan


The role of dispersal in river network metacommunities: Patterns, processes, and pathways
Jonathan D. Tonkin, Florian Altermatt, Debra S. Finn, Jani Heino, Julian D. Olden, Steffen U. Pauls, and David A. Lytle


Spitzer IRAC Sparsely Sampled Phase Curve of the Exoplanet WASP-14b
J. E. Krick, J. Ingalls, S. Carey, K. Von Braun, S. R. Kane, D. Ciardi, P. Plavchan, I. Wong, and P. Lowrance


Genetic and phenotypic characterization of Grapevine vein clearing virus from wild Vitis rupestris
Steven Beach, Michael Kovens, LeAnn Hubbert, Shae Honesty, Qiang Guo, Daniel Pap, Ru Dai, Laszlo Kovacs, and Wenping Qiu


Low-gravity L Dwarfs Are Likely More Variable
Stanimir Metchev, Aren Heinze, Daniel Apai, Davin Flateau, Jacqueline Radigan, Adam Burgasser, Mark Marley, Étienne Artigau, Peter Plavchan, and Bertrand Goldman


Polyfocal photography of conodonts and other microfossils using petrographic microscopes
James F. Miller, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Raymond L. Ethington, and Rebecca L. Freeman


Attributes of weathercasters who engage in climate change education outreach
David R. Perkins, Teresa Myers, Zephi Francis, Raphael Mazzone, and Edward Maibach

*Updated as of 09/30/20.