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Use of Lemna minor L. as a bioassay in allelopathy
Frank A. Einhellig, Gerald R. Leather, and Lori L. Hobbs


The effects of ferulic acid on the mineral nutrition of grain sorghum
John Kobza and Frank A. Einhellig


Technique for Obtaining Slime Molds
William R. Sprague and Frank A. Einhellig


Tannic acid-induced alterations in mouse growth and pituitary melanocyte-stimulating hormone activity
Margaret H. Peaslee and Frank A. Einhellig


Synergistic inhibitory effects of p-coumaric and ferulic acids on germination and growth of grain sorghum
James A. Rasmussen and Frank A. Einhellig


Sorgoleone from root exudate inhibits mitochondrial functions
James A. Rasmussen, Angela M. Hejl, Frank A. Einhellig, and John A. Thomas


Reduced fecundity in mice on tannic acid diet
Margaret H. Peaslee and Frank A. Einhellig


Protective effect of tannic acid in mice receiving dietary lead
M. H. Peaslee and F. A. Einhellig


Prior cropping with grain sorghum inhibits weeds
Frank A. Einhellig and James A. Rasmussen


Potentials for exploiting allelopathy to enhance crop production
Frank A. Einhellig and Gerald R. Leather


Phytotoxicity of sorgoleone found in grain Sorghum root exudates
Frank A. Einhellig and Itamar F. Souza


Observing the Events of Mammalian Development With Mice
Margaret H. Peaslee and Frank A. Einhellig


Mechanisms of hydroquinone-induced growth reduction in leafy spurge
Richard R. Barkosky, Jack L. Butler, and Frank A. Einhellig


Inhibitory effects of combinations of three phenolic acids on grain sorghum germination
J. A. Rasmussen and F. A. Einhellig

*Updated as of 07/11/20.