Date of Graduation

Fall 2014


Master of Arts in English



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Diana Botsford


THE MESSENGER: A ONE HOUR TELEVISION DRAMA is a plan for a science fiction television series. The thesis includes (1) a critical essay on where the series would fit in today's science fiction, (2) a series bible that lays out the show's themes, characters, and provides episode summaries, and (3) a one hour teleplay pilot. The story focuses on a fictional planet that is overrun by a corrupt one world government. An amnesiac hero, named Caden, finds himself on a mission to liberate the planet from corruption. The show explores people's over dependency on technology, eugenics, neurological trauma, and predestination. Various classical literature is weaved into the series including: Shakespeare, Norwegian mythology, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and the Bible. The intention of the series is to delve deeper into the psyche and to explore scientific and religious ideas in ways that have not been satisfied in previous science fiction.


science fiction, dystopia, eugenics, hero's journey, teleplay, space western

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English Language and Literature


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