Thesis Title

British Muslim Extremism: The Terror Within

Date of Graduation

Spring 2007


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Bradley Thayer


Great Britain, Muslims, terrorism, extremism, integration

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


The Muslim population in Great Britain is growing. However, due to the failed political policy of multiculturalism, Muslim culture has been allowed to develop separately from British culture. The result is a completely separate society, living within another society. The majority in the Muslim community do not consider themselves British, and have not integrated into British society. In addition, Britain was a haven for radical Muslim activists and clerics, accepting them into the country, and giving them the freedom to move among the British Muslim community. The result is the Muslim youth population has been recruited by extremist organizations and has been taught the values of extremist Muslim ideology. British Muslims have been implicated in terrorist acts in countries around the globe, and on July 7, 2005, four British Muslims carried out a terrorist attack on the London Underground. This was the first suicide bombing in the western world. The failure of British Muslims to integrate into society has created a social, political and security problem for Great Britain, which may take more than a generation to overcome.


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