Michael Buck

Date of Graduation

Spring 2008


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Bradley Thayer


The United States maintain bilateral alliances with Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the Republic of China to assure each state's security. Each of these allies has enjoyed relative security and prosperity since the Second World War. The People's Republic of China has also enjoyed economic prosperity, particularly in the last decade. Each of these prosperous states have accumulated significant military capabilities to match their prosperity, adding new tensions to a region marred with historical grievances and rivalries. Tension in Northeast Asia, which includes the above Asian states and North Korea, threatens regional security and prosperity as well as American security and prosperity. Continued American commitments to U.S. allies in the region, including American presence in Japan and the Republic of Korea, reduces regional tension. This thesis recommends that the United States maintain its commitments for the next ten years for the security and prosperity of all parties concerned.


Northeast Asia, United States alliances, regional strategy, grand strategy, stability.

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Defense and Security Studies


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