Thesis Title

A Study For the Prediction of Success in a College Algebra Course

Date of Graduation

Summer 1984


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Clyde Paul


Students taking College Algebra (MTH 135) at SMSU have a low rate of success. This study examines the current prerequisites (1¹/₂ units of high school algebra or completion of Intermediate (Algebra-MTH 3) as to their appropriateness in preparing students for MTH 135. In addition, other variables such as ACT scores, total high school mathematics credits, high school mathematics grade point average, high school teacher salary, and size of high school were evaluated for possible use, alone or in a multiple regression equation, as a better predicgtor of success in MTH 135. Correlation coefficients and multiple R values obtained indicates that none of the prediction variables used in this study, even if combined in a multiple regression equation, would adequately predict success in MTH 135. With regard to the prerequisites, the high school algebra requirement, although unsatisfactory, tended to provide a better prediction of success than the MTH 3 prerequisite, which unfortunately, may not have any significant effect on College Algebra success.

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