Determination of a Single Factor Health Status Index for Missouri (1975)

Date of Graduation

Summer 1978


Master of Business Administration


Management and Information Technology

Committee Chair

Don Calame


The determination of a health status index is important to both health planners and health care providers. Several indexes have been developed using mortality data. These have been criticized by many experts because of multiple-cause death and death from reasons other than the chronic disease present years before death occurs. Morbidity information, with one or two exceptions, is only available for communicable diseases of very low incidence. A health status index can be developed using variables which have been shown in the literature to affect health. Forty-seven variables were obtained from Missouri's 115 counties, an initial factor analysis was performed, the data was resubmitted to determine factor score by county. The scores were transformed into index numbers. Criticisms and suggestions for futher research are made.

Subject Categories

Business Administration, Management, and Operations


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