Date of Graduation

Spring 2019


Master of Science in Agriculture


Agribusiness, Agricultural Education, and Communications

Committee Chair

Arbindra Rimal


beginning farmers and ranchers, government programs, program barriers, focus groups, time, program awareness, program resources, program requirements and eligibility

Subject Categories

Agricultural Economics | Agriculture


Federal and state governments have responded to the hardships beginning farmers and ranchers face by creating programs to mediate the identified challenges for new producers. However, hardships still exist for these producers and there is a lack of research on if the programs are providing the needed assistance to beginning farmers and ranchers. This research explores the perceived barriers to beginning farmer federal and state government programs for Missouri producers. Through the utilization of focus groups, the research identified major barriers such as: time, program awareness, program resources, and program requirements and eligibility. Aside from the barriers, the research also identified results in program positives and benefits. Altogether, the results of this research illustrate areas which could be improved and potential ways to improve the government programs, thus providing more and better opportunities for beginning farmers and ranchers.


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