A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Future Needs of Ert Services in a Rural Southwest Missouri Area

Date of Graduation

Fall 1979


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

James Layton


The purposes of this study were to evaluate the effectiveness and future needs of ERT services to twelve school districts belonging to a new exceptional pupil cooperative in a rural Southwest Missouri area. To implement this study two instruments were developed by the researcher to answer two questions: How effective were the ERT services perceived to be as offered through a Cooperative situation? and, What were the desires for ERT services from those teachers of the Cooperative who had not yet become involved? A questionnaire for teachers already involved with ERT services was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the service by a comparison of means and standard deviations of the seven items on the questionnaire. A checklist for teachers not yet involved with ERT services was used to evaluate future needs by frequencies of totals and percentages of the fourteen items it contained. A total of one hundred and thirty-one survey instruments were gathered from the schools of the Coop. The analysis of data from the questionnaire may be interpreted to show a positive perception of growth by classroom teachers as a result of ERT services. The analysis of data from the checklist may be interpreted to indicate an interest in future services from an ERT as the first step in the process of individualization of education received a significant percentage of interest.

Subject Categories

Other Education


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