Date of Graduation

Fall 2023


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Computer Science


Computer Science

Committee Chair

Hui Liu


Crowdsensing, a paradigm in modern data collection, harnesses the collective power of mobile users equipped with sensory devices to contribute valuable data based on task-specific criteria. The efficacy of crowdsensing relies on sustained engagement from proficient users over extended periods. Incentivizing long-term participation is crucial, and blockchain technology emerges as a promising framework, providing a decentralized and immutable ledger. However, existing blockchain-based incentive mechanisms for crowdsensing encounter challenges. Firstly, they often overlook users' inherent bias towards loss aversion, a psychological phenomenon where individuals prioritize avoiding losses over acquiring equivalent rewards. Secondly, fairness issues arise, especially concerning newly participating users in auction scenarios. In response to these challenges, an innovative solution is presented — Blockchain-based Incentive Mechanism considering Endowment Effect (BIMEE). BIMEE not only leverages the security and transparency of blockchain but also integrates behavioral economic principles to enhance the efficiency of the incentive mechanism. Specifically, we introduce the Endowment Effect, emphasizing the psychological tendency of individuals to overvalue items they possess. Additionally, we incorporate Fairness Preference, addressing the equitable treatment of newly engaged users during the auction process. Our implementation of BIMEE utilizes Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Through extensive experimentation, we demonstrate that BIMEE significantly enhances the participation rate of mobile users in sensing tasks, improves platform utility, and elevates the average utility experienced by users. This multifaceted approach not only aligns with the technical advancements in blockchain but also incorporates crucial behavioral insights to foster a more effective and user-friendly crowdsensing ecosystem.


blockchain, crowdsensing, incentive mechanism, endowment effect, smart contract, Ethereum, behavioral economics, BIMEE

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Computer Sciences


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