A Statistical Analysis of Doline Characteristics in the Brookline Quadrangle, Missouri

Date of Graduation

Summer 1990


Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

Kenneth Thomson


Dolines, known commonly as "sinkholes," are common karst features in and around Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. While many studies on karst features have been conducted in Greene County, none have focused on the Brookline Quadrangle, located just west of Springfield. This study focused on the relationships between doline location and various physiographic factors. Six hundred seventeen dolines were located and mapped in the area, which were shown to be clustered by means of a quadrat analysis statistical test. Reasons for this clustering (influence of bedrock type, influence of elevation, and influence of lineaments) are discussed and evaluated. In addition, chi-square analyses were used to determine the relatedness between various doline and physiographic factors, and a multiple-regression analysis was used to determine the relationship between the length and width of dolines and their depth.

Subject Categories

Earth Sciences


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