Thesis Title

Van Der Pauw Hall Effect and Resistivity Characterization of Gan Thin Films


Hugh Porter

Date of Graduation

Spring 2000


Master of Science in Materials Science


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

Committee Chair

Shyang Hwang


The van der Pauw Hall Effect and Resistivity measurement procedure is the most popular method used for determining the electrical properties of a semiconductor. With this method it is possible to tell what carrier types are present in a thin film, and what their concentrations and mobilities are. This will, in the end, help the researcher know how best to grow semiconductor thin films with certain desired electrical properties. In this thesis, a newly refurbished system is described, and results from subsequent experiments are offered. These results demonstrate the expected temperature dependencies of the electrical properties of GaN thin films, and serve as an indication for future research directions.

Subject Categories

Materials Science and Engineering


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