Thesis Title

Writing Strategy Instruction For Students With Learning Disabilities: Effects on Writing Performance and Fluency

Date of Graduation

Summer 1998


Master of Science in Education in Special Education


Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

Committee Chair

Linda Garrison-Kane

Subject Categories

Special Education and Teaching


Past goal research has been limited to the study of assigned, quantifiable goals. This field study expands goal-setting research by identifying and measuring dimension of goals set freely by athletes (i.e., free-set goals). This research investigated the relationship between the free-set goals athletes set and antecedents and consequences. Criteria were collected from 216 high school wrestlers participating at a team wrestling camp. Prior performance, self-efficacy, goal difficulty, and goal specificity measures were used to tap into goal related factors. Six hypotheses were constructed based on prior goal setting research. Results partially supported four of the six study hypotheses. In sum, results indicated that many of the criteria associated with free-set goals were consistent with past research findings pertaining to quantitative goals.


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