The Effects Of Dissolved Oxygen Content Of Water On Blood Ph, Pco4, Po4 And Rocking Activity For Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis

Date of Graduation

Spring 1978


Master of Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Robert Wilkinson


The effects of dissolved O₂ content of water on in vivo blood pH, pCO₂, pO₂ and rocking activity were measured for Cryptobranchus alleganiensis. Measurements were taken at 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10% and 0% saturation levels while temperature was held constant at 12°C. Results indicate that reduction of dissolved O₂ content of water does not have a significant effect on blood pH, pCO₂, pO₂ until O₂ saturation of water is lowered to 20%. Rocking activity increased significantly as the O₂ saturation was decreased from 100% to 25%. Furthermore, as O₂ saturation of water was lowered to approximately 0%, rocking activity decreased, blood pCO₂ increased and blood pH and pO₂ decreased significantly. There appeared to be a relationship between rocking versus non-rocking activity and the ability to maintain stable blood pO₂ levels in water less than 100% saturated with oxygen. Furthermore, rocking activity did not appear to be a response to respiratory stress, per se; but could be more appropriately termed a response to potential stress on the respiratory functions of the blood.

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