Submissions from 2020


Fraudulent Stock Certificates of the Norfolk & Western Railway, David Adams

Submissions from 2018


Building a Culture of Strategic Risk-taking in a Science Library: Creating Psychological Safety and Embracing Failure, Rachel Besara and Renaine Julian


Send in the Crowds: Planning and Benefiting from Large-Scale Academic Library Events, Michelle Demeter, Rachel Besara, Gloria Colvin, and Bridgett Birmingham

Submissions from 2017


Virtual Research Consultations Study, Jessica L. Bennett


Transforming the CIP Data Block: Assessing User Needs to Re-envision a Venerable Library Icon, Karl Debus-López, Marilyn McCroskey, Regina Romano Reynolds, Caroline Saccucci, Camilla Williams, and Michele Zwierski


Public School Librarians and Academic Librarians Join Together to Promote Diversity and Reading, Grace M. Jackson-Brown

Submissions from 2016


Creating Library Videos, Jessica L. Bennett


An Exploratory Examination and Critique of Academic Law Librarian Blogs: A Look into an Evolving Reference Communication Practice, Grace M. Jackson-Brown


Wild Bill Hickok Gets His Kicks: Expanding Collection Development Through Intentional Collaboration, Dave Richards and Thomas Peters

Submissions from 2015


Graduate Conversations: Assessing the Space Needs of Graduate Students, Kirsten Kinsley, Rachel Besara, Abby Scheel, Gloria Colvin, Jessica Evans Brady, and Melissa Burel

Submissions from 2014


Application of Excel® Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts for Efficient Library Data Analysis and Illustration, Andrea Miller


Introduction to Using Excel® Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to Increase Efficiency in Library Data Analysis and Illustration, Andrea Miller


Integration of Library Impact Statements into the Curricular Review Process, Andrea L. Miller and Kenette Harder

Submissions from 2013


All Things Digital, Grace Jackson-Brown


Content Analysis Study of Librarian Blogs: Professional Development and Other Uses, Grace Jackson-Brown

The African American Read-In Building Campus-Community Partnerships, Grace Jackson-Brown and Gloria Tibbs

Submissions from 2012


Apps for Assessment: A Starting Point, Rachel Besara

Using Mobile Tools for Advocacy, Rachel Besara

Submissions from 2011

Academic Libraries - Measuring Up: Assessment and Collaboration for Student Success, Rachel Besara and K Kinsley


Characteristics, Similarities, and Differences Among Four-Year Cooperative Engineering Programs in the United States, Robert I. Egbert, Lorene H. Stone, and David L. Adams

Submissions from 2010


The Information-Seeking Habits of Baptist Ministers, Joshua D. Lambert

Submissions from 2009


An Unexpected Fund-Raising Success, Karen Horny

Submissions from 2008

Organizational Competencies: Clarifying the Construct, William B. Edgar and Chris A. Lockwood

Personnel Psychology and Nepotism: Should We Support Anti-Nepotism Policies?, Robert G. Jones, Tracy Stout, Bridgette Harder, Edward Levine, Johanthan Levine, and Jaun I. Sanchez

Submissions from 2007

Gordon McCann: Selected Ozarks Fiddling Stories, Andrew Beisswenger

Today's School Library Media Specialist Leader, Dianne C. Dees, Kristi Alexander, Rachel Besara, Robb Cambisios, Teresa Kent, and Jodie Player Delgado


Corporate Library Resource Selection: Exploring Its Support for Corporate Core Competencies, William B. Edgar


Toward a Theory of University Library Group Work: An Approach for Development, William B. Edgar


Face to Face: The Implementation and Analysis of a Research Consultation Service, Crystal D. Gale and Betty S. Evans

Submissions from 2006

Questioning LibQUAL+™: Expanding its Assessment of Academic Library Effectiveness, William Edgar

Submissions from 2005

Boolean Operators and the Naïve End-User: Moving to AND, Edward S. Proctor

Submissions from 2004


Corporate Library Impact, Part I: A Theoretical Approach, William B. Edgar

Mind the Gap, Edward S. Proctor

Building Bridges Between Cultures: A Literacy Program for Immigrant Latino Children., Suzanne Walker and Cherri Jones

Submissions from 2003

Saluting Secretaries with a Tribute to One of Their Own, Betty Evans and Ann Fuhrman

Choosing Good Books for Toddlers, Cheryl Jones

Submissions from 2002


Practitioner Perspectives on Cataloging Education for Entry-Level Academic Librarians, Karen M. Letarte, Michelle R. Turvey, Dea Borneman, and David L. Adams


Spelling and searching the internet: An overlooked problem, Edward Proctor

Get ‘Em While They’re Young: Outreach Ideas for K-12, Tammy Stewart

Submissions from 2001

Collaboration on the Trail with Lewis and Clark, Dea Borneman

Children's Book Reviews: Stories of Immigration for Children, Dea Borneman and Jenny Beth Petty

Whether the Weather, Dea Borneman and Jenny Beth Petty


Partnering with the Post Office: Southwest Missouri State University Libraries’ Advantageous Relationship, Karen Horny

Children's Book Reviews: Seeing the World through Middle Gade Multicultural Literature, Cheryl Jones and Jenny Petty

Reflections on the role of EMIERT in the past and in the future, Jenny Petty

Submissions from 2000

Buying electronic: The development of the electronic book market in academic libraries, Lynn Cline

Looking at Children's Books with Jewish Content/Characters, Jenny Petty

Lost in the Past: Some Thoughts on Multiculturalism, Jenny Petty

Submissions from 1999

Bias in academic library collections: highlights from the ALCTS/CMDS collection Development in academic libraries discussion group, Lynn Cline

Student Advocates: The Key to Successful Funding for a New Building, Karen L. Horny and Paul Seale

The Ozarks Region: Its Literature, Folkways, and Intrigue, Jenny Petty

Submissions from 1997


Desktop access to full-text NACA and NASA reports - Systems developed by NASA Langley Technical Library, Manjula Y. Ambur, David Adams, and P. Paul Trinidad

Submissions from 1995


An Approach to Assessing Faculty Use of Locally Loaded Databases, Joan B. Fiscella and Edward Proctor

Submissions from 1994

Virtually Possible: Academic Library Public Relations., Charlotte Dugan

Plastics, Fiber Optics, and the Future of Interlibrary Loan, Charlotte A. Dugan

Submissions from 1993


Toward a theory of collection development: an activities and attributes approach, William B. Edgar


The Academic Librarian's New Role as Information Provider, Grace M. Jackson-Brown

Submissions from 1992

Teaching with HyperCard in Place of a Textbook, Charlotte Dugan and Neosha Mackey

Digital Technology: Implications for Library Planning, Karen Horny


What You See Is What You Get (So What Do You Get?) An Administrator Looks at Minimal-Level Cataloging, Karen L. Horny

Displaying and utilizing selection tools in a user friendly environment, John M. Meador Jr. and Lynn Cline

Submissions from 1991

Automation: Ideal and Reality, Karen Horny

Submissions from 1987

Fifteen Years of Automation: Evolution of Technical Services Staffing, Karen Horny

Submissions from 1986


Minimal Level Cataloging: A Look at the Issues, Karen Horny

Submissions from 1985

Managing Change: Technology and the Profession, Karen Horny

Quality Work, Quality Control in Technical Services, Karen L. Horny

Submissions from 1982

Northwestern’s Online Catalog: LUIS, Karen Horny

On-line Catalogs: Coping with the Choices, Karen Horny

Submissions from 1980

The Meeting of Two Bears: Grand Duke Alexis at the Missouri Legislature, Byron Stewart

Submissions from 1978

NOTIS-3 (Northwestern On-line Total Integrated System): Technical Services Applications, Karen L. Horny

Submissions from 1974


Automation of Technical Services: Northwestern's Experience, Karen L. Horny

Submissions from 1971

The Undergraduate Library: Building Northwestern’s Core, Karen L. Horny