Theses from 2007

Bowers V. Lawrence: the Narratives of the Supreme Court, Daniel Christopher Bohlmann

Spelling Skills in Children With Phonological Disorders, Michelle Burrus

Development of Grammatically Different Word Pairs and Series to Elicit the N400 Auditory Evoked Potential, Heidi Jean Josenia Erickson

The Effects of Typically Developing Peers on the Participation and Language of Children With Complex Communication Needs During Shared Storybook Reading, Megan E. Galey

Adapting the Spelling Performance Evaluation For Language and Literacy (Spell) For Children Who Have Cochlear Implants, Lauren Elise Hammett

Utilizing Nanoporous Alumina Membranes For Molecular Transport and Silica Nanotube Synthesis, Ravikanth Kona

Literacy Intervention: a Case Study of a Child Who Uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Selena M. Lawson

Economic Development in Rural America: a Case Study of Four Towns in South Central Missouri, Janice Lorrain

Early Identification of Developmental Delays in Infants and Young Children With Unilateral Hearing Loss, Vanessa M. Luxen

Changes In Bolus Transit As An Effect Of Vitalstim Intervention: A Case Study, Jane Eloise Peterson

Effects of Social Motivators For Two Individuals With Aphasia, Kristel Cherisse Powell

Effects of Ethnicity on Taster Status, Jessica Smith

Adolescent Perception of Moral Communication Sources, Kate Yurka Spangler

The Effect Of Appearance Of Apple Juice Thickened With Starch And Gum-Based Agents, Molly Trautschold

A Systematic Investigation of the Linearity of Liquid Flow Under Line-Spread Testing, Miranda J. White

Changing Sexist Language: Intercollegiate Debate As A Laboratory For Change, Kelly L. Winfrey

Theses from 2006

Viscosity Of Red Wine Over Time When Mixed With Starch- And Gum-Based Thickeners: Implication For Elderly Adults, Christine Best

The Effects of Tailored Word Study on Spelling Performance in Children in Grade 2 in a Title 1 School, Jennifer Coffman

A Systematic Investigation Into the Effects of Carbonation on the Viscosity of Liquids, Jennifer Corbello

Direct Instruction Spelling: a Literacy Intervention For a Child Who Uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Britanny J. Drury

The Effects of Auditory and Sematosensory Feedback on Speech Movements, Marsha R. Howard

Survey of Hearing Screeners: Training and Protocols Used in Two School Systems in Missouri, Laurel Imhoff

An Investigation of the Concurrent Validity of Line-Spread Testing in Measuring the Viscosity of Thickened Liquids, Alisa Johnson

The Effects Trained Peers Have During Storybook Readings With a Child Who Uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Aac), Sara L. Lucas

A Comparison of Speech Output Types For a Child With a Developmental Disability, Lisa McNamara

Criterion Validity of the Spelling Performance Evaluation For Language and Literacy (Spell), Rebecca J. Mooney

Theatre Attendance: Media and Interpersonal Communication in Persuasion, Diana Ka Nelson

An Investigation of the Effects of Feldenkrais-Based Sensory Movement Techniques on Breathing For Voice Production For the Stage, Jessica Rockwell

The Role of Fantasy Theme Chaining in Howard Dean's 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary Campaign, Benjamin Ryan Warner

Theses from 2005

Companions on the Journey: Symbolic Interaction in Helping Relationships and the Development of Spirituality For Young Adult Catholics, Mathew B. Herrman

A Vision For the Future: a Religious Application of Symbolic Convergence Theory, Sam A. Mathews

Media Influence On The Political Decision Making Of College Students Aged 18-25, David W. Schultz

Theses from 2004

The Effects of Masking and Bite Block Placement on the Speech of an Adult With Verbal Apraxia: a Pilot Study, Dana E. Boatman

Measurement of Quality of Life in Adults With Dysphagia, Ashley Burnett

Inter-Rater Reliability of the Functional Communication Measures: a Pilot Study, Amy L. Butler

Voicing Our Concerns and Being Heard: Social Service Employees' Communication Experiences of Crisis, Rachel M. Deibert

Auditory Evoked Potentials in Speakers With Apraxia of Speech, Shelby A. Dellheim

Polka Dancing and Poppyseed Kolache: How Czech Families View Their Ethnic Identity, Kai M. Janovsky

Communicating Risks: an Exploration of Uncertainty and Satisfaction in Dentist-Patient Interaction, Timothy R. Jump

A Sitting Army?: Narrative, Presence, and Persuasion in the America's Army Computer Game, Shawn Maxfield

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Services For Children From Multicultural Backgrounds With Severe Communication Disorders, Vanessa A. McFall

The Effects Of Heightened Emotion On The Verbal Fluency Of An Adult With Non-Fluent Aphasia And Apraxia Of Speech: A Pilot Study, Pauline Muhoho

Effects of Liquid Base, Time, and Temperature on Viscosity, Karen Sandridge

Comparative Measures of Viscosity of Thickening Agents, Ronda K. Smith

Concepts Of Ethics In Public Relations Management: A Practitioner's Perspective, Stephen T. Smith

Comparison of Three Computer Access Systems: Speech Recognition, Morse Code, and Scanning, Kevin Stockton

Theses from 2003

Telling the Truth: How Journalists Believe a Story Is Told Truthfully, Missy Belote

A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Communication Studies in the Freshman Seminar Course, Teri D. Buell

Dialectics in Intercultural Communication: a Study of Interactions Between Latinos and Anglos in Southwest Missouri, Allison R. Gleghorn

When Saints Speak: Stories of Spirituality From Senior Southern Baptists, Chad T. Johnston

Communicating Culture: the Termination and Restoration of the Klamath Tribes, Robyn A. Rowe

Influences of Auditory and Somatosensory Feedback on Vowel Production, Lindsay A. Wallace

Theses from 2002

Order Effects And Number Of Tone Pairs During Simultaneous Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions, Erin Anderson

A Comparison of Commercially Available Otoacoustic Emission Newborn Hearing Screening Devices, Jaime Lanois

Sexual Orientation In The Workplace: Examining Human Resources Conceptions Of Diversity, Michele Nelson

The Center For Dispute Resolution: Needs Assessment Thesis, Stephanie Orman

Auditory Evoked Potentials: the Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Recovery Time For the P300, Brandon Tourtillott

Theses from 2001

Characteristics of Coach Talk, Lisa Davies

An Aeromechanical Study of Bilabial Stop Consonants in the Hindi Language, Sanjeevani Joshi

Dysphagia And Dementia: Examining The Interrelation, J.S.L McBratney

Changing From The Physician-Patient To The Physician-Consumer Relationship: Examining Consumer Involvement In Medical Interactions, Brian Quick

Interactive Guided Imagery: Applications In Speech-Language Pathology, Kimberly Singleton

Evoked/Event-Related Potentials: In Particular The P300, Under Sleep Deprivation And Recovery, Calvin Staples

Comparing the effects of a carrier phrase for NU-6 words on normal hearing and hearing impaired subjects, Sarah R. Stillwell-Barber

Theses from 2000

Constraints of Language, Creative Communication, and Perceptions of Creativity, Joshua Atkinson

Comparison of Speech Audiometry Stimulus Lists on Hearing Impaired and Normal Hearing Subjects, Richard M. Hogan

The Relationship Between Couple Type and the Social Environment: a New Approach to Measuring Marital Satisfaction, Gina Lynne Miller

Voices From the Bottom: a Rhetorical Analysis of Critical Race Theory Narratives, Heather L. Walters

Possible Influences of Vowel Tongue Position on Vocal Fold Stiffness, Timothy S. Will

Theses from 1999

An Interpretive Understanding of Newlyweds' Perceptions of Their Premarital Instruction Experience, Alicia Lynn Alexander

Patriots Underground, Online: a Rhetorical Study of the Militia Movement's Use of the American Revolution, LeAnn M. Brazeal

An Ethnographic Survey Focusing on Delivery of Audiologic Services to Students in Public Schools in the State of Missouri, Casey Hinson

The Development of Romantic Relationships Through Computer-Mediated Communication: Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous Interaction, Pamela Dianne King

Relationship Building and Relational Control in the Academic Advising Session, Taleyna Morris

Examining Relational Communication: Exploring the Minister/Sick Person Relationship, Nancy Pace-Miller

A Customer-Centered, Strategic Marketing Plan and Advertising Campaign For Audiologists in the Plains States, Jacqueline L. Rogers

Theses from 1998

Cultural Resources in the United States: What Messages Are We Sending, Rachelle D. Brown

What's Relevant For Children With Language-Learning Disorders?, Shannon L. Carter

The Effect of Partner Augmented Input on Peer Attitudes Toward a Child Using Augmentative Or Alternative Communication, Teresa Fingland

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Family: the Influence of Family Communication Style, Perception of Uncertainty and Social Support on Effective Coping Abilities, Barbara Rae Hanson

The Armpit Sage V. the Golden Barbarian: Zhen Luan's Response to the Taoist Conversion Narrative, Paul Hood

Vietnam Voices: a Comparative Analysis of Vietnam Veteran Narratives, Daniel R. Kneeshaw

Do I Have Any Choice?: Prostitution in Thailand, Kulavadee Prungvanichsiri

The Live Action Role-Playing Game the Masquerade as an Organizational Culture: an Ethnographic Study of the Game's Organizational Symbolism, Margarita V. Sevcik

An Investigation of International Students' Self-Esteem and Public Self-Consciousness on Classroom Communication Apprehension, Akemi Takano

An Investigation Into the Influence of Word Recognition Skills, Decoding Abilities and Orthographic Rule Knowledge on Spelling Proficiency in Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders, Lisa Anne Zartman

Theses from 1997

Effects of Otitis Media on Word Recognition of 7 to 9 Year-Olds, Theresa J. Adams

Similarity and Satisfaction in Newlywed Relationships, Joanna D. Bumpus

Faculty Talk: Metaphors and Communication Patterns of Faculty Developing Interdisciplinary General Education Courses, Deborah Craig

A Postmodern Reading of the Liggett & Myers Settlement: Finding the Unique Past the Modern Corporate Identity Model, Curt Gilstrap

A Perceptual, Acoustic-Phonetic, and Linguistic Analysis of Cluttering, Kimberly Helm

Possible Effects of Voice Fundamental Frequency, Gender and Tongue Position on Phonation Threshold Pressure, Smita S. Joshi

Crossing the Chasm: a Qualitative Analysis of Cross-Sex Friendship, Carla S. Kissee

The National Organization For Women: Building Community in the Face of Diversity, Bethany Ann Maben

The Nature of Word Finding Abilities Following Traumatic Brain Injury, April D. Murphy

Is There Really a Fine Line Between Sexual Harassment and Flirtation?: an Exploratory Study, Jill M. Ratermann

The Ability of Americans to Determine Accent Or Language Spoken Solely on Nonverbal Aspects of Expression, Gregory C. Robinson

Clinicians' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Group Therapy For Aphasia, Charity Faith Shelton

Theses from 1996

Our Father Who Art in Heaven: an Exploration of Prayer Using Grounded Theory, Kelly L. Dobbs

Hakuna Matata! Do Gender Roles Really Matter?: a Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Walt Disney Cartoons, Jan M. Hovden