Theses from 1996

Effects of Scriptedness on Children's Generation of Expository Narratives, Patricia L. Jones

Superior-Subordinate Relationships: Communication Style, Leader-Member Exchange Status, and Communication Satisfaction, Catherine Anne Novacek

Beyond the Influences of Television: the New World of Home Video Games, Tamyra A. Plank

The Communication of Conversion and the Christian Patriot Movement: Proselytization Within the Far Right, Terry Robertson

Designing Intervention Strategies For Spelling Deficits: a Preliminary Assessment, Patricia Thompson Scott

Stuttering as a Handicap: an Attitude Survey, Robey A. Wilkie

Theses from 1995

Compliance-Gaining in Multicultural Groups: an Exploratory Study, Shannah R. Alloway

Communication Processes of Dual-Career Couples in the Transition to Parenthood, Melinda E. Arnold

Home Alone: Home-Based Business People and Their Communication Needs, Jeanne A. Austin

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Compensatory Adjustments in Speech Articulation, Shelley Renee Stebbins

The Sleeper Effect: an Alternative Direction For Investigation, Patrick Kevin Wilds

Theses from 1994

Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Community Church: a Study in Audience Analysis and Adaptation, Gregory B. Hafer

Communication Apprehension and Organizational Effectiveness in a Customer Service Environment, Lynn Marie Harter

Rhetorical Perspectivism: an Epistemologically Meaningful Response to Incommensurability, Brett A. Miller

Beyond Jungle Fever: an Exploratory Study of Interracial Couples' Communication Patterns, Jean Michelle Rebollo

Theses from 1993

Analyzing Political Party Affiliation Versus Issue Orientation and Investigating Correlates of Party Affiliation, Stephen Wayne Braden

The Effects of Different Auditory Feedback Conditions on Speech Rate and Self-Perceptions of Speech, Rebecca Lynn Feeney

Where the Girls Aren't: Television Influence on Gender Role Schemata, Joanne M. Lisosky

Are Graduates in Speech-Language Pathology Prepared and Willing to Work With the Elderly?, Judith A. Peavey

An Investigation of Original Research on Argument Field Theory, B. Scott Titsworth

Social Interaction and Perceived Racism on Collegiate Football Teams, Kelli R. Toops

Theses from 1992

The Use of Non-Verbals in Print Advertising: a Comparative Study Across Ten Publication Years, Jenni D. Borsellino

Comprehension of Signed English and American Sign Language Stories By Deaf Children, Robin L. Evans

Understanding the Communication of the Homeless: Meanings and Account Analysis of Life on the "Monkey Trail", David Scott Haedike

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Over the Thrill Or Raging Against Aging: Persuasive Appeals in Advertising Messages Targeted to the Baby-Boom Generation, Sue Ellen Templeman

Assessment of the Symbolic Play of Hearing-Impaired Preschoolers, Vicki Thomas

Theses from 1991

James and Jude: a Rhetorical Dramatistic and Metaphoric Analysis, Jimmy R. Coleman

The Educational Implications of Cocaine-Exposed Hearing-Impaired Children, Diana M. Fuehrer

Perceptions of Self-Disclosure and Family Communication: a Study of Gay Parents and Their Children, Deborah L. Larson

We Are the World: an Exploratory Study of Communication in Families Who Adopt Cross Culturally, Lynn K. McClintock-Borich

Theses from 1990

Communication Behavior and Marital Satisfaction Among Newlywed Couples, Rebecca Sue Anderson

Quality Circles and the Communication Satisfaction of Participants, Thomas Ward Lynch

Student Retention and Student Perceived Effectiveness Resulting From Electronically Mediated Versus Non-Electronically Mediated Teaching Strategies in the College Classroom, Timothy L. Noland

An Examination of Junior High and Middle School Speech Education Programs in the United States, Jay Stubbs

Perceived Effectiveness of Teaching Techniques in the Basic Interpersonal Communication Course: a Comparison Between the Traditional and Nontraditional Student, Regina Waters

Theses from 1989

Media Images of Sub-Saharan African Countries on the Three U.S. Television News Networks (Abc, Cbs, and Nbc) From January 1980 to September 1988: a Content Analysis, Callistus C. Anyaeto

Communication Factors and Associates' Longevity Among Assemblies of God Ministers, Robert Joseph Lecocq

An Analysis of the Use of the Electronic Media For Christian Evangelism: a Case Study of the Assemblies of God, Robert Philip McGlasson

Producing and Viewer-Testing a Non-Broadcast Video Production: Stewardship Beyond a Lifetime, Donald E. Piper

Theses from 1988

A Study to Test Visualization as an Effective Classroom Method For Reducing Communication Apprehension of High School Students, Russell Ernest Brock

A Profile of Selected Lay Representatives Who Perform Public Relations Functions For a Missionary Organization, Edward William Brye

Association of Open Communication, Perceived Trust, and Relational Satisfaction Among Married Couples, Pamela Rochelle McWherter

Theses from 1987

The Marking of Ambiguous Referents By Language Delayed/Learning Disabled Adolescents in a Narrative Task, Mary Kathryn Anderson

The Dimension of Color in Visual Stimuli and Its Affect on Naming Performance in Aphasic Adults, Patricia Lynn Banick

An Operations Manual For the Audio, Video Editing Suite Located in Room 319, Craig Hall, Tony Edwin Bishop

An Application of Proactive Organizational Communication in Support of an Institutional Objective Regarding Student Retention At Southwest Missouri State University, Charles M. Busby

Vocal Roughness in Selected Pastors, Jacqueline Rae DeCocq

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Jim Jones: an Analysis of a Persuader, Richard William Stengel

Theses from 1986

Battle For the Bible: a Rhetorical Analysis of the Inerrancy Movement in the Southern Baptist Convention, 1979-1985, Michael Douglas Chute

Theses from 1985

Analysis of a Project Designed to Modernize the Communications Efficiency of the United Methodist Church, Clyde Frank Gilmore

Stop the Organization, I Want to Get On! an Introduction to Organizational Communication, Robert H. Morrow

High School Forensics Services and Recruitment: a Study of High School Faculty Opinion, Terry Lee West

Theses from 1984

A Rhetorical Evaluation of Claiborne Fox Jackson's Speeches on Slavery and States' Rights, 1847-1861, Joseph A. Igel

A Study of the Missouri Veterans Foundation and Their Attempt to Build the Missouri Unified Veterans Memorial, Patty Morris

A Creative Project of a Video Production of an Annual Report, Kevin Edward Randall

Theses from 1981

A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Cable Television on the Use of Competing Media, Paul Muir Gaither

Theses from 1980

An Empirical Assessment of the Relative Need For a Reformulation of Intercollegiate Debate Coaching Objectives, Frank J. Macke

Theses from 1979

A Comparative Analysis of the Accuracy of Win-Loss Records, Speaker Rank Totals and Opposition Records in Predicting Debate Outcomes, William Thomas Gist

A Diagnostic Readiness Test and Programmed Teaching Unit For Entrance-Level College Debaters, Jon Laurant Jackson

Theses from 1978

The First Four Months of Park Central Hospital's Public Relations Program: a Historical and Critical Evaluation, LuAnn J. Victory

Theses from 1977

The History and Development of Choric Theatre and Its Application to the Selected Works of Theodore Roethke, Janice Sells Glover

Theses from 1975

An Investigation of the Beginning Speech Course in Missouri: What It Is in Theory and Practice, Norene Carol Fields

Ecological Factors in the Study of a Small Task Group, Don E. Posten

Eastern-Western Thought and Rhetoric: a Question of Degrees, Suad Ali Raja

Theses from 1974

Orientation and the Quality of Consensus Decisions in Small Groups, Charles K. DeBerry

Billy James Hargis and the Christian Crusade: a Study in Message Adaptation, Frank Brown Roome

Theses from 1972

Gestalt Psychology as Applied to Interpreters Theatre, Judith Ann Ten Eyck

Standards For Judging Refutation in Intercollegiate Debate, Charles Stuart Wasser

The History of Forensics At Southwest Missouri State College, 1906-1971, Leonard Wyrick Westphal

A Quantitative Comparison of the Evaluative Criteria Employed By Participants and Critic-Judges in Intercollegiate Debate, Terrence C. Winebrenner

Theses from 1971

The Reliability of the Win-Loss and Quality Rating Systems in Measuring Debate Achievement, David H. Dunlap

An Analysis and Synthesis of Advice Given By Selected Contemporary Writers on Questions Concerning the Ethics of Persuasion: Judy Steiger., Judy Steiger

Theses from 1970

The Value to Retention of the Use of Metaphor in Public Address, Jess Bair

The Effect Of Richard Nixon's Effort To Overcome The Loser Image On His 1968 Presidential Campaign, Kay Alden Brace

The History and Criticism of Oral Roberts as a Public Speaker, Bob J. White

Theses from 1969

The Effects Of Speech 126, Public Speaking, On Organizational Skills And Critical Thinking Abilities, Warren Dale Decker