Theses from 2023


A Kansas City Founder "Proud of His Position:" Race, Exploitation, and the Rise of William Gilliss, Diane M. Euston


“Laugh, When I Gives You a Joke”: The Forms and Functions of Humor in the Great War, Samuel Sakoulas Griffin


Jewish Revenge in Postwar Vienna, Anna Celina Guenter

Theses from 2022


Missouri Soybean Exports and the Democratizing Market Force, David D. Hammons

Theses from 2021


(Australian): Challenges of the Australian Flying Corps During World War I, Patrick Joseph Blizzard


Examining Health Inequity in Ancient Egypt, Samantha Rose Gonzalez


Artist and Patron Relationships: Social Power Dynamics in Renaissance Italy, Katherine E. Siegler


We May Undertake to Run the Churches: The Stanton-Ames Order and Union Military-Supported Church Confiscation During the American Civil War, Todd Ernest Sisson


Making their Voices Heard- the Nahua Fight to Secure Agency 1575-1820, Micaela Wiehe


Through the Wilderness: Andrew Jackson's Military Road and the Settlement of the Southern Frontier, Dustin Mitchell Wren

Theses from 2020


Without Personhood: The Missing Point of Slaves in Missouri's Emancipation-by-Residency Freedom Suit Jurisprudence, 1824-1837, Jacob Alfred Brandler


Guerrilla Warfare in the Philippines: Dispersion, Cooperation, and Desperation, Alexander William Decker


Japanese American Internment During the Second World War Through the Preconditioning of Anti-Japanese Rhetoric Emphasizing Military Threat Between 1898 and 1941 and Examination of Military Necessity, Charlie DeWitt


The 1918 Anti-British Revolt in Najaf: Local Primary Sources vs National and Religious Narratives, Mohammed Harba


Battlefield of Bandages: A Case Study on Sanitation Policy, Medical Reform, and Disease Prevention During the War of Rebellion, Ashley L. Simpson

Theses from 2019


Fear and Trepidation: The Socio-Cultural Impact of Maritime Piracy and Illicit Smuggling in San Francisco De Campeche 1630 - 1705, Victor Alfonso Medina Lugo


The Batavia Massacre: The Tragic End to a Century of Cooperation, Kimberly Wilhelmina Wells

Theses from 2018


“O Stop and Tell Me, Red Man”: Indian Removal and the Lamanite Mission of 1830-31, Kaleb C. Miner


Variations in Black Media Coverage of the East St. Louis Race Riot, Angela Rene Womack

Theses from 2017


Entangled Trade: Peaceful Spanish-Osage Relations in the Missouri River Valley, 1763-1780, Maryellen Ruth Harman


The Trials of Louis Benecke, David Alan Whitby

Theses from 2015


This Is Our Land: Osage Territoriality and Borderland Violence, 1763-1803, Stephen Edouard Barnett


Gaming and Aggressive Tendencies: The Effects of Conflict Simulations on Behavior and Political Decision-Making, James Gilmore


The Elite of the Elites: the U.S. Marine Raider Battalions, 1942-1944: A Case Study in Elite Military Organizations, Stephen Mark Houseknecht


Horse-Stealing and Man-Hanging: An Examination of Vigilantism in the Missouri Ozarks, Connie Sue Yen

Theses from 2014


A Socio-Military History of the Fourth Missouri Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., William Laurence Bryan


Performing Theaters of Power: The Holy Office of the Inquisition's General Autos de fe in Spain and Spanish America and the Visual and Physical Representation of Inquisitorial Power, 1481-1736, Justin R. Duncan


Made in America: the Effects of Political Advertising in Social Media on Attention and Participation, Aaron Michael Kruse


The Battle of Gettysburg and the Response of the Press, Matthew James Larson


The Waldensians of Barry County: Finding Freedom in the Ozarks, Christopher W. Nash


A More Dangerous Game?: Evaluating the Decision Making Process in Select Persian Gulf Monarchies and Assessing the Effect of the Arab Spring, Margaret Mae Kildegaard Petersen


Competing Narratives: St. Louis Journalism During the Secession Crisis, 1860-1861, Phillip Jason Rice

Theses from 2013


Terror in the Ostland: The Genesis of Nazi Collaboration, 1941-42, Timothy B. Decker

Theses from 2012


The Creation of the Ottoman Landscape in Southeastern Europe: Fourteenth to Nineteenth Centuries, Matthew Elmo Bosch


Blood and Fire: The Inquisition of Mary Tudor, 1555-1558, David Allen Hill

Theses from 2011


France, Spain, and the Persecution of Protestant Heresy: A Study in Contrast, Gregory Everett French


"Far in Distant Lands to Dwell": The Sacred Harp Presence in the Arkansas Ozarks, Matthew James Shomaker


China's Religious Policies in the Post-Mao Period: Co-Existence or Confrontation, Yiran Zhou

Theses from 2010


The Evolution of Thought: The Development and Motivation of Religious Conflict Between Christians and Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula From 711-1609, Stephen Mark Fugitt


Dynamics of Rural School Consolidation in the Arkansas Ozarks, 1900-1950, James Blake Perkins


Powerful Magic: Sorcery, Magic, Witchcraft and the Spanish Inquisition as Catalysts for Women's Power, Diana M. Rosia


As Seen Through Foreign Eyes: Nineteenth Century French Images of Mexico and Mexicans and Their Contributions to the Creation of a National Stereotype, 1822-1873, Argelia S. Segovia-Liga


"He Has Dark Secrets He Will Not Reveal…": Medicine and Magic Tried by the Ecclesiastical Courts of New Spain, 1523-1689, Cody Austin Wilson

Theses from 2009


So Many Thieves and Lutherans at Sea: Spain's Reaction to the Emergence of French Huguenots in the New World, Annie Louise Adams


Student-Athletes' Leadership Self-Efficacy, Michael Ty Davis


Lipstick Squadron: The Media's Portrayal of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II, Sarah Elizabeth Myers


A Contempt for the German Nation: The Plight of the Germanic Peoples before the Spanish Inquisition, 1525-1700, Samantha Louise Rohaus

Theses from 2008


The Chinese Must Go: The Attitudes of Californians toward the Chinese, 1850-1885, Sarah C. Randow

David Rice Atchison, Southern Spokesman: 1844-1855, Matthew T. Vogeler


The Communist and the Altruist: Alcander Longley's Newspapers and Communities, Robert Jeffrey David Wells

Theses from 2007


The Boy Battery: A Socio-Military Study of the 2nd Missouri Light Artillery, Claire Marie Momot


A Matter of Marching, a Matter of Supply: Politics and Logistics in Arkansas, 1863-1864, Alfred Hoyt Wallace

Theses from 2006

Conflict and Conformity: The Holy Office of the Inquisition in Colonial Cuba, 1511-1821, Brendan V. Fletcher

Yitzhak Rabin: the Struggle For War and Peace, 1967-1995, Stephanie Kirk

Theses from 2005

The Quest for Political Legitimacy Within Christian and Islamic Fundamentalist Movements, Kyle Coble

Behold These English Dogs!: Englishmen in the Atlantic World Before the Holy Office of the Inquisition, 1560-1630, Michael S. Hale

The Defeat of the 1914 Missouri Woman Suffrage Initiative, Lynn Michele Lansdown

The Value of Study Abroad: Intended Outcome Goals and Evaluation Instruments of the High School Study Abroad Industry, Jennifer L. Wiley

Theses from 2004

Governing Interests: Structured Interest Maximization as a Construct For Choice Dynamics, Leslie J. Bass

Security Council Reform in the Context of Global Policy, Olga E. Gordon

Awakened Lambs: Jewish Armed Resistance in the Ghettos, 1939-1944, Gregory A. Katzin

A Continuous Story Of Wrongs And Outrages: The First Arkansas Union Cavalry, Michael L. Price

Theses from 2003

It Comes and It Goes: the History of Professional Baseball in Springfield, Missouri: 1887-1950, Rusty D. Aton

Globalization: From a Political, Economical and Cultural Perspective, Robert Bohuslav

The Soviet Prosecution At Nuremberg and Its Relation to Nazi Collaboration in Ukraine, Douglas N. Jones

Theses from 2002

Islam & Democracy In The Context Of The Contemporary Islamic Political Resurgence, Kamran Bokhari

U.S.-China Relations in the New Century: Challenges and Opportunities, Yitan Li

Border Disputes in Southeast Kansas, 1856-1858, David Stone

Theses from 2001

The United States And The European Union: A Sparring Session That Has The U. S. Worried, Nick Beatty

Transatlantic Relations: An Assessment Of The Post-Cold War Transformations, Alexander Demishkevich

U. S. Foreign Policy In The Post-Cold War Era, Huiyim Mellenbruch

Perspectives of Integration in Central Asia, Zamira Satarkulova

Theses from 2000

European Union Enlargement Towards The Central And Eastern European Countries With Special Emphasis On The Czech Republic: A Process Of Widening And Deepening, Daniela Bohuslav

Theses from 1999

Misplaced Justice: the Hadamar War Crimes Trial of Irmgard Huber, Rhonda McHale-Moore

Theses from 1998

Mexican Immigrants to Hutchinson, Kansas, 1905-1940: How a Temporary Haven Became Home, Kathie Hinnen

Theses from 1994

Civilizing The Savage: The Women's National Indian Association, 1879-1901, Daniel L. Ragsdale

Theses from 1992

A Study of Fifth Century Persian Administration in Western Anatolia and Eber Nari, Paul W. Lewis

Theses from 1991

Close Range: a Study of Battlefield Ranges At Shiloh and Antietam, Michael Paul Newton

Theses from 1989

The Land Of A Million Smiles: Tourism And Modernization In Taney County And Stone County, Missouri 1900-1930, Linda Myers-Phinney

Theses from 1987

The Impact of Illness on World Leaders, Bert Edward Park

Theses from 1984

Adolf Eichmann: a Reappraisal, Lue Anne Christensen

Theses from 1983

A Critical Examination of the Later Omrides, Joseph O. Downey

Theses from 1982

The Pre-Israelite Nations of Canaan, Gerard A. Bachke

Characterization of the Murine Macrophage Suppressor Factor (Msf), Mary Ann Francka

Theses from 1980

Prolegomena To The Study Of Ancient Israelite Levirate Marriage In The Light Of Herbert Brichto's Theory Of Afterlife In The Old Testament, Rose Marie Boone

A Quantitative Interpretation of Five Puritan Preachers Spanning Four Generations, William L. Luce

Theses from 1976

The Medieval English Longbow: Characteristics and Origin, Robert E. Kaiser

Theses from 1975

Abolition as Obedience to the Higher Law, Glenda B. Stevens

The Political Activities of Jeremiah and the Pro-Babylonian Party, Christopher A. Torrisi

Theses from 1973

The Carrizal Affair: a Study of United States Diplomatic Relations With Mexico, 1916, Reginald S. Farrington

Theses from 1972


The Old Reliable: the History of the Springfield Wagon Company, 1872-1952, Steven Lee Stepp

Theses from 1971

Mcnary-Haugenism: a Proposed Solution to the Agricultural Problems of the Calvin Coolidge Era, Gregory L. Barnard

Theses from 1969

Three Generations of Baptist Come-Outism: the Baptist Bible Union, the World Fundamental Baptist Missionary Fellowship, and the Baptist Bible Fellowship, Billy Vick Bartlett

Theses from 1968

Origin and Structural Development of the Assemblies of God, Mario G. Hoover