Theses from 2007

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Theses from 2006

Facilitation of the Innate Need of Relatedness Through Self-Regulated Expressive Writing, Bradley M. Bodenhamer

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Occupational Nepotism Among Law Firms: A Study of Nepotism Beyond Anecdotal Evidence, Tracy L. Stout

Relationships Among the Big 5 Personality Dimensions, Role Stressors, and Work-Family Conflict, Leighann E. Volentine

Theses from 2005

Fear Of Failure, Goal Orientation & Propensity To Challenge, Lizabeth S. Barber

Factors Affecting Ability to Recall and Recognize Product Names: Implications For Legal Liability, Philip J. Finley

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Theses from 2004

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Judgments of Responsibility of Sports Injuries Based Upon Level of Athletic Identification, Megan D. Weaver

Theses from 2003

Ability to Identify Emotion and Infer Motive in Evaluative Interactions: a Function of Expertise?, Michelle A. Bauman

Perceptions of Gender Differences in Filicide, Kimberly J. Benoit

Hindsight Bias and Choice: Understanding Hindsight Bias and Perceived Control, Maria Ciaramitaro

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Simple: Screening and Intervention for the Management of Practical Life Experiences, Darrell E. Williams

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Theses from 2002

The Effects of Rapport on Child Interviews, Richard Boles

Sensory Sensitivities of Gifted Children, Douglas Gere

Aversive Discrimination in the Employment Interview: the Effects of Organizational Policies and Accountability Pressures, Jeffrey Grebinoski

Writing Therapy Benefits May Be Dosage Dependent, Amber Heckman

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Prenatal Stress, Season of Birth, and Personality, Mark Richards

An Investigation of Mentoring and Hardiness in the Stress-Strain Relationship, Sabrina Wilson

Collaborative Interaction And Continuous Job Analysis As Components Of Effective Performance Appraisal Process, Satoris Youngcourt

Theses from 2001

An Examination of Leader Traits and Effective Leader Behavior, Will Franks

Heart Rate Period-Defined Allocations of Attention Within a Visual Discrimination Learning Task, Keith M. Gora

Analysis of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Third Edition With a Learning Disabled Sample, Gregory Graham

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Effects Of Goal Orientation On The Content Of Free-Set Goals, Rebecca Reichard

Theses from 2000

Development of the Visual Memory Subtests of the Computerized Memory Scale, Matthew Awad

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Theses from 1999

Effects of Congruence of Rater and Ratee Goals on Performance Appraisal, Jonna L. Brooks

The Development of a Multimedia Version of the Computerized Ptsd Scale, Shawn Marie Mayo

Identification of Severe Mental Illness: Analysis and Variation of Intake Procedures At the Greene County Jail, Alix Meredith McLearen

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Predictors of Preferences For Performance of Emotional Work, Ann T. Rohrer

Religious Problem-Solving and Explanatory Style: Relationships Between Religious Coping and Pessimism, Martaun Stockstill

Theses from 1998

The Effects Of Free-Set Goals On Wrestling Performance And Improvement, Timothy R. Baltes

Gender and Leadership: Behavioral Differences Exhibited While Leading a Production Simulation, Cheryl L. Dyer

Validation of the Emotional Work Requirements Scale, Joseph D. Frietze

Theses from 1997

Feedback Acceptance: a New Conceptualization and Consideration of Individual Difference Effects, Lonna J. Anderson

Variation of the Administration of the WISC-III Block Design Subtest, Chris A. Baldwin

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Theses from 1996

Defining Subject Matter Expertise in Job Analysis, Edward T. Babor

The Effect of Diary-Keeping on Performance Appraisal Rating Levels, Amy Cisneros

The Relationship Between Perceptions of Sexual Harassment and Feminist Identity Development, Aletha M. Hilton

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Theses from 1995

Effects of Pretraining on the Visual Discrimination Learning Performance of 3-Month-Old Infants, Kelly Ann Carter

Theses from 1994

Social Support Via a Telephone Intervention For Workers' Compensation Clients, Sue A. Brown

Self-Efficacy and Expectancy Manipulation By Telephone For Outpatients With Work Related Injuries, Kay Purcell

Interrole Conflict, Time Demands, and Individual Differences, Michelle Evelyn Wood