Submissions from 2016

The Power of Harmony: Insights from a Korean Children's Community-Based Chorus, Hae Min Yu

Submissions from 2015

You've Got Mail: Student Preferences of Instructor Communication in Online Courses in an Age of Advancing Technologies., Ching-Wen Chang, Beth Hurst, and Annice McLean


Making the Move to Online Teaching: One Reluctant Professor's Informal Self-Study, Beth Hurst


A systematic review of function-based replacement behavior interventions for students with and at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders, John McKenna, Andrea Flower, and Reesha Adamson


Perceptions of leadership effectiveness in schools for children who are blind or have low vision in Nigeria, A. O. Oyinlade and M Ajuwon Missouri State Univeristy


Toward radicalizing community service learning, Eric C. Sheffield

The Influence of Culture in Infant-Toddler Child Care Settings, Joan Test

Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of their Literacy Practicum Experiences, Cynthia K. Wilson-Hail, Beth Hurst, Deanne Camp, and Jenna Laughlin

Submissions from 2014

The Changing Landscape of Principal Preparation: An Analysis of Statewide Longitudinal Program Component Survey Results, Jennifer Friend and Robert L. Watson

What is Cheating? Student and Faculty Perception of what they Believe is Academically Dishonest Behavior, Watson George, James M. Sottile, and Grace Jia Liang


Dystopian Schools: Recovering Dewey's Radical Aesthetics in an Age of Utopia-Gone-Wrong, Jessica A. Heybach and Eric C. Sheffield

Teachers' Perceptions Based on Tenure Status and Gender about Principals' Supervision, Bret Range, Kim Finch, Young Susan, and David Hvidston


Rethinking normative literacy practices, behaviors, and interactions: Learning from young immigrant boys, Mariana Souto-Manning, Bessie Dernikos, and Hae Min Yu

Submissions from 2013


The challenges of scaling-up and sustaining professional development school partnerships, Donna Breault

Why we can't stop reading aloud, Amber K. Howard, Deanne Camp, Cynthia K. Wilson-Hail, and Beth Hurst


"Teach Reading? but I'm Not a Reading Teacher!", Beth Hurst and Cathy J. Pearman

The impact of social interaction on student learning, Beth Hurst, Randall R. Wallace, and Sarah B. Nixon

Impact of Foreign Language Learning on Student Performance, Rosa M. Mejia-Uribe, Cynthia K. Wilson-Hail, and Beth Hurst

Lessons from ESOL Teachers in Missouri, Sarah B. Nixon and Daisy I. Barron Collins

Reading Aloud to Middle School Students: A Survey of Missouri Teachers, Rebecka Spencer, Deanne Camp, and Beth Hurst

Assessing the Community Partner in Academic Service-Learning: A Strategy for Capacity-Building, Susan E. Waters and Joanna J. Cemore

Working with visual impairment in Nigeria: a qualitative look at employment status, Karen Wolffe, Paul Ajuwon, and Stacy Kelly

A quantitative analysis of the work experiences of adults with visual impairments in Nigeria, Karen E. Wolffe and Paul M. Ajuwon

Submissions from 2012

A Study of Nigerian Families Who Have a Family Member with Down Syndrome., Paul M. Ajuwon


A Single "Consciousness-and-'I'" From Childhood to Old Age Consciousness in the Study of Human Life and Experience III, Klaus G. Witz and David R. Goodwin

Submissions from 2010


Relating preschool quality to children's literacy development, Denise D. Cunningham


Perceptions of Professionalism Among Individuals in the Child Care Field, Sue Martin, Jim A. Meyer, R C. Jones, L Nelson, L Ting, and L Ting

Submissions from 2009

Why Do Teachers Ask Questions?: Analyzing Responses from 1967, 1987, and 2007, Randall R. Wallace and Beth Hurst

Submissions from 2007


Congruence: An integrative five-dimension model / Kongruenz: Ein integratives Modell mit fünf Dimensionen / Congruencia: Un modelo integrativo de cinco dimensiones / La Congruence: Un modèle intégratif en cinq dimensions / Congruência: Um modelo integrativo em cinco dimensões, Jeffrey H. Cornelius-White