Theses from 2024


Transforming the Culture of Care, Implementation of Developmentally Supportive Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Taylor Ann Jones

Theses from 2022


Utilizing Virtual Reality Goggles During Pediatric Laceration Repairs to Reduce Perceived Pain in Pediatric Patients, Emily C. Bozzer


Child Life Student Approaches to and Purposes of Play, Taylor L. Brower


Factors Leading to Worry and Helpful Supports During the Transition to Middle School, Kearstin Hofstetter


Project-Based Learning and Social-Emotional Learning in the Elementary Classroom: A Qualitative Study on Potential Opportunities for Student Self-Awareness and Social Awareness, Kaitlin Eileen Kilby


Parent Style of Coping Based on Attachment in the NICU, Claire Elizabeth Payne

Theses from 2021


NICU Experiences of Adoptive Parents & Desired Preparation, Catherine J. Howe


The Perspectives of School-Aged Dancers and their Parents on the Developmental Benefits of Participation in Weekly Dance Classes, Maria Elizabeth Jackson


Child Life Specialists' Knowledge and Perception of White Privilege, Renee Elise Jamar Lee

Theses from 2020


Guided Imagery and Deep Breathing: Minimizing Anxiety Experienced by Pediatric Cancer Patients, Bethany Grace Aney


The Use of Animal-Assisted Therapeutic Interventions in the Hospital Setting during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Alicia Cesare


Understanding Grief in Adults Whose Sibling Died during Childhood: A Qualitative Study, Amanda Marie McCarthy


A Needs Assessment for the Utilization of Child Life Specialist Bereavement Support Services in an Emergency Veterinary Hospital Setting, Jared R. Negin-Fryers

Theses from 2016


Transitioning Students From The Area Model To The Number Line Model When Developing Fraction Comparison Strategies, Joann Elaine Barnett


A Descriptive Case Study Investigating The Perceptions Of Year-Round Education, Chelsea Nicole Wallace

Theses from 2005

A Descriptive Study of Parents' Perceptions of Services For Their Autistic Child, Michelle Rush

Theses from 2004

The Effect of Music on the Mathematics Achievement of Third-Grade Students, Julia Young

Theses from 2003

The Effect of Repeated Read-Aloud Strategy on Preschool Children's Reading Comprehension, Angela Van Deren

Theses from 2002

A Survey of Programs and Policies Addressing Elementary School Violence, Cindy Parker

Theses from 2001

Differences In Reading Levels Of Kindergarten Students Who Have And Have Not Used The Accelerated Reader Program, Melissa Metz

Theses from 1992

A Study to Determine Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Remedial Programs, Cathy R. Richardson

Theses from 1991

The Relationship Between College Base, Act, and Student Academic Variables, Ronna Lee Coldiron

A Study of the Attitudes and Opinions of Parents and Teachers At the Elementary Level, Concerning the Effectiveness and Importance of Parent-Teacher Conferences, Kelly Ann Farrell

A Study to Determine Teachers' Opinions Toward School-Age Child Care, Myra E. Kleier

Attitudes of Parents Toward the Accelerated School Program, Marilyn Monroe

Parent's Opinions of How the School Affects Their Cystic Fibrosis Child, Nancy Lynn Skinner

How Elementary Teachers Perceive the Role of Paraprofessionals, Kim Snyder

Theses from 1990

Prediction of Elementary Student Reading Achievement From Specific Home Environment Variables, Barbara S. Anglum

An Experimental Study to Determine the Effect of an Individualized Approach to a Second-Grade Traditional Spelling Program, Barbara Jean Badley

A Study of Elementary Art Education: Its Importance as Perceived By Elementary Classroom Teachers, Deborah Lynda Bell

Critical Thinking Instruction in Missouri Schools: Perceptions of Public School Principals, Marcia Blaine

A Study to Determine the Opinions of Elementary Teachers and 3Rd and 4Th Grade Elementary Students Concerning the Book It National Reading Incentive Program, Deborah J. Byrnes-Money

Morals Education in the Public Schools, Linda L. Castillon

The Relationship Between Brain Dominance and Attitudes Toward School Among Fifth and Sixth Grade Students, Judith A. Edwards

The Perceived Causes For the Shortage of Minority Teachers, Carolyn Flake

A Study to Determine Teacher Attitudes Towards Evaluation and Assessment of Students' Progress and the Relationships of Student Grades With the Missouri Mastery and Achievement Test, Christie Johnson

Attitudes of Kindergarten Teachers Toward Teaching Methods and Practices in Kindergarten, Cynthia Robertson

Theses from 1989

The Effect of Cooperative Learning on Math Achievement of First Grade Students: an Experimental Study, Lenetta Jan Bowling

Guided Imagery Strategy in Poetry Writing Instruction: Its Effects on Creative and Critical Thinking Skills of Middle School Students, Deborah A. Epps

A Study of Teachers' Perceptions and Attitudes Concerning Children's Fears, Sharon N. Jones

Elementary Teacher and Elementary Undergraduate Opinions of Cooperative Learning, Sheri A. Ratliff

A Correlational Study of Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills and Learning Disabilities, Marjorie L. Trumble

Theses from 1988

The Effect of Listening Skills Instruction on Listening Comprehension, Barbara J. Beck

The Effects of Staff Development Programs on Teachers' Perceived Responsibility For Student Outcomes, Barbara A. Crossland

A Study of the Relationship of Learning Styles and Spelling Achievement, Karen Kay Gorden

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Time of Day on Reading Achievement, Denise R. Jones

Attitudes of Elementary Classroom Teachers Towards the Preparation of Elementary Classroom Teachers, Julie Ann Potter

Parental Opinions of Cooperative Learning in Elementary Schools, Rebecca M. Southard

The Difference in Reading and Math Achievement With Regards to a Regional Program, Project Excell: a Causal--Comparative Study, Teresa M. Young

Theses from 1987

A Study of the Effect of Teaching Current Events on Students in Grade 5, Virginia Jones Crawford

Holistic Assessment of Creative Writing, Grades 1-6, Claire Hausmann-Cobb

A Comparative Study of Parent Attitudes Toward Public Education, Janet D. Hoskins

The Effect of the Touch Math Method on Student Achievement: an Experimental Study, Denise Long

Metamemory and Mnemonics: a Study of Elementary School Memory Strategies, Carol Martin

A Study of the Effect of Guided Imagery in Creative Storytelling of Kindergarten Students, Karla Kay Moore

A Study of the Effects of a Daily Writing Program on the Creative Writing Achievement of Second Graders, Carole Ann Rentfro

The Effect of Color-Coding Spelling Words Upon Spelling Achievement, Glenda Swift

Theses from 1986

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Supplementary Activities on Problem Solving Achievement, Susan J. Ault

A Study of the Relationship of Brain Dominance and Intelligence, Teresa Bland

A Study of the Difference Between the Achievement of Latchkey Children and Non-Latchkey Children, Teresa Carroll

Recommendations For Gifted Education in Rural Missouri, Deanna Gentry Casebeer

A Study of Brain Dominance Among Gifted Students, Lesa A. Cates

A Study of the Effect of Guided Imagery on Creative Writing in Grades Five and Six, Judith Mulick Cooney

An Evaluation of a College Reading/Study Skills Course Using the Factors of Grade Point Average and Attrition, Deborah Ann Crooke

An Evaluation of an Assertive Discipline Program, Corrine Ellison

A Study to Determine Teachers' Attitudes Toward Retention, Alice Ann Fleetwood

The Relationship of the Self-Concept and Achievement in Sixth Grade Students, Janis Mesenbrink Hobbs

A Study of Educator Knowledge and Attitude Toward a Curriculum of Suicide Prevention, Marilyn Kay Kimbrell

A Study of Locus of Control and Brain Dominance of 5Th and 6Th Grade Children, Mary C. Rummel

The Difference in the Preferred Learning Styles Between Right Brain Dominant and Left Brain Dominant Students, Marla G. Standage

A Study to Determine the Effect of Hemispheric Preference on Mathematical Problem Solving Activity, Susan E. Taber

A Causal-Comparative Study of the Difference in Reading Achievement Scores of Remedial Reading Students Who Are Right Brained Dominant and Those Who Are Left Brained Dominant, Angela M. Van Giesen

A Study of Existing Fears of Fifth and Sixth Grade Students, Peggy Appleby Wester

Theses from 1985

Why Parents Educate Their Children in Assemblies of God Christian Schools, Bunny Jo Hartzler

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Right Brain Activities on Spelling Achievement, Pamela M. Herd

A Study of Friendship Attitudes of Children Who Participate in Gifted Programs in the Public Schools, Barbara J. Nichols

Theses from 1984

Survey of Classroom Practices and Attitudes of Teachers of Young Authors, Alice G. Harp

The Relationship Between Student Performance on a Paper and Pencil Test of Conservation Concepts and Performance on a Piagetian Interview Instrument, Pat Pat Webb

Theses from 1983

A Comparative Study of Writing Topic Choices of the 1981, 1982, and 1983 Southwest Missouri State University Young Authors, Judith A. Bryant

The Relationship Between Musical Aptitude and Reading Achievement, Linda K. Mefford

A Study of the Identification, Development and Implementation of an Instrument For the Analysis of Children's Illustrations, Evelyn LaPierra Nichols

A Study of Sex Stereotyping in Characters Created By Fifth and Sixth Grade Young Authors in Their Stories, Dorothy Larson Tuck

Analysis of Syntactic Maturity By Grade Level and Sex of Children's Writing Samples Submitted to the 1983 Young Authors Conference, Magda L. Williams

Theses from 1982

Conservation and Expressive/Receptive Language Abilities in Normal and Disabled Readers, Rebecca Susan Standley

Theses from 1981

A Study of Characteristics and Professional Preparation of Teachers For the Gifted and Talented in the State of Missouri, Teresa Jo Martin