Theses from 2008


Novel Sensing and Remediation Applications of Conducting Polymers, Sagar Tolani


Luminophore Discovery and Solvent Effects in Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence, David J. Vinyard

Theses from 2007

Pyridylcyanoximes and Their Metal Complexes, Daniela Marcano

Further Investigations of Cytotoxic Metallo Cyanoximates, Jessica L. Ratcliff

Synthesis and Investigations of Several Dibutyltin (IV) Cyanoximates, Jennifer Synder

Theses from 2006

Evaluation Of Gamma-Ray Emissions from Fly Ash, Mary Elizabeth Hall

Determination of Mercury (II) and Nitrate Concentrations in Natural Waters Using Ion-Selective Electrodes and Atomic Emission Spectroscopy, Christopher Kabonic

Investigating Local Motions in Damaged DNA Base Pairs Using Solid State NMR, Monica N. Kinde-Carson

Thallium(I) Coordination Polymers Based on Monosubstituted Arylcyanoximes, Daniel Robertson

Theses from 2005

The Spectroscopic and Electrochemiluminescence (Ecl) Properties of Dipicolinc Acid (Dpa), (Bpy)2Ru2+ (Bpy = 2,2'- Bipyridine) and Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Quenching of Ru(Bpy)32+ in the Presence of Phenolic Estrogens, Jessica Byrd

The Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Activity Studies of Pt(Ii) and Pd(Ii) Disubstituted Arylcy Anoximates, Leon J. Goeden

Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Quenching of Ru(Bpy)32+ in the Presence of Acetaminophen, Acetylsalicylic Acid and Their Metabolites, Catherine S. Haslag

Jordan Creek Baseline Water Quality Project: Development of Analytical Methods, Mary E. Krause

Construction and Characterization of Erbium(III) Porphyrin-Based Polymer Membrane Electrodes for the Determination of Benzoate Anions, Joseph K. Mbugua

Altering Ion Transport Across Alumina Nanotube Membranes, Sai Sumana Penumetcha

The Effectiveness of Using Web-Based Pre and Post Laboratory Activities to Implement Student Active Strategies For Introductory Chemistry Laboratories, Kimberly A. Redinger

Theses from 2004

Electrochemiluminescence of Ruthenium (Ii) Bis-Bipyridine Acetylacetonate Type Complexes, Sean C. Brooks

Off-Line Data of the 6He +209Bi Breakup Reaction Utilizing an Interactive Data Language (Idl) Data Analysis Package, Scotty R. Jones

An Investigation of the Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Electrochemiluminescent Properties of Platinum Ii Octaethylporphyrin Including a New, Experimental System For Testing Hydrophobic, Light-Emitting Molecules, Toby R. Long

Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-Cancer Properties of Organotin(Iv) Cyanoximates, Tiffany R. Maher

Lead, Zinc And Cadmium Content In Structures In Jasper And Newton Counties, Missouri, Jeffrey W. Pavlik

Developing Salicylate-Selective Polymer Membrane Electrodes Based on Lutetium (Iii) Porphyrins, Stacy W. Scranton

Electrochemiluminescence of a Lead Bromide Cluster, Pavneet Singh

The Effectiveness of Using Conceptual Change Interactive Lecture Demonstrations to Address Misconceptions in Introductory Chemistry Courses, Crystal A. Wood

Theses from 2003

The Effects of Triton X-100 (Polyethylene Glycol Tert-Octylphenyl Ether) on the Tris(2-Phenylpyridine)Iridium(Iii)-Tripropylamine Electrochemiluminescene System, Christopher A. Cole

The Synthesis, Characterization, Spectroscopic and Biological Activity Studies of Pt(Ii) and Pd(Ii) Cyanoximates, Daniel B. Eddings

Construction of Chain-Link Hydrogen Bonded Capsules on Self-Assembly of C-Methylcalix (4) Resorcinarene with Bispyrimid Ligands, Ivan G. Georgiev

Time-Resolved Monitoring of Water Quality in Ozarks Springs During Storm Events, Ronald O. Obiyo

Design and Synthesis of Nitrogen Containing Heterocyclic Ligands and the Formation of Coordination Complexes and Networks, Nate C. Schultheiss

A Computational Investigation of the Addition of Water to (24E)3A, 7A, 12A,-Tri Hydroxy-5B-Cholest-24-Enoyl-Coenzyme A, Danielle R. Smith

The Biosynthesis of Bile Acids in the Fire-Bellied Toad, Bombina Orientalis, Kaiyan Tang

Enhanced electrochemiluminescence from Os(phen)₂(dppene)²⁺(phen = 1,10-phenanthroline and dppene = bis(diphenylphosphino)ethene) in the presence of Triton X-100 (polyethylene glycol tert-octylphenyl ether), Jason Walworth

Metal Dissolution From Silver Plated Flatware by Organic Acids, Chad Ziegler

Theses from 2002

Heavy Metal Concentrations in Springs and Sinkholes in and Around Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, Richard Black

An Evaluation of the Loss of Copper, Chromium, and Arsenic Preservatives From Pressure-Treated Lumber, Lisa Blue

Electrochemiluminescence of Various Systems, David Bruce

Electrochemiluminescence of a Ruthenium Polypyridyl Cyanide Complex, Laura Beth Franklin

Detecting Copper in Water Using Electrochemiluminescence, Brian Douglas High

Copolymerization of a P-Vinylbenzyl-Ended Poly(Oxyethylene) With Vinyl Monomers and Some Reactions of Poly(Oxyethylene) Derivatives, Tippakorn Jungsriyawongse

The Influence of Same-Sex Teacher Role Models on Perceived Ability in Science in Grades 11 and 12, Laura Schmutz

A Compositional Analysis of Electrodeposited Bismuth-Lead Oxides, Jessica Theisen

Synthesis Of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Vinyl Ethers And Their Copolymerization With N-Phenylmaleimide, Michael Tyndall

Theses from 2001

Synthesis of Furan-Based Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Derivatives and Their Diels-Alder Reactions, Almary Chacon

The Effects Of Nonionic Surfactant Chain Length On The Tris(2,2'-Bipyridyl) Ruthenium(Ii)-Tripropylamine Electrochemiluminescence System, Bridgette Factor

Synthesis of 2,3,8,9,14,15-Hexamethyl-5,6,11,12,17,18-Hexadehydrotribenzo Annulene and the Reductive-Hydration of Ortho-Nitrophenylacetylenes, Laura Jeffries

Theses from 2000

Heterogeneous Photooxidation of Trichloroethene on Titanium Oxides Encapsulated in Zeolites L and Y, Gabriel Elmore Craig

Synthesis and Catalytic Decomposition of a Lipid Hydroperoxide, Ann Marie Doneski Craig

The Effects of Nonionic Surfactants on the Tris(2,2'-Bipyridl) Ruthenium(Ii)-Tripropylamine Electrochemiluminescence System, Michael Scott Workman

Enoyl-CoA Hydratases in Bombina Orientalis Liver, Zhensheng Zhang

Theses from 1999

The Measurement of an Environmentally Important Surfactant System Using Electrochemiluminescence, Craig Joseph Alexander

Development and Optimization of an Assay of Scp-2/Thiolase Activity in Rat Liver, and a Study of the Substrate Stereospecificity of Permfe-2, Demara W. Conry

Diels-Alder Reactions of 5-[Methoxypoly(Oxyethylene)]-(3E)-1,3-Pentadiene, Timothy Edward Hopkins

The stereochemistry and enzymology of the B-oxidative biosynthesis of bile acids in rat liver peroxisomes, and synthesis of B-hydroxy-E-N-trimethyllysine, an intermediate in carnitine biosynthesis, Christopher M. Philips

Chlorinated Pesticide Levels in Knox County, Nebraska Farm Pond Fish, Larena A. Wagner

Theses from 1998

Study of 4(E)-Trans-6, 7-Epoxy-2, 2-Dimethyl-4-Decen-3-One, Lance Christopher Christie

Theses from 1997

Reactivity of the vinylogous epoxyketone moiety with stabilized B-dicarbonyl enolate anions, Jie Zhang

Theses from 1996

Indoor Concentration Simulation of Radon Isotopes and Their Decay Products, Paul Douglas Dial

Organochlorine Pesticide Residue in Fish Fillets From Lake Springfield, Missouri, David Carl Keeton

Reactivity of the Vinylogous Epoxyketone Moiety, Robert Scott Martin

Uranium Leached From Pre-1970's Ceramic Dinnerware, Sandra Lynnette Turpen

The stereochemistry and enzymology of the β-oxidative biosynthesis of bile acids in rat liver peroxisomes, Rangfang Xu

Theses from 1981

A Comparison of Gas Chromatographic Properties of Chromium (Iii) and Iron (Iii) Tris (Ethylenediamine) Exchanged Montmorillonites, Harold D. Beck