Submissions from 1995


A flawed implementation of sustainable tourism: the experience of Akamas, Cyprus, Dimitri Ioannides


Planning for International Tourism in Less Developed Countries: Toward Sustainability?, Dimitri Ioannides


Strengthening the ties between tourism and economic geography: A theoretical agenda, Dimitri Ioannides


Scale Dependency of Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements, Charles W. Rovey II and Douglas S. Cherkauer

Theses from 1994

Distribution of the Percent Aluminum Saturation in Soils on the Burlington and Elsey-Reeds Spring Geologic Formations in Northern Stone County, Missouri, J. Scott Eversoll


Heavy metal concentrations in sediments of streams affected by a sanitary landfill: A comparison of metal enrichment in two size sediment fractions, E. J. Mantei and E J. Sappington


Pressure-Volume-Temperature Behavior of g-Fe2SiO4 (Spinel) Based on Static Compression Measurements at 400°C, T. G. Plymate and J H. Stout


Assessing flow systems in carbonate aquifers using scale effects in hydraulic conductivity, Charles W. Rovey II


Bluff evolution and long-term recession rates, southwestern Lake Michigan, Charles W. Rovey and M. K. Borucki


Relation Between Hydraulic Conductivity and Texture in a Carbonate Aquifer: Observations, Charles W. Rovey II and Douglas S. Cherkauer

Theses from 1993

Scientifically Based Water Resource Management and Environmental Quality Planning: Barry/Stone Counties, Missouri, Lisa C. Berger

Housing Availability in a Booming Tourism Economy, Heath N. Courtney

Determining the Impact on Property Value Near a Proposed Greenway in Springfield, Missouri: (A Geographic Information System Analysis), Richard W. Havel

The Status and Sustainability of Acequias on the Lower Rio Chama River, New Mexico, Christopher Hawkins

A Quantitative Analysis of Ground-Water Flow Toward Branson Missouri From Table Rock Reservoir, Paul Bruce Hester


Comparison of metal homogeneity in grab, quartered, and crushed - sieved portions of stream sediments and metal content change resulting from crushing - sieving activity, Erwin J. Mantei, R L. Ernst, and Y Zhou

The Impact of a Rapidly Growing Community on Surface Water Quality: a Study of Branson, Missouri and Lake Taneycomo in Southwestern Missouri, Charles E. Meyers

Theses from 1992

Waste-Based Economic Development in Springfield, Missouri, Kent Brown

The Impact of Land Use on Water Quality: a Comparison of the Roaring River and Piney Creek Drainage Basins of Southwest Missouri, Douglas B. Hemsath

The Dispersions of Copper, Lead and Zinc in the Soils and Juniper Trees Associated With a Shallow Lead-Zinc Ore Deposit: a Potential Environmental Problem, Joel C. Keller


R&D Facilities and Professional Labour: Labour Force Dynamics in High Technology, Edward J. Malecki and Susan L. Bradbury

Heavy Metal Content in the Stream Sediments of Wilson Creek in the Vicinity of the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, Greene County, Missouri, Larry Dean Pierce

Participants' Perceptions of Recreational Conflicts: Snowmobiling and Cross-Country Skiing in Wisconsin, Stephen P. Richardson

Understanding the Role of Planning in a Case Study of the Amish Community in Webster County, Missouri, Angela Rose Seffker

An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Overlay Zoning as a Method of Land Use Control, Kevin S. Wallace

A Study to Determine Variables Necessary For Successful Downtown Revitalization Programs in Missouri's Communities, Susan Catherine Wallace

Theses from 1991

Resource Protection: a Model For National Parks, Janet L. Goucher

Environmental Planning of the Ebenezer Quadrangle, Missouri, Robert C. Hall

Underground Storage Tank Regulations: a Protocol to Facilitate Implementation, Rita S. Hawkins

An Investigation Into the Detection and Analysis of Selected Landfills Within Central and Southwest Missouri Using Remotely Sensed Data, Michael Klein

A Biogeographic Inventory and Water Quality Analysis of the Upper Drainage Basin of the Meramec River, Missouri, Mary Ellen Lea


Heavy metals in stream sediments: Effects of human activities, Erwin J. Mantei and Melvin V. Foster

A Methodology For Using Thematic Mapper Landsat Remotely Sensed Data to Determine Environmental Quality, Jimmie Kay Maples


Elderly single room occupancy (Sro) hotel tenants: Still alone, Paul A. Rollinson


The spatial isolation of elderly single-room-occupancy hotel tenants, Paul A. Rollinson

A Study of Land Use-- Determined Water Quality Near Lakeview, Missouri, Sean Patrick Terry

Submissions from 1990


Changes in calls for police service with changes in routine activities and the arrival and passage of weather fronts, James L. LeBeau and William T. Corcoran


Pressure-Volume-Temperature Behavior of Fayalite Based on Static Compression Measurements at 400°C, Thomas G. Plymate and J H. Stout


The effects of instruction in geography on college students' perception of world regions as tourism destinations, Milton D. Rafferty

A Statistical Analysis of Doline Characteristics in the Brookline Quadrangle, Missouri, Anthony S. Randall


The story of edward: The Everyday Geography Of Elderly Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Hotel Tenants, Paul A. Rollinson

Factors Which Influence the Homeless Population's Use of Public Transportation, David Arnold Weber

Submissions from 1989


Heavy metal content in the stream sediments adjacent to a sanitary landfill, Erwin J. Mantei and David D. Coonrod


A five-parameter temperature-corrected Murnaghan equation for P-V-T surfaces, Thomas G. Plymate and James H. Stout

Wastewater Regulation: a Groundwater Protection Strategy For Christian County, Missouri, Dorothy St. Clair

Periglacial Geomorphological Mapping of the Comanche Peak Area . Mummy Range, Larimer County, Colorado, Terry Stewart Williford

Theses from 1988

Investigation of the Geology and Hydrology of Stone County, Missouri to Determine the Extent of Groundwater Contamination, Wendell L. Barner


A pressure-volume-temperature equation of state for Sn(β) by energy dispersive X-ray diffraction in a heated diamond-anvil cell, Mark E. Cavaleri, Thomas G. Plymate, and James H. Stout

A Methodology For Considering Physiographic Characteristics in Making Land Use Decisions in Southwest Missouri, Robert L. Hipple


Conodonts as biostratigraphic tools for redefinition and correlation of the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary, James F. Miller

Farm Planning For Wildlife Resource Enhancement, Gary Alan Newton


Pressure-Volume-Temperature Behavior and Heterogeneous Equilibria of the Non-quenchable Body-centered Tetragonal Polymorph of Metallic Tin, Thomas G. Plymate, James H. Stout, and Mark E. Cavaleri

Land Use of Conflicts in Tulsa County, Oklahoma: Urban Expansion Vs. Petroleum Development, Phillip L. Pumphrey

Theses from 1987

Small Town Residential Satisfaction in the Springfield, Missouri Msa, Eric A. Aubrey

Resident Perception of Shoreline Recession in Nags Head, North Carolina, Lisa Elaine Hosey

The Geology of Cedar County, Missouri: a Guide For Planners, Jerry R. Neill

Heavy Metal Content in Stream Sediments Adjacent to the Wright County, Missouri, Sanitary Landfill, Eric Jon Sappington

A Study of the Changes in the Potentiometric Surface 1930-1986, Springfield Area, Missouri, Allen L. Steinkamp

A Cost Surface Model For Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Physical Factors Associated With Residential Site Development in South Central Greene County, Missouri, Vicky Carleen Varner

Theses from 1986

Fecal Coliform as an Indicator of Water Quality and Recreational Carrying Capacity At Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Gail Estelle Emrie

The Effect of Land Use on the Water Quality of Two Coves of Table Rock Reservoir, Karen Entrup

Landsat Trophic State Assessment of Fellows Lake, Gary W. Krizanich

Changes in the Potentiometric Surface of the Deep Aquifer in the Joplin Area, Missouri, 1900-Present, Jeffrey A. Schloss

Changes In The Potentiometric Surface In Franklin County, Missouri 1931-1980, Steven S. Stettes

Theses from 1985

Dispersion of Dissolved Metals From the Webster County, Missouri Sanitary Landfill, David L. Coonrod

Spatial Analysis of Hospital Service Areas in Southwest Missouri, Christopher J. Ives

Theses from 1984

Planning of Open Space Using Physical Geographical Features in the South Dry Sac Drainage Basin, Joseph E. Harpine


Cambrian and earliest Ordovician conodont evolution, biofacies, and provincialism, James F. Miller

Theses from 1983

Wastewater Management Plan For Unincorporated Taney County, Missouri, Stephen S. Kintner


Evaluation of Optical and X-Ray Techniques for Detecting Source-Rock-Controlled Variation in Detrital Potassium Feldspars, Thomas G. Plymate and Lee J. Suttner

The Role and Implications of Ecological Planning in Making Land Use Decisions For the Busiek State Forest, Joseph William Vujnich

Submissions from 1982


Moisture stress, mid-tropospheric pressure patterns, and the forest/grassland transition in the south central states, William T. Corcoran

The historical geography of the Ozark tourism - recreation industry., Milton D. Rafferty

Submissions from 1981


The School Desegregation- Resegregation Scenario: Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Experience, J. Dennis Lord and John C. Catau

Little Sac Woods Metro Forest, a Land Management Methodology and Plan, Ronald David Hough

Location of Septic System Failures in Southwest Missouri Using False Color Infrared Photography, Kent D. Morris

Toxic Metal Concentration and Distribution in Soils of Four Abandoned Landfill Sites, Springfield, Missouri, Victoria A. Sutton

Theses from 1980

Investigation of Groundwater Quality in Unincorporated Greene County, Missouri, Bruce Allen Bush

Theses from 1977

An Experimental Study Examining the Effect of Organization and Sex of the Receiver on Attitude Change, David M. Cooley

Identification, Image, and Social Movements: a Rhetorical View of the Equal Rights Amendment, H. Earl Croasmun

A Report of a Video-Tape Project Addressing Attitudes Held in Springfield, Missouri Concerning Rape and Rape Victims, Kathleen King Dombrowski

Submissions from 1970


Distribution of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc in the productive Marysville stock, Montana, Erwin J. Mantei, Ernst Bolter, and Zuhair Al Shaieb