Submissions from 2014

A String Search Marketing Application Using MIT App Inventor Visual Programming, Jerry M. Chin and Marry H. Chin


A set of descriptors for identifying the protein--drug interaction in cellular networking, loris Nanni and S. Berlin Brahnam

Submissions from 2013

A string search marketing application using visual programming, Jerry M. Chin, Marry H. Chin, and Cathy A. Van Landuyt


A comparison of methods for extracting information from the co-occurrence matrix for subcellular classification, Loris Nanni, Sheryl Berlin Brahnam, Stefano Ghidoni, Emanulel Menegatti, Tonya B. Barrier, Tonya B. Barrier, and Tonya B. Barrier

Submissions from 2012

A comparative analysis of the emotional intelligence levels of American and Chinese business students, Thomas M. Margavio, Geanie W. Margavio, Michael A. Hignite, and Duane R. Moses