Theses from 2024


Brighter Days, Erich J. Eastman

Theses from 2023


An Action Research Study Exploring Beginning Percussion Students' Music Reading Abilities, Spenser James Cullumber


A Music Teacher’s Use of Informances With Primary Level Classes and Study of Family Attitudes for Music Education: An Action Research Study, Joseph Cooke Emerson


Using Intentional Strategies to Promote Self-Efficacy in a Choral Classroom: An Action Research Study, Daniel Gutierrez


Student Perspectives of Music Courses in a Southwest Missouri School District: An Exploratory Case Study, Mary Elisa Wren

Theses from 2021


Motivational Factors Affecting Recruitment and Retention in the Clever Band Program, Haley Morgan Adams


Effects of Musical Content on Student Practice Judgments, Decisions, and Improvement, Molly N. Batchelor


An Exploration of Team Teaching in the School Band Setting, Aaron Zane Thomas

Theses from 2020


The Third Truth, John Paul Chapman


Effects of Chair Testing in Orchestra on Student Motivation: Student Perspectives and Applications from Motivational Theories, Rosanna Christine Honeycutt


Missa Brevis, Eunwha Kang


An Exploration of Cultural Transmission through the Application of Jazz Theory to the Music of Frederic Chopin, Aaron Michael King


K-8 General Music Educators and Technology: Beliefs, Application and Motivation, Nicole A. Loudis

Theses from 2018


Investigating the Attitudes of Adolescent Male Singers in Gender Choirs, Heidi Joy Williamson

Theses from 2017


The Development of Guzheng Tuning, Xin Yue Li

Theses from 2016


Gustav Mahler's Kindertotenlieder: Connecting The Movements Of The Song Cycle Through Schenkerian Analysis, Gabriel Quinton Fleetwood


Sketches Of Kitsault, Sean Tyler Mallow


Three Landscapes For Orchestra, Nathan D. Raught


Analysis and Impact of Selected Compositions That Endured Criticism, Grant Tyler Simms

Theses from 2015


Characteristics and Accessibility of Loaner Programs Used by Missouri String Teachers, Juliana Marie Georgiades


Puppetry as an Effective Teaching Tool in the Elementary Music Classroom, Elisabeth R. Schoenecke


Symphony No. 1, Yi Wang

Theses from 2014


Artificial Intelligence, Ke Meng

Theses from 2013


A Conductor's Perspective and Applicable Plan for Implementing an Environment of Immersion in the Wind Band Rehearsal, Lucas Janes


A Structural and Motivic Analysis of Osm Preludii Pro Klavir Op. 30 By Miloslav Kabelac, Lucinda Marie Sinco

Theses from 2012


The Transitional Seconda Prattica in the Pastor Fido Madrigals of Monteverdi's Quinto Libro de Mardigali, Dustin McKinney


Suite for Jazz Band and Strings, Michael Lee Schwartz

Theses from 2011


The Effectiveness of Curwen Hand Signs and Corresponding Hand Movements on the Vocal Accuracy of Second Grade Students as Measured by Rutowski's Singing Voice Development Measure, Meghann Bell Elwood


The Effect of Color-Coded Notation on the Rhythm Reading Skills of First Grade Music Students, Kiersten Lane Fair


Formative Assessment Practices and Preparation for Music Festival, Katie Joanne Ford


The Treatment of Multicultural Music in Two Elementary Music Textbooks, 1988-2008, Meliszma Lynn Phillips

Theses from 2010


Three-Dimensional Hearing: A New Way to Catalog Sound, Kyle James Aho


Gallows: A Chamber Opera, Carly Ann Wilburn

Theses from 2009


Bridging Musical Eras: Carlo Gesualdo's Influence on Early Baroque Music, Philip Patrick Forrester


Journey To The West: Xīyóujì, Bryan Leland Wise

Theses from 2008


The Use of Movement to Enhance Vocal Technique and Musicality in the Secondary Choral Rehearsal, Rebecca L. Atkins


Investigation into the Reasons for Music Teacher Attrition, Suzannah Dolanc-Pugh


Middle School Band Directors' Strategies for Implementing Comprehensive Jazz Education for Students in Southwestern Missouri, Darren T. Eddington

Following in Giant Steps, T. Joel Griffin


Third Symphony: A Piece for Wind Band, Robert Grant Hendrickson


The Effect of the Middle School Band Experience on Participation in High School Band, Jeremy McMahon

Lazarus: A Sacred Cantata, John W. Trew


Concerto For Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble, Ryan Woodhouse

Theses from 2007

A Comparative Analysis of Durang's Hornpipe, Mark Earl Bilyeu

Fantasy Variations, Patrick Brown

The Effectiveness of Three Music Instructional Strategies When Teaching Rhythmic Concepts to Fourth Graders, Salley R. Gibson

Schumann's Dichterliebe: A Study in Continuity, Kelly Hermann

Arranging For Women's Voices in Contemporary a Cappella Music, Susan Anne LaBarr

The Gender and Music Paradox: The Influences of Music Educators on Potential Music Educators and Potential Professional Musicians, Erika P. O'Bryant

The Rite of Passage: Unification of the Vocal Registers, Lacey Renee Rector

The Lay of Beowulf, Arden Reed Roye

Theses from 2006

Canticles: 5 Songs For Chorus And Orchestra, Jason Salazar

Theses from 2005

The Effectiveness of Two Visible Elements of the Kodã¡ly Method in Second Grade General Music: Rhythm Syllables and Solfa/Hand Signs, Krista L. Noland

Theses from 2004

What Makes It Pop?: an Analysis of Selected Pop Songs, Matthew A. Cobb

Investigation Into the Reasons Students Stay in Band, Amy Steinkuehler

Theses from 2003

Examining the Role of Popular Music in Education: a Quasi-Experimental Study Investigating Retention in Rural Southwest Missouri Middle Schools, Daniel Ligon

Symphony No. 1, Derek Limback

Porpora's Grail: A Study and Analysis of Nicola Porpora's Vocal Instruction, Katrina L. Mitchell

Theses from 2002

The Effects Of Integrated Arts On Spelling Achievement, Billie Miller

Factors Affecting Pitch-Matching Ability of Kindergartners, Natalie Sneed Miller

Theses from 2001

Improving The Educational Environment: Music, Snacks, And Mathematic Achievement, Craig Carson

The Impact Of Public School Music Classes On Lifelong Music Participation, Lisa Christenson

A Descriptive Study of Franz Schubert's Partsongs For Mixed Voices, Nicole Offer

Do Percussion Students March to the Beat of a Different Drummer?, Philip V. Thomas Jr.

Theses from 1993

A Study of Computer-Assisted Instruction in Aural Acuity on Seventh Grade Instrumental Music Students, Libbia A. Chappell

Theses from 1991

Music History and Culture: a Suggested Method of Presenting Music History At the High School Level, Sue Ellen Puyear

Theses from 1990

Suzuki Students in the Public School Orchestra, Tina Marie Burk

Comparing Hunter's ITIP With Selected Elementary Vocal Music Methods in Southwest Missouri Aaa Schools, Camilla Ann Durbin

Computer Assisted Instruction in Class a and Class Aa Elementary Music Classrooms in Southwest Missouri, Debra White

Theses from 1989

The Kodaly Method and Traditional Methods in Elementary Music Education, Vicky L. Scott

Trends in Beginning Instrumental Music Instruction in Selected Missouri Schools, Sandra Graves Tillman

Theses from 1988

A Content Analysis of Three Textbook Series, Nancy Lee Colbaugh

A Suggested Checklist and Resource Handbook to Assist Choral Directors in Determining Possible Solutions to Common Vocal Disorders, James A. Goodman

Theses from 1987

A Comparative Study of Point Systems and Subjective Systems Used in Evaluating Vocal Solo Music Performances At the District Level of Competition, Alicia Coon

Theses from 1986

The Effects of a Structured Practice Program on Vocal Achievement, Rosemary Jackson

The Effects of Special Music Classes on Hearing Impaired Students Attending Public Schools, Karen Twigg

Theses from 1985

A History of the Mid-America Singers of Springfield, Missouri, Herschel Douglas Fincher