The first MSU graduate thesis was submitted in 1968. Since then over 3,300 theses have been submitted as part of graduate work at MSU.

Since the fall of 2008 graduate students have been required to submit their thesis in electronic form. Online access to most theses from 2008 to the summer of 2015 is available only on campus. Print copies of all theses are available in Meyer Library and in most cases through inter-library loan.

Did you submit a thesis as part of your graduate studies at MSU before 2015? If you would like to see the text of your thesis on this site please contact


Theses from 2009


Relationship Between Perceived Competence and Gross Motor Skills in Head Start Students, Philip M. Esposito


Nurses' Perception of Their Ability to Provide End-of-Life Care, Allison Felton


Ballistic Missile Defense: A History and Reevaluation of Missile Defense in the United States, Robert Flanagan


Winter Roosting Behavior of Red Bats (Lasiurus Borealis): Habitat Use, Microclimate, and Effects of Ambient Temperature on Roost Choice, Joshua Robert Flinn


Bridging Musical Eras: Carlo Gesualdo's Influence on Early Baroque Music, Philip Patrick Forrester


The Use of Counterintelligence in the War on Terror: Deny, Deceive, Exploit, Reform, Michael Jason Friedman


The Sun Is Rising: Transformation of the Japanese Military, Jocelyn Marie Fritz


Dielectrophoretic Separation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Different Electrode Geometries, Charles Joseph Garson


Study of Magneto-Transport Properties of Cobalt Doped Indium Oxide Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors, Abhijit Ghosh


Strategic Denial & Deception Impact on the Proliferation of WMD, Andrew Jason Givens


Information Sources Accessed by Parents of Speech and Language Disordered and Delayed Children, DeLaney Anne Green


Somatosensory Processing and Speech Intelligibility in Persons Who Are Profoundly Deaf, Anna-Liza Marie Guthrie


Spectroscopic Analysis of Interactions between Alkylated Silanes and Alumina Silanes and Alumina Nanoporous Membranes, Jonathan Lee Hardin

Aural Skills in High School Music Students, Molly E. Healey


The Effects of Reading Recovery on Literacy and Evoked Potentials, Victoria Suzanne Henbest


Regulation of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Gene Expression by a Methanol Extract of Vitis Vinifera and Vitis Aestivalis, Amanda C. Herbster


Intraorganizational Congruence of Safety Practices for Construction Subcontractors, Benjamin Mathew Hill


Stress and Burnout in Policing: Does Military Experience Matter?, Don M. Ivie


Role of Slm Genes in Eisosome Organization and Endocytosis in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Sandhya Jain


Improving U.S. Nuclear Capability, Brien Purcell Jason


Interbasin Transfer of Invasive Crayfish via Bait-Bucket Dumping, Sam Bruce Jones


Modeling Land Use Change and Urban Growth in Springfield, Missouri, Nagaraj Kapil Kanala


Genetic and Ecological Aspects of Conserving the Federally Threatened Missouri BladderpodGenetic and Ecological Aspects of Conserving the Federally Threatened Missouri Bladderpod, Jeremy Lynn Keene


The Case for Designing U.S. Ground Forces to Execute Expeditionary Warfare, Young Jun Kim


Tramplings, and Other Stories, Justin Colt Kingery


The Effects of Voluntary and Forced Exercise on Memory, Plaque Deposition, and Hippocampal Volume in the Tg2576 Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease, Matthew Jon Kling


The Effect of the Sunni-Shi'a Conflict in Shaping Arab Countries' Response to the Shi'a Crescent and a Nuclearizing Iran, Jennifer Elizabeth Knepper


Just War Theory in the Nuclear Age, Stephanie Joy Merrell Koeshall


Teaching Women with High Body Concerns to Become the Teachers: A Two-Pronged Cognitive Dissonance Intervention, Rachael E. Kroening


Semiconductor to Metalic Phase Transitions from Vanadium and Titanium Oxides Induced By Visible Light, David Michael Lamb


Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus Borealis) Response to Fire Stimulus During Torpor, Jason Thomas Layne


Images of Old: Intergenerational Perceptions of Ageing, Kathryn D. Long


Examination of Intellectual Capacity with an Ability to Derive Stimulus Relations, Christopher Scott Lorance


A Causal Comparative Study to Investigate the Impact of the Guided Reading Plus Framework with Kindergarten Students, Abby Nicole Lowe


Outsourcing Security: The Role of Private Military Companies and Arms Dealers in Modern Conflicts, Clinton Gallaher Lyons V


Chinese Nuclear Policy, Douglas Robert MacGregor


The Relationship Between Body Image, Acceptance, Values Concordance, and Distress Levels Among College Students, Heather Renee Manley


Hamiltonian Subgroup Graphs, Immanuel David McLaughlin


Relationships between Reading and Spelling: Effects of a Sensitive Scoring System, Virginia Lynn McLaughlin


The Iranian Triad: Forcing a Strategic Decision in Tehran, Brian Andrew Miller


Possum Ivory, Charles K. Miller


True Stories, Adam Mills


(Dis)Owning Our Written Discourse: Personal Reflections on/from Native American Storytelling, Kelly L. Money


Behavioral Response of Sternotherus Odoratus to Conspecific and Predatory Chemosensory Cues, Holly Jeane Monroe


The Final Frontier of Freedom: a Prospectus for Future Democratization of the Middle East, Evan David Moore


Synthesis Of Carbon Nanotube/Tin Oxide Nanostructure And Their Performances As Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells, Baleeswaraiah Muchharla


A Study of International Students' Perceptions of Online Courses, Caroline Mulia


Aesthetics in Black Drama: August Wilson and Suzan-Lori Parks, Alexander Thomas Murphy


An Examination of Puccinia Mariae-Wilsoni Infection of Claytonia Virginica, Nicholas Mark Murphy


Lipstick Squadron: The Media's Portrayal of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II, Sarah Elizabeth Myers


A Novel Approach to Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide (Zno) Nanoparticles For Biomedical Applications, Nandita Nag


Growth of Lambs and Meat Goat Kids Grazing Warm Season Grasses with or without Protein Supplement, Samuel Ray Nusz

Reliability for Durational Measurement of Cluttered Speech Intervals, Tyler A. Palmer


Xxxianity: A Safe, Non-Pornographic Place to Shop for All Your Christian Sex Toy and Romance Needs, Miles Adam Park


Effects of Task Complexity on Manual Gesture, Amy Kathleen Peabody


Chiaroscuro, Benjamin Paul Pfeiffer


Acute Toxicity of Ammonia and Copper to Mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae) Glochidia Inside and Outside of Conglutinates, Michael John Pillow


The Effects of Structured Writing Intervention for Elementary Students with Special Needs: A Systematic Review, Angela Monica Powell


The Role of Jewish Transformational Mysticism in Paul's Thought, Tyson Lee Putthoff


Finding a Sense of Landscape with Web-Based Interactive Cave Mapping: A Case Study for Part of Fitton Cave, Arkansas, Lucas Ryan Rengstorf


A Contempt for the German Nation: The Plight of the Germanic Peoples before the Spanish Inquisition, 1525-1700, Samantha Louise Rohaus


Inbreeding Depression in the Partially Selfing Perennial, Ruellia Humilis, Rick Vincent Sander


Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Carbon Nanostructures Supported Catalysts and Their Effects on Methanol and Ethanol Electro-Oxidation, Raghavendar Reddy Sanganna Gari


The Effect of C-Terminal Alterations of the P2Y2 Receptor on Calcium Signaling and Desensitization, Amy Katherine Schiller


Statistical Evaluation of an Experimental Design Examining Cognitive Dissonance, Kathleen Lynn Schmidt

Statistical Evaluation of an Experimental Design Examining Cognitive Dissonance, Kathleen Lynn Schmidt


Instructor Response to Student Writing: A Study of Length, Specificity, Personality Type, Writing Proficiency, and Appropriation, James Eric Sentell


Characterization and Functional Analysis of EDL6 Promoters of Cabernet Sauvignon and Norton Grapevines, Xiaomei Shu

If You Read It: The Poetry of Marie Melisou in Translation, Jennifer Leigh Smith


Between Protection and Provocation: Adapting Alliance Management to Unbalanced Multipolarity, Timothy M. Snyder


Burden, Caleb Stokes


Call And Response: Aesthetic Reception of Lamentations 2.20-22, Jane Ellen Terry


Convergence and the Lebesgue Integral, Ryan Vail Thomas


Expression of an N-Terminus GFP Tagged P2Y2 Receptor in 1321N1 Human Astrocytoma Cells, Raja Virendhra Bharath Thotakura


Effects of Burning and Cutting on Plant Diversity on Ozark Cedar Glades in Stone and Taney County, Missouri, Alex Ross Threlkeld


Combining the Multilinguistic Literacy Model and Visual Phonics for Intervention for Children Who Are Deaf, Emilee Caroline Turner


Growth and Characterization of Chromium Doped Indium Oxide Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors, Ndubuisi Benjamin Ukah


Host Specific Microbial Source Tracking and Quantification Using a Partial 16SrRNA Sequence of Bacteroides on the Finley River, a Tributary of the James River in Southwest Missouri, Neil John Van Asch


Pretraining Effects on Visual Learning, Scanning and Heart Rate, Caitlin R. Vaught

Intimations, Sarah Frances Viehmann


Childhood Overweight and Obesity: How Are Practitioners Addressing the Epidemic?, Tiffany LeAnn Villarreal


MBE Growth of MgO Buffer Layer for Complex Oxide Heterostructures, Swathi Vunnam


Synthesis of the gfp-tat Fusion Protein For Analysis of the Tat Cell Penetrating Peptide, Chad Michael Walesky


Sequencing and Annotation of Potential Cis-Acting Transcription Elements in the Emb-9 Gene Promoter of Caenorhabditis Elegans, Joseph P. Williams


Rate of Syllable Production in Selected Languages, Aubrey Wilson


Journey To The West: Xīyóujì, Bryan Leland Wise


Historical Mining Contamination and Floodplain Evolution Along Lower Pearson Creek, SW Missouri, Patrick James Womble


A Study of the Effectiveness of Incorporating Expressive Arts Group Therapy into TRiO: Upward Bound Services, Sarah J. Wright


Fatty Acids as Biomarkers of Plankton Trophic Structure in Table Rock Lake, Missouri, Tammy Anne Yelden

Theses from 2008


Arming the Southern Hemisphere: Chinese Arms Sales to Latin America, Jacobus Johannes AlderseBaes V

Synthetic Methods Development for the Construction of Perylene and Fluorenone Derivatives, Joshua S. Alford

An Evaluation of Knowledge Gains and Retention Rates of 5Th Grade Students After Attendance at a Watershed Festival, Dylan J. Allen


Influence of Ultraviolet Light, Righting Response, and Community Structure in Aquatic Turtles, Ben Anders


Effects of Age and Exercise on Collagen Type I Gene Promoter Activity, Ashely Ann Anderson


The Use of Movement to Enhance Vocal Technique and Musicality in the Secondary Choral Rehearsal, Rebecca L. Atkins


A Comprehensive Psychological Outcome Study Involving Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding, Nathaniel Dennis Barnicle


An Evidence-Based Approach for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Sound System Disorder, Sarah Basye


Literacy Supports to Improve the Language Skills of Children with Autism, Julianne D. Bazyk


A Comparison of Visual Scene and Traditional Grid Layouts of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices During Storybook Reading with Typically Developing Three-Year-Old Children, Leslie D. Beard


Habituation, Scent-Trailing, and Effects of Temperature Upon the Strike-Induced Chemosensory Searching (SICS) in the Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon Piscivorus), Gene T. Benbow


Exploring Nurses' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Hand Hygiene and General Practice Guidelines, Elaine Blevins

Extended Nuclear Deterrence: Maintaining Credibility in the 21St Century, Darci Jean Bloyer


Max Noether's Fundamental Theorem, Jacob Aaron Boswell


Emergency Management: A Case Study of the Springfield-Greene County, Missouri Ice Storm, Carmen Parker Bradshaw


The Rate of Inner Speech, Mary Angela Brock


The Impact of Vocabulary Concept Strategies on Third Grade Students' Science Achievement, David S. Brown

Tara, Matthew Brunson


Western Power, Eastern Peace: U.S. Commitment and Stability in Northeast Asia, Michael Buck


Effects of Egg Yolk Source on the Cryopreservation of Stallion Semen, Codi L. Burris

Small Time People, Thomas Lee Busby

Regulation of Inflammatory Genes in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons and Glia in Response to Cocoa Enriched Diets, Ryan John Cady


Israeli Options for Confronting a Nuclear-Armed Iran, Douglas Allen Chaney

Synthesis and Studies of N1,N2-Piperazine Bis-(2-Oximino- 2-Cyano) Acetamide and Its Several Metal Complexes, Carl Edward Cheadle


Spatial Interpolation of Turbidity in the James River Arm of Table Rock Lake, Aidong Cheng


Evaluating Women's Knowledge of Coronary Heart Disease: A Campus Study, Kimberly M. Childers


A Qualitative Case Study Investigating Multiple Processes of Adaptation with One Hispanic College Student in Southwest Missouri, Daisy Barron Collins

The War of Ideology: International Terrorism and America's Response, T.J. Collins

The Effectiveness of the D.A.R.E. Prevention Program in Rural Missouri, Krystal S. Colvin

Mixing Friends With Politics: A Functional Analysis of Presidential Candidate's Social Networking Profiles, Jordan Lee Compton


Short-Term Intensive Management of High Densities of the Invasive Plant Sericea Lespedezea, Jack E. Cornell II

Democracy, Freedom and Occupation: a Recipe For Civil Conflict, Charles Covvey

Geology of the Vista 7.5' quadrangle, St. Clair County, Missouri, Melissa Rochelle Cox


Expressive Language Use in Children With Down Syndrome During Storybook Intervention Using Multiple Modalities, Laura E. Crowell


The Effect of Trainer Support For Autonomy on Transfer of Training, Samantha Ann Curry


Ecological Limitations for Southern Wild Rice Associated with Backwater Lakes of the Illinois and Upper Mississippi River Valleys, Bethany R. Dalrymple


TNF-a Regulation Of Cell Signaling In Trigeminal Ganglion In An In Vivo Model Of TMJ Inflammation, Srikanth Damodaram


Seeking Neo-Bohemias in Mid-Sized Cities: The Case of Springfield, MO., Evangelia Petridou Daughtrey


Effects of Temperature on Winter Energetics of Female Indiana Bats (Myotis Sodalis), Katie Day


Effect of Centrifugation Techniques on Post Storage Characteristics of Stallion Spermatozoa, Mary M. Dean


Factors Influencing Missouri Livestock Producers' Perception of the National Animal Identification System, Bryan L. Deimeke

Regulation of Neuropeptide Y, Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide, and Their Receptors in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons and Glia in Response to Adjuvant-Induced Inflammation, Debra D. DeLoach


Zooplankton in Flowing Waters, Kelli Denise McCloud Dickerson


Investigation into the Reasons for Music Teacher Attrition, Suzannah Dolanc-Pugh


Characterization of Actin Filament Organization in Muscle Cells of C. Elegans Collagen Iv Mutants, Hinda Doucoure

This-Worldly Explanations for Otherworldly Growth: Vitality in an Ozarks Megachurch, Joseph Lee Dutko

Factors Affecting Feeding and Growth of Juvenile Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae), Jennifer Jo Duzan


Spiritual Battle, Eric M. Eckert


Middle School Band Directors' Strategies for Implementing Comprehensive Jazz Education for Students in Southwestern Missouri, Darren T. Eddington


Night Dance And Other Stories: A Collection Of Short Fiction, Jennifer Edwards


Predator-Prey Interactions between Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis Alleganiensis and C.A. Bishopi) and Native and Nonnative Fishes, Brian G. Gall

Electrical Transport Properties of Gold-Strontium Titanate Nanocomposite Thin Films, Satya Rama Naga Lakshmi Ganti


Identification of Connexins in Facilitating Neuron-Satellite Glial Cell Signaling in Trigeminal Ganglia, Filip G. Garrett


Healthcare Perceptions, Beliefs, and Practices of the Amish of Webster County, Missouri, Jaimee Allisen Givens


Law and Counterterror Policy During the Bush Administration: a Strategic Assessment, Scott L. Glabe

Craving What You Still Have, Jessica Glover


Project Impression: An Ensemble Rehearsal and Performance Project for the Healing and Growth of Adolescent Survivors of Abuse, Rebecca E. Grant

Following in Giant Steps, T. Joel Griffin


Nonprofit Board Composition and Overall Organizational Effectiveness, Kathryn Ellen Hammock


Use of Chicken vs. Chukar (Alectoris Chukar) Egg Yolk as Components of Freezing Media For Stallion Semen, Sarah E. Harmon


Understanding the Social Identity of Homeless Youth: A Visual Analysis of Experience, Lindsey Harness


Come, Comet, Chris Helms


Third Symphony: A Piece for Wind Band, Robert Grant Hendrickson

Clinical Feasibility of the MMN as a Correlate of Behavioral Discrimination in Normal Hearing Adults, Angela Marie Higdon

Nuclear Smuggling in a Terrorist Midget Submarine: Impeding the Operation, Melanie Sarah Inglis


Potential Gonadotropin Activity During Early Pregnancy in Elephants, Jackin Jayaram


Under the Canopy of Small Houses, Megan C. Johnson


A Descriptive Survey of the Health, Health Behaviors, and Healthcare of College Sophomore Women, Sarah L. Jones

In Situ Polymerization of Aniline in the Presence of Carbon Nanotubes to Form Nanocomposite with Enhanced Electrical Conductivity, Vinkandagor Chemon Kandagor


Effect of Intranasal Delivery of Carbon Dioxide on Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons: Inhibition of Neuron-Glia Gap Junction Communication and Neuropeptide Secretion, Stanka Madhu Kumar Kankipati


Heart Rate and Reaction Time Differences in High and Low Ability Adults' Letter and Word Identification, Amanda Marie Keeter


The Effects of an Expressive Arts Therapy Group on Female Counselors-In-Training: A Qualitative Study, Elizabeth A. Keller


Modern Themes in Advertising: Comparisons of Vibrant Versus Sexual Stimuli in Advertising, Jam J. Khojasteh

Investigating the Relationship Between Verifying Feedback and Loneliness: A Social Exchange Perspective, Shawn King


Reach-Scale Variability of Nonpoint Contaminants in Urban Stream Sediments, Fassnight Creek, Springfield, Missouri, John Frederick Kothenbeutel


The Effects of Social Skills Instruction and Video-Modeling on a Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Katie Marie Kreimer


A Cryptic Invasion of the Non-Native Siberian Elm (Ulmus Pumila) to Southwest Missouri, Megan E. Ladd


Trade-Off Effects Between Spelling Performance and Syntactic Complexity, Su Jin Lee


Traumatic Personal Narratives: Personal and Social Benefits of Scripting and Performing, Noah D. Lelek

Possible Roles of Salicylic Acid and Associated Genes in Grapevine Disease Resistance, Nan Li

Do Nurses Still Eat Their Young?: Horizontal Violence and the Novice Nurse, Amy L. Logan


Comparative Advantage: Creating Cooperation Between NATO and the European Union, Meghan Ann Maloney


Civilizational Jihad: The Implications of Terrorist Strategy, Pearse R. Marschner

The Use of Language Patterns as an Indicator of Sex-Specific Cognitive Traits and International Relations, Laura Walters Marsh


The Effect of Extracellular ATP, 2MeSTAP, And ATP[Gamma]S On MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells In The Presence Of Extracellular Calcium, Caleb Masterson


Of Mushrooms and Shangri-L.A.: Food in Fantastic Literature for the Young, Jennifer A. Matters


The Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Recovery Periods on the N1, P2, N2, and P3 Evoked Potentials Utilizing 25 vs. 75 ms Duration Contrasts, Beth Ann Mayes


Cyberwarfare as an Element of PRC National Power and Its Implications for U. S. National Security, Brian M. Mazanec


Chemical Terrorism: The Threat of Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda Inspired Individuals, Erin Anne McClelland


An Examination of Authoritarianism as a Moderator Among Intensity of Unethical Situations, Power Differentials, and Perceptions of Unethical Behavior in Organizations, Victoria Patricia McKee


The Effect of the Middle School Band Experience on Participation in High School Band, Jeremy McMahon


Habitat Use and Spatial Patterns of a Cottonmouth Snake (Agkistrodon Piscivorus Leucostoma) Population and Thermoregulation of Male Cottonmouth Snakes in Southwestern Missouri, Evan J. Menzel


Composition And "I": Practicing the Scholarship of the Personal, Craig A. Meyer


Assessment of Aquatic Invertebrate Communities of Tributaries of the Buffalo River, Arkansas, and Evaluation of Indices of Community Integrity, Janice Arlene Mixon-Hinsey


Studies on the Effect of C-Alkyl Substitution on the Crystal Packing of Calix[4]Resorcinarenes in Self-Assembled Hydrogen Bonded Capsules, Aaron Alexander Momose


Theocratic Governance and Military Force Structure: Correlation Vs. Causation, Camelia D. Nader


Characterization of the Role of VPS1P in Endocytosis in Saccaromyces Cerevisiae, Srikant Nannapaneni

Blood Work, Daniel Newell


Mare Varuna: India's Maritime Strategy for The 21St Century, William J. Nichols

The Anxieties of Common Life: Ideological Contradictions and Symbolic Resolutions in Northanger Abbey, Jacob Nunnally


Effects of a Gluten-Free Diet on the Speech and Language of Autistic Children, Melanie C. Ogden


From the Margins to the Mainstream: The Emergence of an American Pentecostal Intellectual Life, Jonathan William Olson


A Comparison of Scores from the Test of Written Spelling-4 and Spelling Sensitivity Scores, Lacy N. Ozimek

The Evolving Geopolitics of Turkey: Redefining a Strategic Partnership, Seeba Elizabeth Pepper

Body Mass Index and Severity of Sleep Apnea, Matt Petit


Anthropodicy: How Non-Theists Explain Evil, Katharina Sandmark Phoenix

Nurse Practitioner Self-Perceived Competency of Performing Eye Exams on Adults in the Rural Clinic, Bonnie A. Plocher


Response of the Ozark Zigzag Salamander (Plethodon Angusticlavius) to High and Low Level Threats, Morgan L. Presley


The Chinese Must Go: The Attitudes of Californians toward the Chinese, 1850-1885, Sarah C. Randow


A Study of the Impact of the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Model on Third and Fourth Grade Reading Scores, Elizabeth Nicole Range


Use of Hard Duration Contrast to Assess the Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Recovery Time on the P3, Autumn L. Riley

The Effects of 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol and Surfactants on Electrochemiluminescence, Wesley Davis Robinson

Host Specific Microbial Source Tracking and Quantification Using the Partial 16SrRNA Gene Sequence of Bacteroides on the Wilson's Creek Tributary in Southwest Missouri, Anthony R. Saitta


Effect of a Pant Size Manipulation on Women's Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Mood, Kerri J. Schafer


Use and Effects of an Instructional Strategy for High School Mathematics Students with Mental Retardation, Jacob H. Schnur


Wilderness of Mirrors: Optimizing Psychological Operations to Counter the Global Jihad, Matthew Seitz


A Mixed Design Examination of the Attitudes of Seventh Grade Males Toward Technology-Enhanced Reading Instruction, Victor Sheets


Attitudes of Emergency Nurses Toward Their Clients Who Are Impoverished, Brenda Simpson


Quality of Life and Nutritional Status in Older Adults With Dysphagia, Ashley A. Soyez


The Human Element: Demography's Influence on Identity, Interests, and the Future Security Environment, Nicholas A. Stephanadis


Don't Be a Nerd in Front of a Gangsta: Exploring Coping Strategies, Identity Management, and Marginalization in Gifted Adolescents, Katie Margavio Striley


Motivation and Body Image: Can Self-Determination Act as a Buffer against Sociocultural Influences on Body Image?, Rachel A. Sutcliffe

Local Tax Initiatives as a Funding Source for Children's Mental Health, Marie E. Swope


Can You Hear Me Now?: Doctor-Patient Communication and Applications of Neurosurgery in Telemedicine, Kelly Tenzek


Evidence for Neuron-Glia Signaling in Trigeminal Ganglia: Implication in Temporomandibular Joint Pathology, Srikanth Thalakoti


Frequency of Academic Dishonesty Among Students From Elementary to Post-Graduate Levels, Jana M. Thomas


A Survey of White Paper Types, Edward D. Thompson


The Feasibility and Benefits of Online Learning for Technical Writers, Leah D. Thurman


Novel Sensing and Remediation Applications of Conducting Polymers, Sagar Tolani


Designing Theatre Lesson Plans and a Standards-Based Theatre Curriculum Targeting Middle Level Adolescents, Carol A. Toney

Lazarus: A Sacred Cantata, John W. Trew


Rings of Invariants of Finite Groups, Dianne Michelle Twigger


Temporal Stimulus Effects on the P300, Michelle K. Van Gorden


Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Strategies in Undergraduate College Students, Maranda Lee Vincent


Luminophore Discovery and Solvent Effects in Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence, David J. Vinyard

David Rice Atchison, Southern Spokesman: 1844-1855, Matthew T. Vogeler


Interrater Reliability of a Nursing Dysphagia Screen, Brian George Wagoner


The Communist and the Altruist: Alcander Longley's Newspapers and Communities, Robert Jeffrey David Wells


Personal Writing in the Composition Classroom: Passport to Success in an Academic Landscape, Lane Phoenix West


Bourbaki Ideals, Carrie A. Whittle


Concerto For Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble, Ryan Woodhouse


Sub-Lethal Effects of Copper on Foraging and Alarm Behavior of Rainbow Darter (Etheostoma Caeruleum), David A. Woods Jr.


Relationship between Ultrasound and Carcass Measures of Charolais-Cross Harvest Cattle Using Automated Computer Tracing Software, Joshua John Worthington


The Effects of Alternative Energy on Saudi Arabia and the Implications for U.S. National Security, Danielle Yaggi

Theses from 2007

The Economics of Proliferation: An Examination of the Changing Nature of the Nuclear Marketplace, Michael J. Arendt Jr.

Church 2.0: A Study of Church Web Development in Light of Web 2.0, Sarah J. Austin

Top-down Control of Algal Biomass: The Role of Snails (Elimia Potosiensis) in the James River Watershed, Missouri, Angela Lee Bandy

The Effects of Suspended Sediment on the Attachment and Metamorphosis Success of Freshwater Mussel Parasitic Life Stages, Zachary S. Beussink

A Comparative Analysis of Durang's Hornpipe, Mark Earl Bilyeu

Bowers v. Lawrence: the Narratives of the Supreme Court, Daniel Christopher Bohlmann


Nutrient Concentrations at Baseflow Conditions in the Upper White River Basin, Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas, Gopala G. Borchelt

British Muslim Extremism: The Terror Within, Jennifer Bradley

Fantasy Variations, Patrick Brown

Influences of Forms of Theatre on Development of American Musical Theatre, Shani Bufford

Spelling Skills in Children with Phonological Disorders, Michelle Burrus

Sniffles, Immigration, and Lunch: New Security Threats, Anthony L. Buttacy

China's Computer Network Operations Capabilities, Chun-Hao Chang

Implicit Body Concerns in Young Women, Savannah Charleston

Functional Analysis of Grapevine Transcription Factors VaERF4 and VaERF5, Qiang Chen

Weight Watchers At Work: An Emphasis on Perceived Social Support and Self-Efficacy in Weight Loss, Rebecca Jo Cliffton

Comparative Phylogenetic Analysis in Populations of the Western Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon Piscivorus Leucostoma) Distributed in Three North American Drainage Basins, Ryan D. Combs

How Predisposing and Enabling Factors Contribute to Oral Health Needs among Low-Income Rural Adults, Mary Ann Coverdell

Behavioral Congruence With Personal Values as a Predictor of Undergraduate Distress, Christopher C. Cushing

The City Is a Morgue, Matthew Charles Dampier

Cardiovascular Effects of Methamphetamine Addiction, Melissa D. Dixon

Coliseum, Stephen Gray Dixon

Investigation of Groundwater Flow Paths Using Quantitative Dye-Tracing and Fluorometry in the Clear Creak Area, Greene County, Missouri, Rebecca Dodd

Thermoenergetics of Indiana Bats, Christin M. Dzurick

Engineering of a Collagen IV::Gfp Fusion Protein Using Polymerase Chain Reaction, Courtney Elizabeth Eaves

Speaking Holler Creek, Emily A. England

Development of Grammatically Different Word Pairs and Series to Elicit the N400 Auditory Evoked Potential, Heidi Jean Josenia Erickson

Christian Science and Anxiety in the Life of Principia College Students, Heather J. Fabian

Fabrication of Spin Valve Organic Light Emitting Devices, Lamine Fadiga


Reproductive Biology of the Rabbitsfoot Mussel (Quadrula Cylindrica) (Say, 1817) in the Upper Arkansas River System, White River System and the Red River System, Todd B. Fobian

Characterization of an in Vivo Model of Temporomandibular Joint Inflammation, Stacy E. Freeman

The Application of Prospect Theory to Deterrence Analysis: Investigating the Causal Mechanisms That Influence Japan's Decision to Attack Pearl Harbor, John Michael Friend

The Effects of Typically Developing Peers on the Participation and Language of Children With Complex Communication Needs During Shared Storybook Reading, Megan E. Galey

The Effectiveness of Three Music Instructional Strategies When Teaching Rhythmic Concepts to Fourth Graders, Salley R. Gibson

The Lovely Never-Never Land of Magic, of Fairy Queens and Virginal Maidens: Fairy Tale Imagery in the Early Poetry of Sylvia Plath, Kimberly Gottlieb

Less-Than-Truckload Motor Carrier Fuel Surcharge Utilization, Keith Brandon Grant

Guilt and Relational Aggression Between Mothers and Their Adult Daughters, Alison J. Griswold

Gay Camp: Analysis of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Culture and the Economic Impacts in the Missouri Ozarks, Brandon Harley Haddock

The Novel and Society: A Postmodern Perspective on Pedagogy, Elizabeth Paige Hall

Adapting the Spelling Performance Evaluation For Language and Literacy (SPELL) For Children Who Have Cochlear Implants, Lauren Elise Hammett

The Influence of Some Late Medieval Devotional Literature on Margery Kempe, Carla Jeanette Jeanette McKinney Heifner

Schumann's Dichterliebe: A Study in Continuity, Kelly Hermann

Dynamic Geometry and Its Effects on Geometric Reasoning in Terms of Van Hiele Levels, Jesse E. Hiett

Effects of Student-Teacher Relationships on Student Achievement and Self-Efficacy, Andrea Horn

The Pitfalls of Powerpoint, Christopher A. Jones

Dissolved Oxygen Tolerances of Selected Small Stream Fishes of Southwest Missouri: Field vs. Laboratory Measurements, Curtis B. Klotz

Utilizing Nanoporous Alumina Membranes for Molecular Transport and Silica Nanotube Synthesis, Ravikanth Kona

Mobile Location Based Services Through the Internet Using AJAX, GeoRSS, and the Global Positioning System, Daniel William Kushins

Arranging For Women's Voices in Contemporary a Cappella Music, Susan Anne LaBarr

Regulation of S100B Expression in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons and Glia, Lauren E. Langford

Literacy Intervention: A Case Study of a Child Who Uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Selena M. Lawson

A Descriptive Study of Spousal Caregiver Fatigue, Stephanie Ledl

The Development and Preliminary Psychometric Investigation of an Implicit Association Test to Measure Integrity in the Workplace, Jo Ann Lewis

Economic Development in Rural America: A Case Study of Four Towns in South Central Missouri, Janice Lorrain

The Effect of Merit- and Equity-Based Salary Adjustments on Male and Female Faculty Salaries, Meghan R. Lowery

Early Identification of Developmental Delays in Infants and Young Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss, Vanessa M. Luxen

Growth and Characterization of Cobalt Doped Indium Oxide Thin Films, Naveen Kumar Mamidi

Effect of Strain Due to Substrates on Mn-Doped ZnO Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Thin Films, Srikanth Manchiraju

Pyridylcyanoximes and Their Metal Complexes, Daniela Marcano

The Effects of Equine Seminal Plasma on Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximus) Spermatozoa, Kristine Marie Marson

Strategic Culture: What Chinese Actions Say about the Current U.S.-Sino Relationships, Justin B. Meyer

Soldiers Without Uniforms: CIA Paramilitary Operations in Afghanistan, Jason P. Moeller


The Boy Battery: A Socio-Military Study of the 2Nd Missouri Light Artillery, Claire Marie Momot

Current Use and Perception of Handheld Technologies in Radiation Therapy Education, Benjamin J. Morris

Variation in Defensive Behaviors of the Western Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon Piscivorus) as a Result of Temperature, Size, and Reproductive Condition, Diana E. Mullich

US Grand Strategy and Its Implications for the Asia-Pacific Region, Kyoko Nakamura

Genetic, Morphological, and Behavioral Analysis of the Oklahoma Salamander (Eurycea Tynerensis) in Southwestern Missouri, Nathaniel Aaron Nelson

The Gender and Music Paradox: The Influences of Music Educators on Potential Music Educators and Potential Professional Musicians, Erika P. O'Bryant

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Theses from 2005

Rigid Motions of the Plane, Tina M. Akers-Porter

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Park Bench in My Head, Joseph Cover

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