The first MSU graduate thesis was submitted in 1968. Since then over 3,300 theses have been submitted as part of graduate work at MSU.

Since the fall of 2008 graduate students have been required to submit their thesis in electronic form. Online access to most theses from 2008 to the summer of 2015 is available only on campus. Print copies of all theses are available in Meyer Library and in most cases through inter-library loan.

Did you submit a thesis as part of your graduate studies at MSU before 2015? If you would like to see the text of your thesis on this site please contact


Theses from 1970

The Effect Of Pancreatic Hormones On Blood Glucose In Ambystoma Annulatum, Joseph Eugene McMillian

Prime Numbers In Arithmetic Progression, Robert Charles Taylor

The History and Criticism of Oral Roberts as a Public Speaker, Bob J. White

Theses from 1969

Three Generations of Baptist Come-Outism: the Baptist Bible Union, the World Fundamental Baptist Missionary Fellowship, and the Baptist Bible Fellowship, Billy Vick Bartlett

A Study Of The Cyanophyta Of Greene County, Missouri, Sharon Hope Brkich

The Effects Of Speech 126, Public Speaking, On Organizational Skills And Critical Thinking Abilities, Warren Dale Decker

A History of the Southwest Missouri State College Summer Tent Program, 1963-1968, Will Craig Hutchison

An Investigation Of Mathematical Systems Definable In The Propositional Calculus, Bruce Kurt Kelley

Application Of Continued Fractions To The Diophantine Equation, X3+Y3+Z3+ T3=1, John Allen Lawrence

Theses from 1968

Origin and Structural Development of the Assemblies of God, Mario G. Hoover

The Effect of Mental and Physical Practice on a Unique Motor Skill Involving the Nonpreferred Limb, Joe N. Hornbeak