The first MSU graduate thesis was submitted in 1968. Since then over 3,600 theses have been submitted as part of graduate work at MSU.

Since the fall of 2008 graduate students have been required to submit their thesis in electronic form. Online access to most theses from 2008 to the summer of 2015 is available only on campus. Print copies of all theses up to summer 2018 are available in Meyer Library and in most cases through inter-library loan.

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Theses from 1989

Guided Imagery Strategy in Poetry Writing Instruction: Its Effects on Creative and Critical Thinking Skills of Middle School Students, Deborah A. Epps

Mary, Don't You Weep Martha, Don't You Moan: A Collection Of Three Short Stories, Mary DeCarlo Faucett

47 Via Ricasoli, Florence, an English Translation of the Novel By Thierry Laget, Janet Smith Furr

Stock Market Anomalies in Modern Portfolio Theory, David G. Heidbrink

A Study of Teachers' Perceptions and Attitudes Concerning Children's Fears, Sharon N. Jones

Concentrations of Selected Metals in Benthic Algae From the Headwaters Region of Crane Creek, Stone County, Missouri, Gerald David Kinroth

Survival of Antarctic Bacteria Exposed to Ultraviolet and Visible Light, Timothy A. Klages

Communication Factors and Associates' Longevity Among Assemblies of God Ministers, Robert Joseph Lecocq

An Analysis of the Use of the Electronic Media For Christian Evangelism: a Case Study of the Assemblies of God, Robert Philip McGlasson

The Land Of A Million Smiles: Tourism And Modernization In Taney County And Stone County, Missouri 1900-1930, Linda Myers-Phinney

Producing and Viewer-Testing a Non-Broadcast Video Production: Stewardship Beyond a Lifetime, Donald E. Piper

Elementary Teacher and Elementary Undergraduate Opinions of Cooperative Learning, Sheri A. Ratliff

The Vascular Flora of Piney Creek Wilderness: Barry/Stone Counties, Missouri, Jon Paul Rebman

The Kodaly Method and Traditional Methods in Elementary Music Education, Vicky L. Scott

Wastewater Regulation: a Groundwater Protection Strategy For Christian County, Missouri, Dorothy St. Clair

Trends in Beginning Instrumental Music Instruction in Selected Missouri Schools, Sandra Graves Tillman

A Correlational Study of Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills and Learning Disabilities, Marjorie L. Trumble

Annual Reproductive Potential, Diet, and Growth of the Map Turtle, Graptemys Geographica (Le Sueur)) in a Missouri Stream, Donnell D. White

Periglacial Geomorphological Mapping of the Comanche Peak Area . Mummy Range, Larimer County, Colorado, Terry Stewart Williford

Theses from 1988

Early Development of the Stippled Darter, Etheostoma Punctulatum and Arkansas Darter, Etheostoma Cragini, Kathleen M. Allen

Investigation of the Geology and Hydrology of Stone County, Missouri to Determine the Extent of Groundwater Contamination, Wendell L. Barner

The Effect of Listening Skills Instruction on Listening Comprehension, Barbara J. Beck

A Study to Test Visualization as an Effective Classroom Method For Reducing Communication Apprehension of High School Students, Russell Ernest Brock

A Profile of Selected Lay Representatives Who Perform Public Relations Functions For a Missionary Organization, Edward William Brye

The Feelings and Emotions of Normal Siblings With Handicapped Brothers and Sisters as Presented in 23 Young Adult Novels--How Realistic?, Elizabeth Susanne Carter

A Content Analysis of Three Textbook Series, Nancy Lee Colbaugh

The Effects of Staff Development Programs on Teachers' Perceived Responsibility For Student Outcomes, Barbara A. Crossland

The Population and Activity of Airway Macrophages in Patients Requiring Continuous Mechanical Ventilation, Thomas Dieckhoff

Egg Maturation and Fecundity in Etheostoma, John E. Fishback

A Suggested Checklist and Resource Handbook to Assist Choral Directors in Determining Possible Solutions to Common Vocal Disorders, James A. Goodman

A Study of the Relationship of Learning Styles and Spelling Achievement, Karen Kay Gorden

Food Habits, Growth, Conversion Efficiency and Response to Prey Odors of the Copperhead, Agkistrodon Contortrix, Brian D. Greene

A Methodology For Considering Physiographic Characteristics in Making Land Use Decisions in Southwest Missouri, Robert L. Hipple

Movement and Life History Aspects of the Pygmy Rattlesnake in Southwest Missouri, Thomas L. Holder

Murine Peritoneal Macrophage Response to Colonial Phenotypes of Candida Albicans, Janice L. Horton

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Time of Day on Reading Achievement, Denise R. Jones

Opportunities For Career Advancement in the Public Sector: an Analysis of the Views of Frontline Supervisors in Missouri Merit Agencies, Wilma Jean Kinder

Association of Open Communication, Perceived Trust, and Relational Satisfaction Among Married Couples, Pamela Rochelle McWherter

Geeks & Fools, Jim McWilliams

Antimicrobial Resistance Mediated By Synthesis of Richmond and Sykes Type I Beta-Lactamase, Verna L. Morton

Farm Planning For Wildlife Resource Enhancement, Gary Alan Newton

Occurrence and Growth Characteristics of Algae Isolated From Shallow Wells, Deep Wells, and Springs in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri, Jon D. Noelker

Evidence of Bacteriocinogeny in Yersinia Ruckeri, Elmer W. Otteson

The Food Habits of the Amphipod Gammarus Pseudolimnaeus (Holsinger) in the Upper Region of Lake Taneycomo as Related to the Benthic Diatom (Bacillariophyceae) Microflora, Joseph David Pitts

Attitudes of Elementary Classroom Teachers Towards the Preparation of Elementary Classroom Teachers, Julie Ann Potter

Land Use of Conflicts in Tulsa County, Oklahoma: Urban Expansion Vs. Petroleum Development, Phillip L. Pumphrey

Parental Opinions of Cooperative Learning in Elementary Schools, Rebecca M. Southard

Bibliotherapeutic Curricular Model Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs For Grades 4-6, Nancy A. Triplett

Scrape Behavior and Physical Characteristics of Scrapes and Rubs of White-Tailed Deer, Grant R. Woods

Revision of the Genus Homaliodendron (Neckeraceae) of Southeast Asia, Su Yong-ge

The Difference in Reading and Math Achievement With Regards to a Regional Program, Project Excell: a Causal--Comparative Study, Teresa M. Young

Theses from 1987

The Marking of Ambiguous Referents By Language Delayed/Learning Disabled Adolescents in a Narrative Task, Mary Kathryn Anderson

Small Town Residential Satisfaction in the Springfield, Missouri Msa, Eric A. Aubrey

The Dimension of Color in Visual Stimuli and Its Affect on Naming Performance in Aphasic Adults, Patricia Lynn Banick

An Operations Manual For the Audio, Video Editing Suite Located in Room 319, Craig Hall, Tony Edwin Bishop

A Study of the Differences in Achievement of Males and Females in High School Mathematics, Clara L. Brake

An Application of Proactive Organizational Communication in Support of an Institutional Objective Regarding Student Retention At Southwest Missouri State University, Charles M. Busby

The Vascular Flora of Bona Glade Natural Area, Dade County, Missouri, Arlene J. Collett

A Comparative Study of Point Systems and Subjective Systems Used in Evaluating Vocal Solo Music Performances At the District Level of Competition, Alicia Coon

A Study of the Effect of Teaching Current Events on Students in Grade 5, Virginia Jones Crawford

Vocal Roughness in Selected Pastors, Jacqueline Rae DeCocq

An Application of Proactive Organizational Communication in Support of an Institutional Objective: Increasing Enrollment At Springfield Catholic High School, Stephen D. Eiffert

Multihospital Systems Wave of the Future in Healthcare, Jesus Alvaro Garcia

Holistic Assessment of Creative Writing, Grades 1-6, Claire Hausmann-Cobb

Resident Perception of Shoreline Recession in Nags Head, North Carolina, Lisa Elaine Hosey

A Comparative Study of Parent Attitudes Toward Public Education, Janet D. Hoskins

The Effect of the Touch Math Method on Student Achievement: an Experimental Study, Denise Long

Metamemory and Mnemonics: a Study of Elementary School Memory Strategies, Carol Martin

Historical Study of Southwest Missouri State University Summer Tent Theatre, 1969-1987, Brenda L. May

A Directional Approach to Commedia Dell' Arte as Applied in the Production of a Company of Wayward Saints By George Herman, Philip D. McGuire

A Study of the Effect of Guided Imagery in Creative Storytelling of Kindergarten Students, Karla Kay Moore

The Geology of Cedar County, Missouri: a Guide For Planners, Jerry R. Neill

The Status of the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit in Missouri, Jamie L. Norton

The Impact of Illness on World Leaders, Bert Edward Park

Evaluation of a College Reading Course By Comparing Grade Point Average and Attrition Among College Freshmen, Rhonda Elaine Penn

A Study of the Effects of a Daily Writing Program on the Creative Writing Achievement of Second Graders, Carole Ann Rentfro

A Creative Approach to Play Direction Through the Shadow Box: a Thesis Production, John R. Rogers

Heavy Metal Content in Stream Sediments Adjacent to the Wright County, Missouri, Sanitary Landfill, Eric Jon Sappington

A Comparison of Genetic Differentiation and Gene Flow Among Populations of Two Species of Mice (Peromyscus), Janice Elaine Schnake

The Current Status of Business Education Computer Hardware and Software Availability in Southwest Missoouri Public High Schools, M. Jean Steinhauer

A Study of the Changes in the Potentiometric Surface 1930-1986, Springfield Area, Missouri, Allen L. Steinkamp

Jim Jones: an Analysis of a Persuader, Richard William Stengel

The Effect of Color-Coding Spelling Words Upon Spelling Achievement, Glenda Swift

Reproductive Patterns of Three Plethodon Salamanders Endemic to the Ouachita Mountains, Cindy L. Taylor

Images: a Study of the Significance of Personality Constructs Through the Medium of a Film Screen Play, Coburn M. Tuller

A Cost Surface Model For Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Physical Factors Associated With Residential Site Development in South Central Greene County, Missouri, Vicky Carleen Varner

Theses from 1986

Susceptibility Testing of Pathogenic Fungi With a Radiometric System, Rhonda Gay Allen

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Supplementary Activities on Problem Solving Achievement, Susan J. Ault

A Study of the Relationship of Brain Dominance and Intelligence, Teresa Bland

William Hooker Gillette American Theatrical Innovator, Joseph E. Bowman

A Study of the Difference Between the Achievement of Latchkey Children and Non-Latchkey Children, Teresa Carroll

Recommendations For Gifted Education in Rural Missouri, Deanna Gentry Casebeer

A Study of Brain Dominance Among Gifted Students, Lesa A. Cates

Hydrogen Gas Production By a Species of Ectothiorhodospira, Laurie J. Chadwick

Battle For the Bible: a Rhetorical Analysis of the Inerrancy Movement in the Southern Baptist Convention, 1979-1985, Michael Douglas Chute

A Study of the Effect of Guided Imagery on Creative Writing in Grades Five and Six, Judith Mulick Cooney

An Evaluation of a College Reading/Study Skills Course Using the Factors of Grade Point Average and Attrition, Deborah Ann Crooke

A Study of Unionization in the Field of Nursing, Shirley Jeanne Eckert

An Evaluation of an Assertive Discipline Program, Corrine Ellison

Fecal Coliform as an Indicator of Water Quality and Recreational Carrying Capacity At Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Gail Estelle Emrie

The Effect of Land Use on the Water Quality of Two Coves of Table Rock Reservoir, Karen Entrup

Propagation and Restriction Enzyme Mapping of Bacteriophage Pbli Dna, Mark Henry Entrup

A Study to Determine Teachers' Attitudes Toward Retention, Alice Ann Fleetwood

The Byrophytes of Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camden County, Missouri, Carol A. Fuller

The Effect of Centrally Administered D-Alanine-Methionine-Enkephalinamide (Dala) on the Copulatory Behavior of Male Hamsters, Marjenna L. Gittings

Steroid Stimulated Protein Synthesis in Fish Cell Cultures, Carla B. Green

The Preparation of Teachers of English in Southwest Missouri, Jo Etta Harnden

A Study of Slime-Positive Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci, Rita Marie Heuertz

The Relationship of the Self-Concept and Achievement in Sixth Grade Students, Janis Mesenbrink Hobbs

A Possible Role For Prostaglandin E-B2-S as a Suppressor of Macrophage Phagocytosis, Deborah L. Hutchison

The Effects of a Structured Practice Program on Vocal Achievement, Rosemary Jackson

A Study of Educator Knowledge and Attitude Toward a Curriculum of Suicide Prevention, Marilyn Kay Kimbrell

Landsat Trophic State Assessment of Fellows Lake, Gary W. Krizanich

Central Cardiovascular Effects of Arginine Vasopressin in the Lateral Habenular Region in Anesthetized Rats, Kristy Dean Lake

Patterns of Change in Catalysis Activity as an Indicator of Aging in Drosophila Melanogaster, Ralf Michael Luche

Population Dynamics of Ice Nucleation Active Bacteria on Prunus Persica Cultivars, Donna Denise Mashburn

Effects of Central and Peripheral Administration of 1-Methyl-4-Phenyl-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyridine (Mptp) in the Rat and Mouse, Leila T. Najafi

The Lana Lawrence Story, Deborah Potenza

A Study of Locus of Control and Brain Dominance of 5Th and 6Th Grade Children, Mary C. Rummel

Changes in the Potentiometric Surface of the Deep Aquifer in the Joplin Area, Missouri, 1900-Present, Jeffrey A. Schloss

The Difference in the Preferred Learning Styles Between Right Brain Dominant and Left Brain Dominant Students, Marla G. Standage

Changes In The Potentiometric Surface In Franklin County, Missouri 1931-1980, Steven S. Stettes

Initial Characterization of Attachment of Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus, Annette Renee Stewart

A Study to Determine the Effect of Hemispheric Preference on Mathematical Problem Solving Activity, Susan E. Taber

The Effects of Special Music Classes on Hearing Impaired Students Attending Public Schools, Karen Twigg

A Causal-Comparative Study of the Difference in Reading Achievement Scores of Remedial Reading Students Who Are Right Brained Dominant and Those Who Are Left Brained Dominant, Angela M. Van Giesen

A Study of Existing Fears of Fifth and Sixth Grade Students, Peggy Appleby Wester

Theses from 1985

Changes in LDH Activity in Cryptobranchus Due to Imposed Environmental Stress, Norman Reid Brown

Dispersion of Dissolved Metals From the Webster County, Missouri Sanitary Landfill, David L. Coonrod

Survivors: a Collection of Stories, Gale E. Crain

Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Response to Elevated Oxygen in Drosophila Melanogaster, Thomas Richard David

A History of the Mid-America Singers of Springfield, Missouri, Herschel Douglas Fincher

Analysis of a Project Designed to Modernize the Communications Efficiency of the United Methodist Church, Clyde Frank Gilmore

Palimpsest, Pamela Dilmore Hadsall

A Planner's Dilemma: Hostile Public Opinion and Land Use Planning in Rural Southwest Missouri, Andrew A. Hair

Why Parents Educate Their Children in Assemblies of God Christian Schools, Bunny Jo Hartzler

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Right Brain Activities on Spelling Achievement, Pamela M. Herd

Growth and Metamorphosis of the Ringed Salamander, Jackie E. Hutcherson

Spatial Analysis of Hospital Service Areas in Southwest Missouri, Christopher J. Ives

Bacteriophage Sp10 Infection of Bacillus Subtilis, Wayne Charles Katt

Macrophage Suppression Across Genetic Barriers By a Spleen Cell Culture Derived Factor, Kenneth L. Mackey

Stop the Organization, I Want to Get On! an Introduction to Organizational Communication, Robert H. Morrow

A Study of Friendship Attitudes of Children Who Participate in Gifted Programs in the Public Schools, Barbara J. Nichols

A Prompt Book For The Strafford High School Production Of Li'L Abner, Peggy L. Turner

Comparable Effects of Morphine Sulfate and Adrenocorticotropic Hormone in the Midbrain Reticular Formation of Rats, Melinda Sue Walker

High School Forensics Services and Recruitment: a Study of High School Faculty Opinion, Terry Lee West

Theses from 1984

Legend, and Other Stories, Craig D. Albin

Subconscious Programming and Creative Achievements, Susan Bennett

Adolf Eichmann: a Reappraisal, Lue Anne Christensen

Survey of Classroom Practices and Attitudes of Teachers of Young Authors, Alice G. Harp

Planning of Open Space Using Physical Geographical Features in the South Dry Sac Drainage Basin, Joseph E. Harpine

Growth and Characterization of Cell Cultures of Rainbow Trout, Janice M. Hickok

Life History of the Stippled Darter, Etheostoma Punctulatum, Donal R. Hotalling

A Rhetorical Evaluation of Claiborne Fox Jackson's Speeches on Slavery and States' Rights, 1847-1861, Joseph A. Igel

A Study For the Prediction of Success in a College Algebra Course, John Kurt Killion

A Study of the Missouri Veterans Foundation and Their Attempt to Build the Missouri Unified Veterans Memorial, Patty Morris

Hunting: Creative Thesis, Larry D. Parker

Big Bluestem (Andropogon Gerardi) and Indiangrass (Sorghastrum Nutans) Establishment Using Minimum-Till Seeding Methods, David E. Pitts

A Creative Project of a Video Production of an Annual Report, Kevin Edward Randall

Bureaucratic and Ethnic Pluralism: the Nigerian Experience, Amaefule Santiago Uchegbu

The Relationship Between Student Performance on a Paper and Pencil Test of Conservation Concepts and Performance on a Piagetian Interview Instrument, Pat Pat Webb

Theses from 1983

Macrophage Suppression By a Low Molecular Weight Fraction of Murine Spleen Cell Culture Supernatant, Glenda Gayle Allen-Abbott

Utility of Phonic Generalizations in the 1980 Series R Macmillan First Grade Reader, Mary Jo Allen

A Comparative Study of Writing Topic Choices of the 1981, 1982, and 1983 Southwest Missouri State University Young Authors, Judith A. Bryant

Mouse Protection Assay For Measurement of Antibody and M Protein Antigen of Streptococcus Equi, Sharon A. Bryant

A Critical Examination of the Later Omrides, Joseph O. Downey

Food Habits and Biology of Stonerollers (Campostoma) in Southwest Missouri, James F. Fowler

A Study of the Perceptual Learning Styles of Fifth and Sixth Grade Remedial and Non-Remedial Math Students, Janice E. Hemen

The Life History of the Yoke Darter, Etheostoma Juliae, Paul W. James

Wastewater Management Plan For Unincorporated Taney County, Missouri, Stephen S. Kintner

A Correlational Study of the Relationship Between Cloze Procedures and Standardized Reading Tests For Intermediate Grades, Kent Layton

The Relationship Between Musical Aptitude and Reading Achievement, Linda K. Mefford

The Springfield Symphony From 1934 to 1983: Its Founding, Musical Growth, and Musical Activities, Starla Michael

Types of Poetry Written By the 1983 Young Authors, Angilee F. Neher

A Study of the Identification, Development and Implementation of an Instrument For the Analysis of Children's Illustrations, Evelyn LaPierra Nichols

An Assessment of Parent Attitudes Toward Special Education Services in Rural Greene County, Missouri, Kimberly Ann Nye

The Relationship Between Usage of Video Games and Aggressive Behavior in Children, Stella Jean Sullivan

A Study of Sex Stereotyping in Characters Created By Fifth and Sixth Grade Young Authors in Their Stories, Dorothy Larson Tuck

The Role and Implications of Ecological Planning in Making Land Use Decisions For the Busiek State Forest, Joseph William Vujnich

The Compared Level of Musical Achievement of Instrumental and Choral Students, Claude Randal Westfall

Fish and Reptile Remains From the Late Eocene, Crow Creek Local Fauna, St. Francis County, Arkansas, James William Westgate

Analysis of Syntactic Maturity By Grade Level and Sex of Children's Writing Samples Submitted to the 1983 Young Authors Conference, Magda L. Williams

A Survey of the Ephemeroptera of Pearson Creek, Missouri, Natalie R. Witte

Theses from 1982

The Effect of Early Abuse and Neglect on Academic Achievement, Nan S. Andrews

The Pre-Israelite Nations of Canaan, Gerard A. Bachke

Home Range and Nocturnal Activity of the Ozark Hellbender, Charles E. Coatney

Microbial Ecology of a Bat Guano Community, M. W. Fletcher

Population Dynamics and Productivity of the Prosobranch Snail Goniobasis Potosiensis, Stephen John Flora

Characterization of the Murine Macrophage Suppressor Factor (Msf), Mary Ann Francka

Allelopathic Effects of Festuca Arundinaceae on the Growth of Juglans Nigra Seedlings, Carl E. Hauser

A Study of Teachers' Opinions Toward and Knowledge of Rural Gifted and Talented, Janet M. Hawkins

Seasonal Reproductive Changes in Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis, Chris Alan Ingersol

Transformation of Lymphocytes From Patients With Histoplasmosis and Other Pulmonary Infections, Debra Lynn Moran

The Use of Four Reading Tests For Classroom Reading Placement, Diana Sharp

Conservation and Expressive/Receptive Language Abilities in Normal and Disabled Readers, Rebecca Susan Standley

The Relationship Between Use of Characters and Authors' Sex in the 1982 Young Authors Manuscripts, Nancy K. Steury

The Phytosociology of the Bryophytes At La Petite Gemme Prairie, Polk County, Missouri, Steve Lee Timme

The Investigation of Writing Topic, Type and Style Choices of the 1981 Southwest Missouri State University Young Authors, M. June Turner

In Vitro Evidence For A Spleen-Derived Macrophage Suppressor Factor, Rebecca Van Ferell

Theses from 1981

A Comparison of Gas Chromatographic Properties of Chromium (Iii) and Iron (Iii) Tris (Ethylenediamine) Exchanged Montmorillonites, Harold D. Beck

Morphologic and Phenolic Variation in Quercus Alba and Q. Stellata: Evidence For Hybridization, Raymond J. Budde

A Study of Gifted Programs in the State of Missouri and the Philosophies of Their Faculties, Judith Holden Dixon

A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Cable Television on the Use of Competing Media, Paul Muir Gaither

A Study of the Relationships and Differences Between Students' Scores on Two Individually Administered Reading Tests (Ari and Drs), Peggy Gifford

A Study of the Reading Interests and Attitudes of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Gifted Children in the State of Missouri, Renee Close Goostree

A Vegetative Analysis of Hercules Glades Wilderness, Janet L. Hicks

Little Sac Woods Metro Forest, a Land Management Methodology and Plan, Ronald David Hough

Modern Pollen Spectra in Pond Sediments in Southwest Missouri and Its Relationship to the Contiguous Forests, Dona Pray Key

Water Quality and the Primary Producers in the Upper James River, Missouri, Steven R. Lemons

The Relationship Between Post Graduate Study and Teacher Opinions Toward the Teaching of Reading, Rita A. Macy

A Study of Characteristics and Professional Preparation of Teachers For the Gifted and Talented in the State of Missouri, Teresa Jo Martin

A Creative Project in Design: Dragons, Dreams and Magic Beans, an Original Children's Theatre Production Adapted By Sharon Ellis, Susan T. McElhaney

A Study of the Relationships and Differences Between Students' Oral Reading and Listening Comprehension Performances, Lorene Meador

Location of Septic System Failures in Southwest Missouri Using False Color Infrared Photography, Kent D. Morris

Grading, a Survey of Current Beliefs, Bruce A. Murray

A Study of Effects of Instruction Using the Cloze Procedure on the Reading Comprehension of Fifth and Sixth Grade Students, Virginia L. O'Neal

A Study of Spelling Ability as a Predictor of Reading Achievement of Selected Elementary Students, Nancy L. Pusateri

Self-Concept and Reading Achievement in a Foster Care Group Home, Nancy Steffen Rahmeyer

A Study of the Differences and Relationships Found Between Students' Performances on Two Oral Reading Tests, Jackie Rainey

Orally Induced Tolerance to Streptococcus Mutans and Glucosyltransferase in Neonatal Mice, Kay Ellen Sterner

The Biosystematics of Isonychia Bicolor (Walker) of the Finley Creek, Missouri, David Michael Sullivan

Toxic Metal Concentration and Distribution in Soils of Four Abandoned Landfill Sites, Springfield, Missouri, Victoria A. Sutton

The Effect of Sentence Combining Instruction of Language Experience Stories Upon Paragraph Comprehension, Jan Tagtmeyer

A Study of the Relationship Between Students' Scores on the Best and Reading Achievement, Jane Wehrman

Theses from 1980

Prolegomena To The Study Of Ancient Israelite Levirate Marriage In The Light Of Herbert Brichto's Theory Of Afterlife In The Old Testament, Rose Marie Boone

Investigation of Groundwater Quality in Unincorporated Greene County, Missouri, Bruce Allen Bush

Splenic Regulation Of Macrophage Activity In Mice Infected With Listeria Monocytogenes, Nancy Ann Cavender

A Model Reading Program For Gifted Students, Marilyn L. Fletcher

A Study of Cloze Procedure Variables and Standardized Tests as Predictors of Reading Achievement, Ann Haszelbart

The Vascular Flora of Roaring River State Park, Barry County, Missouri, Kathleen Lee Hornberger

A Comparison of Scores of Maternal-Child Nursing Students With Classroom and Clinical Instruction Concurrent and Nonconcurrent, Retha Ketchum

A Quantitative Interpretation of Five Puritan Preachers Spanning Four Generations, William L. Luce

An Empirical Assessment of the Relative Need For a Reformulation of Intercollegiate Debate Coaching Objectives, Frank J. Macke

The Dragonfly Fauna (Odonata:Anisoptera) of a Lentic Habitat in Southwestern Missouri, Daryl Wayne Maddox

A Study of the Reading Interests of Fourth-Grade Boys and Girls, the Content of a Fourth-Grade Basal Reader, and the Relationship of Interests to Comprehension of the Content of the Basal Reader, I. Marie Markstrom

The Use of Readability Formulas By Classroom Teachers in Southwest Missouri, Michelle Moore

A Comparative Study of British and American Teachers' Views of the Effective Characteristics For Teaching Reading and Its Area of Development, Vicki Parsons

Antigenic Variation in Candida Albicans, Jana Podzimek

Huck Finn's Literary Dialect, Ann C. Reed

Studies on Potential of Resistance Development By Monilinia Fructicola to Selected Fungicides and Isolation of Uv Induced Cga 64251 Resistant Colonies, Randy L. Reese

The Effect of a Course in Educational Gymnastics Upon Preschool Behavior and Readiness Skills, Sharon A. Sterchy

Theses from 1979

A Hearing-Impaired Child in the Mainstream: a Case Study, Norma J. Chapman

A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Future Needs of Ert Services in a Rural Southwest Missouri Area, Kathleen Gilmore

A Comparative Analysis of the Accuracy of Win-Loss Records, Speaker Rank Totals and Opposition Records in Predicting Debate Outcomes, William Thomas Gist

The Seven Arts Magazine, 1916-1917: a Study of Van Wyck Brook's Essays and Their Relationship to Editorial Policy, Elizabeth Ann Hicks

The Bryophytes of Roaring River State Park, Barry County, Missouri, Teresa L. Hilton

An Evaluation of English 101, Reading Development, At Evangel College, Rebecca Kelly Huechteman

A Study of Secondary Classroom Teachers' Opinions Toward Mainstreaming E.M.R. Students, Tamara Ann Hugger

A Diagnostic Readiness Test and Programmed Teaching Unit For Entrance-Level College Debaters, Jon Laurant Jackson

Importance of Self-Concept in Kindergarten Children, Patti A. Lane

Transformations: the Gold Key to an Understanding of the Poetry of Anne Sexton, Regina Leitle

Creative Project In Design: Step On A Crack, Carl D. Miller

Socialist Ideas on Wealth: an Exploration of Three Plays By George Bernard Shaw, Linda Mix

A Study of Elementary Social Studies Textbook Selection Guidelines: Their Importance as Perceived By Elementary Principals and Their Relationship to Reading, Yvonne Overstreet

Age and Growth of the Ozark Hellbender, Chris L. Peterson

Splenic Regulation Of Cell Mediated Immunity To Listeria Monocytogenes: Suppression Of Macrophages, Mary Kathryn Poirot

A Comparison of Standardized Oral Reading Test Scores and Standardized Informal Reading Inventory Results, Carol Powell

Bird Community Structure in Southwestern Missouri, Mark Ritke

The Relationship Between the Prereading Abilities of Preschool Children and Their Home Literary Environments, Catheryne R. Roeder

The Expatriates: American Writers Who Never Left Home, Tina C. Stillwell

Spontaneous Rosette Formation In Mice Immunized With Listeria Monocytogenes, Laura Lynn Vanlandingham

An Examination of Trophic State Indices For Some Missouri Reservoirs, Christopher B. Vitello

A Report on the Creation of a Four-Part Radio Series: Watch Your Languate!, Sherlu Rardin Walpole

Theses from 1978

Value of Peer Tutoring For Children With Learning Disabilities, Debra Kay Berthot

The Theme Of Sacrifice: A Comparison Of The Primitive Practices Recorded In The Golden Bough With Representative Works Of Faulkner, Frances B. Bixler

A Study of Articulation Ability and Other Selected Variables as Predictors of Reading Achievement of Selected Elementary Students, Alberta J. Brock

A Study of the High School Choir Rehearsals and the Conductors' Relationship to the Rehearsal, Barbara Ellen Buffington

The Biosystematics of the Mosquitoes of Greene County, Missouri, Sammie Lee Dickson

Life History of the Ozark Minnow, Dionda Nubila, Jeffrey R. Glazier

A Learning Center Model For the Individualization of Reading Instruction, Dolores A. Gore

The Effects Of Dissolved Oxygen Content Of Water On Blood Ph, Pco4, Po4 And Rocking Activity For Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis, Richard A. Harlan

The Relationship Between the Amount of Television Watched and the Reading Achievement Scores of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Students, Ann A. Hunt

A Creative Project in Design: a Set Design For Springfield Little Theatre's Production of the Hobbit, William Lairamore

A Design For Kindergarten Learning Centers Based on Research in Reading Readiness, Learning Theory, and Learning Centers, Susan Haymes Moran

Teaching First Grade Vocabulary Words By Using a Combination Method: a Case Study, Janelle F. Nimmo

A Study of the Effects of Instruction Using the Guided Reading Procedure on the Reading Comprehension of Eighth-Grade Students, Patricia A. Rush

Aladdin: a Puppet Theatre Production, Louis H. Schaeffer

Initial Revegetation Of Small But Severely Disturbed Areas In The Oak-Hickory Forest Of Southwest Missouri, James Theodore Sheldon

The First Four Months of Park Central Hospital's Public Relations Program: a Historical and Critical Evaluation, LuAnn J. Victory

Determination of a Single Factor Health Status Index for Missouri (1975), Michael Lee Wallis

A Study of the Variables Self-Concept, Vocabulary, Intelligence, and Sex as Predictors of Reading Comprehension, Mildred H. White

The Last Temptation of Christ: an Example of a Cutting of a Novel of Extreme Length Into a Script of Playable Length, Le Wilhelm

Theses from 1977

Corporal Punishment, G. Dean Anders

A Report of an Educational Video Tape Project For the Instruction of Roller Skating to Trainable Mentally Retarded People, Mary Catherine Cantrell

The Vernal And Summer Zooplankton In Surface Waters From A Small Cove In Stockton Reservoir, Rick Casey

Reproduction And Survivorship Of Two Species Of Daphnidae, Marvin Claus

Food Partitioning Between Two Sympatric Cricetid Species, John C. Cook

An Experimental Study Examining the Effect of Organization and Sex of the Receiver on Attitude Change, David M. Cooley

Identification, Image, and Social Movements: a Rhetorical View of the Equal Rights Amendment, H. Earl Croasmun

A Report of a Video-Tape Project Addressing Attitudes Held in Springfield, Missouri Concerning Rape and Rape Victims, Kathleen King Dombrowski

The Occurrence and Distribution of Limnetic Larval Fishes from a Small Cove of Stockton Reservoir, Timothy Robert Donovan

The Views of Selected Students, Parents and Teachers Concerning a Private Catholic Education, Travena Sue Emmerson

The History and Development of Choric Theatre and Its Application to the Selected Works of Theodore Roethke, Janice Sells Glover

Collective Bargaining: Partnership by Legislation, John A. Gross

A Comparison of Several Parameters of Aging in Drosophila Melanogaster Under Normal and High Oxygen Tension, Joyce B. Himes

Investigation Into Water Quality and Engineering Problems Associated With the Development of Springfield, Missouri, Including a Teachers Guide For Tracing Underground Drainage Systems Such as Jones and Sequiota Springs Using Fluorescein Dyes, James W. Massello

A Study of the Correlation Between Teacher Judgement of Reading Readiness and the Results of a Standardized Reading Readiness Test, Marilyn Sue Massey

A Vegetational Continuum of the Upland Forests of Three Counties in South Central Missouri, Charles L. Pope

A Content Analysis of Three Readiness Programs With Regard to Important Reading Readiness Factors, Doris Mae Pope

A Study of the Effects of Direct Instruction in Paradimatic Language Responding on the Reading Skills of Fifth-Grade Students, Mary McCallon Rhodes

The Dynamics of Social Power in a Theatrical Production Company, Nancy L. Ruppenthal

Effects of Behavior Modification Techniques on Student Behavior and Reading Achievement, Joann Ryan

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