The first MSU graduate thesis was submitted in 1968. Since then over 3,600 theses have been submitted as part of graduate work at MSU.

Since the fall of 2008 graduate students have been required to submit their thesis in electronic form. Online access to most theses from 2008 to the summer of 2015 is available only on campus. Print copies of all theses up to summer 2018 are available in Meyer Library and in most cases through inter-library loan.

Did you submit a thesis as part of your graduate studies at MSU before 2015? If you would like to see the text of your thesis on this site please contact


Theses from 1977

Food Partitioning Between Two Sympatric Cricetid Species, John C. Cook

An Experimental Study Examining the Effect of Organization and Sex of the Receiver on Attitude Change, David M. Cooley

Identification, Image, and Social Movements: a Rhetorical View of the Equal Rights Amendment, H. Earl Croasmun

A Report of a Video-Tape Project Addressing Attitudes Held in Springfield, Missouri Concerning Rape and Rape Victims, Kathleen King Dombrowski

The Occurrence and Distribution of Limnetic Larval Fishes from a Small Cove of Stockton Reservoir, Timothy Robert Donovan

The Views of Selected Students, Parents and Teachers Concerning a Private Catholic Education, Travena Sue Emmerson

The History and Development of Choric Theatre and Its Application to the Selected Works of Theodore Roethke, Janice Sells Glover

Collective Bargaining: Partnership by Legislation, John A. Gross

A Comparison of Several Parameters of Aging in Drosophila Melanogaster Under Normal and High Oxygen Tension, Joyce B. Himes

Investigation Into Water Quality and Engineering Problems Associated With the Development of Springfield, Missouri, Including a Teachers Guide For Tracing Underground Drainage Systems Such as Jones and Sequiota Springs Using Fluorescein Dyes, James W. Massello

A Study of the Correlation Between Teacher Judgement of Reading Readiness and the Results of a Standardized Reading Readiness Test, Marilyn Sue Massey

A Vegetational Continuum of the Upland Forests of Three Counties in South Central Missouri, Charles L. Pope

A Content Analysis of Three Readiness Programs With Regard to Important Reading Readiness Factors, Doris Mae Pope

A Study of the Effects of Direct Instruction in Paradimatic Language Responding on the Reading Skills of Fifth-Grade Students, Mary McCallon Rhodes

The Dynamics of Social Power in a Theatrical Production Company, Nancy L. Ruppenthal

Effects of Behavior Modification Techniques on Student Behavior and Reading Achievement, Joann Ryan

A Comparative Study of the Relationship of Class Scheduling and Reading Achievement For Two Groups of Eighth-Grade Remedial Reading Students, John R. Stauffer

A Study of Effects of Direct Spelling Instruction on Spelling Achievement and Skills Acquisition, Allen L. Stephens

Classroom Teacher, Parent, and Student Opinions, and Their Relationship to Achievement Gain in Remedial Reading, Pauline Elizabeth Stoeger

Theses from 1976

The Basis of Future Financial Statements Will Be in Units of General Purchasing Power or Current Replacement Cost, David L. Bearden

Responses Of Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis Alleganiensis To Different Oxygen Concentrations, Temperatures And Photoperiod, David Arthur Beffa

The Inverted Gospel of Sylvia Plath, Marilyn J. Eden

A Projective Geometry as a Lattice, E. Duane Huechteman

The Medieval English Longbow: Characteristics and Origin, Robert E. Kaiser

Cloze as a Technique For Improving Comprehension, Janet Keller

Nitrogen Fixation By Azotobacter Species In Mixed Culture, John S. Lacy

A Longitudinal Evaluation of English 7, Developmental Reading, at Southwest Missouri State University, Mary Paula Phillips

A Study of Potential Secondary School Dropouts With Regard to Independent and Instruction Levels in Social Studies Textbooks, Grace K. Quigg

Anaerobic Digester Liquor as a Source of Ammonium and Phosphate For Single-Cell Protein Production, Andrew M. Saunders

The Serpent: Examination, Exploration, Evaluation, 1976, Christine E. Stoyke

The leisure time reading habits and causes of reading habits of Springfield, Missouri public school eighth grade students, Marsha Twitty

Fools Like Me: a Collection of Poems, Winifred Judith Vanderbilt

Food Habits, Starvation and Growth in the Hellbender, Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis, Jamie Nevelle Wiggs

Theses from 1975

Accelerated Maturation of Fetal Alveolar Epithelium in New Zealand Rabbits After Single Maternal Injections of Solu-Medro, John Joseph Ancy

An Analysis Of Phenetic Variation In The Least Shrew Cryptotis Parva (Say), David C. Belt

A Production Notebook For Paul Foster's Tom Paine, Donald G. Buschmann

A Study of the Skills Mastery Program Contained in the Houghton Mifflin Basal Reading Program, Regina Cowin

An EMR Case Study: Two Contrasting Methods of Improving Word Recognition and Comprehension, Dale Dennis

Water Imagery in Paradise Lost, Twila J. Edwards

An Investigation of the Beginning Speech Course in Missouri: What It Is in Theory and Practice, Norene Carol Fields

Facilitation At Neuromuscular Junctions in Crayfish Deep Abdominal Extensor Muscles, Russell Hampton Hill

Pteridophytes of the Interior Highlands of North America, James S. Key

A Production Notebook On Waiting For Godot, Margaret Joan Libertus

Preparation of a Dramatic Script For Solo Interpretation: the Tragedy of Macbeth, Dane Eric Madsen

A Production Notebook on Godspell , Produced At Springfield Catholic High School, Janice A. Matthews

The Vascular Flora of Montauk State Park, Dent County, Missouri, Gordon Todd Maupin

A Creative Project In Design: The House Of Blue Leaves, A Play In Two Acts, Gerald E. Miller

Peroxidase, Protein, and Growth Responses of Cultured Tomato Pith Explants, Wallace Edward Neuhart

Ecological Factors in the Study of a Small Task Group, Don E. Posten

Eastern-Western Thought and Rhetoric: a Question of Degrees, Suad Ali Raja

A Study of the Effect of Direct Instruction on Fifth and Sixth Graders' Abilities to Use Five Contextual Clues, Bevely Rossetter

Finite Groups Acting on Sets With Applications, Alvin Joseph Rushing

The Joplin Reading Program in Historical Perspective, Pamela Ses

Abolition as Obedience to the Higher Law, Glenda B. Stevens

The Vascular Flora of Lost Valley, Newton County, Arkansas, Ralph Luther Thompson

The Political Activities of Jeremiah and the Pro-Babylonian Party, Christopher A. Torrisi

Food Size And Foraging Site Selection In A Breeding Population Of Red- Winged Blackbirds (Agelaius Phoeniceus), Stephen Wallace Wilson

Theses from 1974

Should Accounting Be Divided into Two Sectors, Based on Ownership Structure?, David B. Byrd

Orientation and the Quality of Consensus Decisions in Small Groups, Charles K. DeBerry

A Method of Coordinatizing an Affine Geometry, James S. Evans

Effects of Calcium Cyclamate on the Immune Response in Rabbits, Cecil Monroe Hampton

The Effects of Cyclohexylamine on Antibody Production in Rabbits, John David Lloyd

A Survey of Selected Springfield, Missouri Business Firms to Determine Employment Standards For Entry-Level Office Positions, Rose Ann Moore

A Design For Garcia Lorca's Yerma: Creative Project, Timothy T. Reynolds

Billy James Hargis and the Christian Crusade: a Study in Message Adaptation, Frank Brown Roome

Hepaticae of the Interior Highlands, North America, Patricia Eggee Thomas

Theses from 1973

Charting The Quest Of Demian Through The Medium Of Interpreters Theatre, Diane Anderson

An Analysis of the Problems and Responsibilities of Corporate Managers in the Abatement of Industrial Air Pollution, Ben Clayton Betzer


Logography: An Appraisal of Rhetorical-Critical Implications, Isaac Edward Catt

The Effect Of Adrenal Hormones On Plasma Electrolyte Levels In Thamnophis Sirtalis After Bufo Marinus Parotoid Venom Ingestion, James D. Early

The Carrizal Affair: a Study of United States Diplomatic Relations With Mexico, 1916, Reginald S. Farrington

The Impact and Implications Derived From the Restructuring of the Children's Theatre Conference, Kenneth D. Morris

Kinesics as Applied to Interpreters Theatre, Sharron Henry Pelham

The Influence of Captive Finance Subsidiaries upon Corporate Financial Structure, Glade A. Wisler

Motivational Aids and Devices for the Secretarial or Clerical Practice Class, Barbara Kay Wommack

Theses from 1972

A Study of Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation and Agencies Affecting Missouri's State and Local Government Employees, Robert James Carroll

Conversion of Anaerobic Digester Liquor Into Yeast, John David Clarke

A History of Legitimate Theatre in St. Joseph, Missouri, 1865-1900, Lawrence J. Karasz


The Old Reliable: the History of the Springfield Wagon Company, 1872-1952, Steven Lee Stepp

Gestalt Psychology as Applied to Interpreters Theatre, Judith Ann Ten Eyck

Standards For Judging Refutation in Intercollegiate Debate, Charles Stuart Wasser

The History of Forensics At Southwest Missouri State College, 1906-1971, Leonard Wyrick Westphal

A Quantitative Comparison of the Evaluative Criteria Employed By Participants and Critic-Judges in Intercollegiate Debate, Terrence C. Winebrenner

Theses from 1971

Mcnary-Haugenism: a Proposed Solution to the Agricultural Problems of the Calvin Coolidge Era, Gregory L. Barnard

The Effects of Aeration on Mixed Digester Liquor, Paul James Cameron

An Interpreters Theatre: Adaptation of Nothing Gold Can Stay, Betty Jean Dayoub

The Reliability of the Win-Loss and Quality Rating Systems in Measuring Debate Achievement, David H. Dunlap

A Sharpening of Hansen's Inequality, Willa Victoria Hubbard

The Landers Theatre in Springfield, Missouri, 1909 to 1921, Menno John Kraai

An Analysis and Synthesis of Advice Given By Selected Contemporary Writers on Questions Concerning the Ethics of Persuasion: Judy Steiger., Judy Steiger

The Effects of Hypertonic Media on Various Serum and Urine Constituents of the Hellbender, Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis, John Walter Stone

Some Applications of Linear Algebra to Quadratic Field Extensions, Vonna Sage Vahldick

Plant Succession on Gravel Bars Along the Jacks Fork and Current River in the Southcentral Missouri Ozarks, John T. Witherspoon

The Effect of Bufo Marinus Parotoid Venom on Thamnophis Sirtalis, Charles Kent Wollard

Theses from 1970

The Value to Retention of the Use of Metaphor in Public Address, Jess Bair

The Effect Of Richard Nixon's Effort To Overcome The Loser Image On His 1968 Presidential Campaign, Kay Alden Brace

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Programmed Learning Upon Cognitively Experienced Stage Fright, Norma Jean Gillming

Teaching Verbal Communication Skills In The Kindergarten, Sophia Griesbaum

The Effect Of Pancreatic Hormones On Blood Glucose In Ambystoma Annulatum, Joseph Eugene McMillian

Prime Numbers In Arithmetic Progression, Robert Charles Taylor

The History and Criticism of Oral Roberts as a Public Speaker, Bob J. White

Theses from 1969

Three Generations of Baptist Come-Outism: the Baptist Bible Union, the World Fundamental Baptist Missionary Fellowship, and the Baptist Bible Fellowship, Billy Vick Bartlett

A Study Of The Cyanophyta Of Greene County, Missouri, Sharon Hope Brkich

The Effects Of Speech 126, Public Speaking, On Organizational Skills And Critical Thinking Abilities, Warren Dale Decker

A History of the Southwest Missouri State College Summer Tent Program, 1963-1968, Will Craig Hutchison

An Investigation Of Mathematical Systems Definable In The Propositional Calculus, Bruce Kurt Kelley

Application Of Continued Fractions To The Diophantine Equation, X3+Y3+Z3+ T3=1, John Allen Lawrence

Theses from 1968

Origin and Structural Development of the Assemblies of God, Mario G. Hoover

The Effect of Mental and Physical Practice on a Unique Motor Skill Involving the Nonpreferred Limb, Joe N. Hornbeak