The first MSU graduate thesis was submitted in 1968. Since then over 3,600 theses have been submitted as part of graduate work at MSU.

Since the fall of 2008 graduate students have been required to submit their thesis in electronic form. Online access to most theses from 2008 to the summer of 2015 is available only on campus. Print copies of all theses up to summer 2018 are available in Meyer Library and in most cases through inter-library loan.

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Theses from 1999

Diels-Alder Reactions of 5-[Methoxypoly(Oxyethylene)]-(3E)-1,3-Pentadiene, Timothy Edward Hopkins

Warfare in the Fifth Realm: the Tools and Techniques of Cyberwar, John E. Howard

Age, Growth, and Population Structure of Black Redhorse (Moxostoma Duquesnei) and Golden Redhorse (Moxostoma Erythrurum) in Southwest Missouri, David Thomas Howlett

The Electrical Properties And Microstructure Of An Ion Beam Mixed Metal-Polymer System, Runhui Huang

Aging Validation, Growth, and Comparison of Four Age Estimators of the River Redhorse (Moxostoma Carinatum), Christian Alexander Hutson

The Development of Romantic Relationships Through Computer-Mediated Communication: Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous Interaction, Pamela Dianne King

Population Characteristics of Urban White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus) in Southern Springfield, Missouri, Eric Robert Koch

On-Site Massage Therapy: Advantages For Anxiety Reduction At the Work Place, Anthony Kwee

GIS Analysis of Channel Changes Due to a Small Dam on the James River, Sw Missouri, Kenneth Joseph Legleiter

Factors Influencing Teachers' Use of an Outdoor Classroom, Jon L. Lucadamo

Assassination: An Assessment, Fred W. Mankins II

The Development of a Multimedia Version of the Computerized Ptsd Scale, Shawn Marie Mayo

Russia's Nuclear Doctrine For the Post-Cold War Era, David Frederick McCallum

A Comparison of Reading Achievement Between Computer-Assisted Instruction and Traditional Instruction, Mami Osaki McCraw

Misplaced Justice: the Hadamar War Crimes Trial of Irmgard Huber, Rhonda McHale-Moore

Mule Deer Habitat Modeling With the Use of Existing Government Data, Nathan E. McLean

Identification of Severe Mental Illness: Analysis and Variation of Intake Procedures At the Greene County Jail, Alix Meredith McLearen

Genetic Variation of the Grotto Salamander, Typhlotriton Spelaeus in Missouri, Timothy James Miller

The Vascular Flora of Camp Crowder: an Army National Guard Military Installation in Newton County, Missouri, Karola Erika Mlekush

Establishing A Theatrical Arts Program For Children On A United States Army Post, Rebecca Diane Montgomery

Relationship Building and Relational Control in the Academic Advising Session, Taleyna Morris

Relationships Among Predictors of Collegiate Performance, Introduction to College Life Courses, and Measures of Academic Success, David Wayne Murphy

Bones From the Mind Dog, C. Patrick Neagle

A Creative Project in Costume Design: a Midsummer Night's Dream, Sabrina Notarfrancisco

Examining Relational Communication: Exploring the Minister/Sick Person Relationship, Nancy Pace-Miller

The stereochemistry and enzymology of the B-oxidative biosynthesis of bile acids in rat liver peroxisomes, and synthesis of B-hydroxy-E-N-trimethyllysine, an intermediate in carnitine biosynthesis, Christopher M. Philips

Status of the Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis Alleganiensis) in Missouri: a Comparison of Past and Present Populations, Ethan Prosen

Suggested Musical Scenes Appropriate For High School Theatre Festivals and Contests, Sherie Lynn Ragan

Heavy Metal Concentrations in Stream Sediments Adjacent to the Greenfield Sanitary Landfill, Dade County, Missouri, Kimberly D. Rey

The Strategic Value of India and Pakistan to the United States, James L. Richardson

Genetic and Life History Characteristics of Venustaconcha Ellipsiformis and Venustaconcha Pleasii (Bivalvia, Unionidae) in the Ozark Plateaus Region, Frank A. Riusech

A Customer-Centered, Strategic Marketing Plan and Advertising Campaign For Audiologists in the Plains States, Jacqueline L. Rogers

Predictors of Preferences For Performance of Emotional Work, Ann T. Rohrer

Habitat Choice and Spatial Ecology of Nerodia Sipedon, the Northern Water Snake, Timothy C. Roth

Age, Growth, Reproduction and Population Structure of the Striped Shiner (Luxilus Chrysocephalus) and Duskystripe Shiner (Luxilus Pilsbryi) in the James River, Missouri, Bryan Raydon Simmons

Collaboration and Communication in the College Composition Classroom, Heidi Ann Skurat

Divine Order, Divine Myth: The Necessity Of Gender Paradigms In The Study Of Protestant Fundamentalist Thought, Leslie Elizabeth Smith

Comparative Toepad Morphology in Chorus Frogs (Genus Pseudacris): Arboreal, Terrestrial, and Ground Dwelling Species, Lisa Marie Solberg

Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense: an Overview of Major Programs and Issues of the Abm Debate Over the Past Forty-Five Years, Jeritt D. Soukup

Use of Ion Implantation in the Construction of an Uncooled Microbolometer, Robert W. Speer

Rads, Bugs, and Gas: the Threat of NBC Terrorism, Rodney L. Stark

Religious Problem-Solving and Explanatory Style: Relationships Between Religious Coping and Pessimism, Martaun Stockstill

Increased Apoptosis in the Host By Guanidine Hydrochloride Treatment of Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus, Dan Sturdevant

Reproduction, Body Condition and Dietary Variation of the Lesser Siren (Siren Intermedia), Aaron Michael Sullivan

The Problem Of Human Rhetoric In C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy, Rod C. Taylor

Personality Types of Female Technical Communicators: Is There a Recurring Type and Does Type Affect Job Environment, Success, and Satisfaction?, Connie Connie Thompson

A Directorial Process For a Production of Harold Pinter's the Homecoming, Daniel Matthews Tipton

The Making of American Religious Experience: a Socio-Political Critique of 'Experience' in American Religious History, Matthew S. Waggoner

Chlorinated Pesticide Levels in Knox County, Nebraska Farm Pond Fish, Larena A. Wagner

Ion Implantation Synthesis of Silicon Carbide, Yubao Wang

Orality and Literacy in High School Beginning Composition, Steven A. Ward

Resource Planning For Geographic Information System Implementation in the Utility Industry, Vivian Ann Wasson

Status of the Ozark Hellbender (Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis Bishopi): a Long-Term Assessment, Benjamin Arik Wheeler

Subspecific and Geographic Variation in Life-History Characteristics in Two Subspecies of Painted Turtle, Chrysemys Picta Bellii and Chrysemys Picta Dorsalis, Dana Jill Whitham

Reproduction and Movement Patterns of the Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra Serpentina) Inhabiting a Hypothermic Reservoir in Southwest Missouri, Timothy B. Wilson

Terrorism and Democracy, Herbert Frederick Wolverson

Theses from 1998

The Effects Of Free-Set Goals On Wrestling Performance And Improvement, Timothy R. Baltes

Cloning, Characterization, and Functional Study of Laminin a Chain in Hydra, Brooke D. Bigler

The Effect of a Teaching Intervention on Cardiac Risk Factor Knowledge Among Elementary School Children, Alida M. Bloom

Expression of the Ta-Iaam Gene of Agrobacterium Vitis in Petunia Hybrida, Lilly Boppuri

The Distribution, Status, and Ecology of the Eastern Woodrat (Neotoma Floridana) in Missouri, Eric R. Britzke

Selected Applications of the Nash-Williams Lemma, Matthew Arthur Brom

Cultural Resources in the United States: What Messages Are We Sending, Rachelle D. Brown

Reflections of Teenage Mothers Who Chose Unprotected Sex At the Time of Conception, Vicki Ellison Burns

Competition Between Native and Exotic Daphnia, Jennifer Lynne Cacka

Predicting Soil Erosion on Off-Road Vehicle Trails in Southwest Missouri, Melanie Carden-Jessen

What's Relevant For Children With Language-Learning Disorders?, Shannon L. Carter

Recollections of Miss Virginia: a Memorial Scrapbook of Dr. Virginia Craig (1878-1976), Ginger Aleen Casebeer

Study of 4(E)-Trans-6, 7-Epoxy-2, 2-Dimethyl-4-Decen-3-One, Lance Christopher Christie

Mis/Reading the Hero: a Case For Aaron in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, Bill Clem

Ion Beam Mixing of Metal/Fluoropolymer Interfaces, Darcie LeAnn Dennis

Gender and Leadership: Behavioral Differences Exhibited While Leading a Production Simulation, Cheryl L. Dyer

Effects of the Exotic Cladoceran Daphnia Lumholtzi (Sars) on the Growth Rate and Prey Selection of Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis Macrochirus Rafinesque), Earl Matt Eisenbacher

Processing Ion Beam Mixed Nickel/Polyimide Thin Films, Lisa K. Elder

The Revolution in Military Affairs and Its Implication For Force Structure, Brian W. Ellis

Assigning Myself: an Action Research Investigation Into the Making of Writing Assignments, Melissa Gail Everett

A Floristic Study of Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camden County, Missouri, Barbara Jane Farnsworth

Antonin Artaud: What Does 'Theatre of Cruelty' Look Like?, David Robert Fields

The Effect of Partner Augmented Input on Peer Attitudes Toward a Child Using Augmentative Or Alternative Communication, Teresa Fingland

Validation of the Emotional Work Requirements Scale, Joseph D. Frietze

The Strategic Bomber in the Nuclear Age, Kenyon Jay Gerbrandt

"Speaking To The Eye": Phrenology And The Writings Of Lydia Maria Child And Catherine [I.E. Catharine] Maria Sedgwick, Shelley Rene Hamilton

Hypoxia and Ventilation of the Marsupium in the Amphipod, Gammarus Pseudolimnaeus Bousfield, Darby May Hansen

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Family: the Influence of Family Communication Style, Perception of Uncertainty and Social Support on Effective Coping Abilities, Barbara Rae Hanson

Variable Tnf-α Production By Murine Macrophages to a Cell Wall Extract of Candida Albicans, Erica L. Harris

Mexican Immigrants to Hutchinson, Kansas, 1905-1940: How a Temporary Haven Became Home, Kathie Hinnen

The Armpit Sage V. the Golden Barbarian: Zhen Luan's Response to the Taoist Conversion Narrative, Paul Hood

Incorporating the Show-Me Standards in the Communications Arts Classroom Using Writing Portfolios, Kim Chism Jasper

Profile of Risk Factors in the Development of Urinary Incontinence in Females, Sharon Kay Johanns

Visibility in Hercules Glades Wilderness, Taney County, Missouri: a Study of Baseline Conditions, Jennifer S. Johnson-Peterson

Ultrasonic Modification of Condensation Processes, Eran Jason Jones

Vietnam Voices: a Comparative Analysis of Vietnam Veteran Narratives, Daniel R. Kneeshaw

Application of the Tor Functor on Commutative R-Modules, Grant Lathrom

Photoreflectance and Its Application to Semiconductor Characterization, Jianrong Lin

An Examination of Soviet and Russian Military Space Systems, Ian Arthur Maddock

A Role For Parasites in the Behavior of the Ozark Zigzag Salamander (Plethodon Angusticlavius), Daria Sonya Maksimowich

NATO's Post-Cold War Internal Adaptations, Leah-Rachel McAnally

An Exploratory Study of Music Industry Life Cycles: Selected Country Artists, Deborah Elane McDonald

Evaluating Satellite Image Classification For Bottomland Surveys in Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Mitchell Miner

Plotting the Processes of Writing and Directing an Original Music Theatre Production For Ecumenical Theatre Called, the Congregation, Glenda Esther Mohr

The Effect of Adenosine on the Production of Inflammatory Mediators By Macrophages in Response to Candida Albicans, Nina A. Petrushova

Optical Behavior of Ion Implanted Polymers, Jason A. Plumhoff

Do I Have Any Choice?: Prostitution in Thailand, Kulavadee Prungvanichsiri

Missouri Stream Team Program: Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes, Brian H. Roddiger

The Campfire's Glow, Shelby Lynn Rosiak

The Impact of Information Technology on the Retail Pharmacy Industry, Gerald D. Russell

Laughing and Learning Through David Quammen's Natural Acts, Laura Lee Sapp

Ruby's Eyes, a Novel Excerpt, Sandra Schaeffer

Overexpression of the Hmp Gene in Esherichia Coli and Its Effect on Growth Rate, Jon-David S. Sears

The Live Action Role-Playing Game the Masquerade as an Organizational Culture: an Ethnographic Study of the Game's Organizational Symbolism, Margarita V. Sevcik

Botanical Survey of Seven Sites Along the Jack's Fork River, Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Michael Kevin Skinner

Bald Eagle Foraging Habitats Along the James River in Missouri: Protection From Human Developments, Susan Carol Smith

The Effect of Turbidity on the Distribution and Life History of River Zooplankton, Lori Anne Soeken

An Investigation of International Students' Self-Esteem and Public Self-Consciousness on Classroom Communication Apprehension, Akemi Takano

Instrumentation For the Study of Tantalum Diffusion Barriers Between Silicon Substrates and Copper Films, Eric Loyd Tavenner

The Future Military Applications and International Security Implications of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, Franklin David Van Ardoy

Understanding the Role of Personality Type Theory in the High School Composition Class, Tamera S. Vickers

Ballistic Missile and Insurgency Threats to Israel: Effects on Security Posture and Implications For Nuclear Weapons, Raymond Alan VonHarten

Determining the Adequacy of Bufferyards in Springfield, Missouri, Wade R. Wagoner

Writing Strategy Instruction For Students With Learning Disabilities: Effects on Writing Performance and Fluency, Dwight D. Walker

The Recent Evolution of American Naval Power, Gregory Todd Whisler

Transgenic Plants, Current State, and Influence on the Environment, Xian Xie

Japan's Defense and Foreign Policy Strategy in the Post Cold War World, Hitoshi Yamashiro

An Investigation Into the Influence of Word Recognition Skills, Decoding Abilities and Orthographic Rule Knowledge on Spelling Proficiency in Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders, Lisa Anne Zartman

Theses from 1997

Effects of Otitis Media on Word Recognition of 7 to 9 Year-Olds, Theresa J. Adams

Feedback Acceptance: a New Conceptualization and Consideration of Individual Difference Effects, Lonna J. Anderson

Variation of the Administration of the WISC-III Block Design Subtest, Chris A. Baldwin

The Troubles: Northern Ireland's Quest For Peace, John C. Bellais

Wilson's Creek, Greene and Christian Counties, Missouri: Water Quality Macroinvertebrate Indices, and Planning Implications Using Gis, Based on Watershed Landuse and Water Contamination Hazards, Jill Alice Black

Similarity and Satisfaction in Newlywed Relationships, Joanna D. Bumpus

Effects of Habitual and Contingency Experience on the Visual Discrimination Learning and Decision Time of 4-Month-Old Infants, Stacey A. Carter-Sand

Developing a Directorial Vision For a Production of Jim Leonard, Jr.'s, the Diviners, Timothy Scott Casto

Faculty Talk: Metaphors and Communication Patterns of Faculty Developing Interdisciplinary General Education Courses, Deborah Craig

Oil, Geopolitics, and Economic Growth in Azerbaijan, Cynthia Marie Croissant

Sign by Design: The Semiotics of Lighting Design as Illustrated Through the Lighting of Tent Theatre, 1996, Cristopher C. Dopher

Induction of Apoptosis and Necrosis By Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus in Chinook Salmon Embryo Cells, Timothy M. Doyle

Iran's Ground Forces: Significance and Implications, Shawn Eric Fast

Personal Essays and Short Stories: With an Introduction Exploring the Difference Between the Two Genres, Price T. Flanagan

A Postmodern Reading of the Liggett & Myers Settlement: Finding the Unique Past the Modern Corporate Identity Model, Curt Gilstrap

You Can Go Home, But Only to Visit: Nostalgia and the Personal Essay, Jack Andrew Gilstrap

Racial Prejudice As A Function Of Religious Orientation Among College Students, Maura L. Gomez

A Model Study of Prime Farmland Protection For Platte County, Missouri, Frank J. Grass

Estimation of Time of Death (TOD) of White-Tailed Deer: a Comparison of Three Indicators, Bradley Michael Hadley

Utilizing Diatoms (Bacilliariophyceae) For the Assemblage of Diversity Indices, Trophic Status, and Soprobity Status in the Uppermost Region of Lake Taneycomo, Erich Geister Harris

A Perceptual, Acoustic-Phonetic, and Linguistic Analysis of Cluttering, Kimberly Helm

The Ontogeny of Thermoregulatory Abilities in Neonatal Cotton Rats and Montane Voles, Ginny Y. Hew

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy: a Post-Soviet Reappraisal, Mark S. Hewitt

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Sex of Student, Political Orientation of Instructor, and Stimulus Medium on Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness, Laura Ellen Jacobs

Possible Effects of Voice Fundamental Frequency, Gender and Tongue Position on Phonation Threshold Pressure, Smita S. Joshi

Withering Triad: an Examination of the Modernization Programs For the Strategic Nuclear Forces of the United States, Sean Nicholas Kalic

Crossing the Chasm: a Qualitative Analysis of Cross-Sex Friendship, Carla S. Kissee

The Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Programs of India, Steven D. Klos

Biomonitoring an Impacted Stream Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Bioassays, Jocelyn F. Korsch

Establishing Technical Writers As Communication Advisors: An Evaluation Of Internal Communications Using Audience Analysis For Cox Health Systems Of Springfield, Missouri, Lynn Michele Lansdown

The Shareholder Wealth Effects of Real Estate Investment Trusts: Mergers and Acquisitions, Jingyu Li

The National Organization For Women: Building Community in the Face of Diversity, Bethany Ann Maben

Song of Norma: a Case Study Script Creation and Revision Within an Academic Setting, Steven Gary Martin

United States Military Preparedness, Kevin C. McGowan

Promoting University Programs With Diskette-Based Interactive Media Developed Using Hypertext Markup Language: an Effectiveness Study, Shannon D. McMurtrey

Effects of Hypoxia on Embryonic Development and Hatching in Two Ambystoma and Two Rana Species, Nathan E. Mills

Fears and Reflections: Discovering Yourself Through the Personal Essay, Elizabeth Ann Mitchell

Exploring the Directing Process in the Secondary School: a Production of Anne of Green Gables, Melissa Faye Morgan

Ballistic Missile Defense in the Post-Cold War Era, Matthew James Mowthorpe

The Nature of Word Finding Abilities Following Traumatic Brain Injury, April D. Murphy

Subversive Threat: the Danger of Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation to Western Security, Adam L. Nimrod

An Analysis of Groundwater Movement Along the Highway 60 Corridor, Greene and Christian Counties, Gregory S. Perkins

Overall Satisfaction With Dental Information Systems: an Investigation of Perceived Importance and User Satisfaction With Individual Functions, Lori J. Perry

Is There Really a Fine Line Between Sexual Harassment and Flirtation?: an Exploratory Study, Jill M. Ratermann

Seeing People: Policies And Perceptions That Impact Health Care Equal Communication In Springfield, Missouri, Chris Raymond

The Korean Peninsula: Perspectives on War and Proliferation, Jason William Roback

Reproductive Biology of the Flat Floater Mussel, Anodonta Suborbiculata, Say, 1831 (Mollusca: Unionidae), Andrew David Roberts

The Ability of Americans to Determine Accent Or Language Spoken Solely on Nonverbal Aspects of Expression, Gregory C. Robinson

Determination of an Estrous Cycle in Female Giraffes (Giraffa Camelopardalis) By Radioimmunoassay of Fecal Hormones, Karla Ann Rues

Rituals of Power in Southern Africa: an Investigation of the Healing Dance of the !Kung in the Context of African Rituals of Power, Jeffrey Clark Ruff

The Relationships Among Disability Type, Religious Orientation, Awareness and Accommodation Type and Perceived Reasonableness of Accommodation, Wesley A. Scroggins

Carnisaurs and Capital: Assertion and Preservation of Hegemony in the Novels of Michael Crichton, William Christopher Sewell

Clinicians' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Group Therapy For Aphasia, Charity Faith Shelton

Japan's Security Interests, Policy, and Implementation, Isoko Sunakawa

Uncertainty Reduction in Initial Interaction of Collectivist and Individualist Students, Janet S. Swann

The Bioterrorist Threat to the United States and Israel, Kathleen Ann Teitel

The Serpent of Friendship, James Louis Waigand

Analysis of Hopanoids From Three Psychrophilic Marine Bacterial Strains, Brian Weber

Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Production By Murine Peritoneal Macrophages in Response to Candida Albicans Yeasts, Germ Tubes, and Mycelia, Laura J. Willis

The Ephemeroptera Larvae of Guatemala, Bryan R. Yates

Reactivity of the vinylogous epoxyketone moiety with stabilized B-dicarbonyl enolate anions, Jie Zhang

Theses from 1996

A Descriptive Study of the Similitude That Exists Between Shyness, Generalized Social Phobia, and Avoidant Personality Disorder, Beverly Diane Austin

Defining Subject Matter Expertise in Job Analysis, Edward T. Babor

The Effect of Storage on Activity of Murine Tnf-α: a Comparison of Inbred and Outbred Strains, Jeffrey T. Bookout

The Comical History of Don Quixote, Part 1: a Critical Edition, Nancy Mohrlock Bunker

The Nesting Biology & Parental Behavior of the Prothonotary Warbler, Protonotaria Citrea, in Southwestern Missouri, Jeffrey N. Cantrell

The Effect of Diary-Keeping on Performance Appraisal Rating Levels, Amy Cisneros

Determining Proportions of Game Animals Using Remote Censusing Camera Systems on Hunted and Non-Hunted Areas, Matthew D. Curry

Reproduction and Diet of Kinosternon Odoratum Inhabiting a Cold Water Reservoir in Southwest Missouri, Stacey D. Davis

Allozyme Diversity and Hybridization in Castanea Pumila (Section Balanocastanon, Fagaceae), Michael David DeBacker

Indoor Concentration Simulation of Radon Isotopes and Their Decay Products, Paul Douglas Dial

Our Father Who Art in Heaven: an Exploration of Prayer Using Grounded Theory, Kelly L. Dobbs

The Interaction and Impact on Revision of Peer and Teacher Feedback in an Esl Classroom, Mark Richard Frank


A History of the Shepherd of the Hills Dramatizations: the Branson Productions, Michael Lewis Frizell

Brutus' Ignoble Mind: a Cognitive Approach to the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, David A. Gann

Tourism Development in Small Midwestern Towns: a Case Study of Eight Communities in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, Ron Gariglietti

Opercular Flaps as Sexual Ornaments For Male Longear Sunfish (Lepomis Megalotis), Kaye Goddard

Conservation Knowledge and Attitudes of Missouri Sixth Grade Students: the Missouri Conservation Survey, 1995-1996, Ginger I. Gray

The Conduct of Diplomacy in the 1990S: the War in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Laura J. Gross

Soviet Naval Doctrine: Continuity and Change, Patrick Harding

The Status of the Puma (Puma Concolor) in Missouri, Based on Sightings, Stephen E. Hardin

The Future of the U.S. Nuclear Attack Submarine and the Preservation of the Submarine Industrial Base, Stephen Michael Hellyar

The Relationship Between Perceptions of Sexual Harassment and Feminist Identity Development, Aletha M. Hilton

The Security Role of ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region, Charlie Ho

Hakuna Matata! Do Gender Roles Really Matter?: a Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Walt Disney Cartoons, Jan M. Hovden

The Effects of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Aquatic Invertebrates, Robin D. Hurtubise

The United States-Japan Security Alliance: Current Status and Future Prospects, Jason John Ingebrightsen

Socioeconomic Status, Family Intactness and Perfectionism in a College Student Sample At-Risk For Developing Eating Disorders, Kim L. Ingram

The Goddess and Guinevere, Paula Jarrett

Effects of Scriptedness on Children's Generation of Expository Narratives, Patricia L. Jones

Organochlorine Pesticide Residue in Fish Fillets From Lake Springfield, Missouri, David Carl Keeton

The Aging of Two Madtom Catfish Species From a Southwest Missouri Stream, Lisa Kay Kiner

A Descriptive Study of Mental Health Professionals' Attitudes Toward Treatment of Eating Disorders, Tracy A. Kopetzki

Reactivity of the Vinylogous Epoxyketone Moiety, Robert Scott Martin

Land Condition Trend Analysis Plot Inventory Field Methods: a Natural Resource Inventory and Forest Community Analysis Camp Clark, Nevada, Missouri, Susan Joan Mattheis

An Evaluation of Knowledge Gained By Eighth Grade Students Using Project Wet Activities, Debra Marie Mayers

An Examination of Experimentally-Manipulated Enacted Support Upon Cognitive Performance and Cognitive Interference, Robert McCool

Superior-Subordinate Relationships: Communication Style, Leader-Member Exchange Status, and Communication Satisfaction, Catherine Anne Novacek

The Philosophy Of Aesthetic Bliss: A Marxist Reading Of Nabakov's Lolita, Dustin Coppock Pascoe

Beyond the Influences of Television: the New World of Home Video Games, Tamyra A. Plank

Attitudes of Developers and the General Public on Land Development and the Environment in Southwest Missouri: a Comparison Study, Paul J. Rakowski

Mixed-Value/Income Housing: a Study of Attitude-Acceptance Or Rejection, Springfield, Missouri, Deborah J. Richardson

The Communication of Conversion and the Christian Patriot Movement: Proselytization Within the Far Right, Terry Robertson

The Central Stoneroller, Campostoma Anomalum, as an Indicator of Heavy Metal Contamination Using Otolith Age Determination and Growth Analysis, Robert G. Schulz

Designing Intervention Strategies For Spelling Deficits: a Preliminary Assessment, Patricia Thompson Scott

Determination of the Factors Which Influence Parents to Send Their Children to Catholic Secondary Schools, D. Katherine Seastead

Heavy Metal Content in Stream Sediments Adjacent to the Warren County, Missouri Landfill Complex, Mark Thomas Seastead

Breeding System, Heterozygosity, and Seed Germination in a Population of Missouri Bladder-Pod, Lesquerella Filiformis Rollins, Michiko Brenda Smart

Depression, Self-Esteem and Perceived Peer Acceptance Reported By Children Enrolled in a Gifted Program, Allison Dru Smenner

Isolation and Characterization of Chitinases From Dasypus Novemcinctus, the Nine-Banded Armadillo, Stephanie Ann Smith

Thyroid Hormones and the Onset of Hibernation in the 13-Lined Ground Squirrel, Spermophilus Tridecemlineatus, Andy M. Stribling

Turnkey, Bruce Daiquiri Temen

Uranium Leached From Pre-1970's Ceramic Dinnerware, Sandra Lynnette Turpen

Soviet/Russian Strategic Defenses: the Pursuit of Dominance, Philip Richard Waina

Maturation and Reproduction of the White Sucker (Catostomus Commersoni) in Lake Taneycomo, Missouri, Carl Kent Wakefield

Observance of Parental Violence and Its Association With Responses of College Students to an Analog Dating Task, Nora Kay Wildhaber

Stuttering as a Handicap: an Attitude Survey, Robey A. Wilkie

The Role of Alarm Pheromones in Predation Avoidance By Adult Central Newts, Notophthalmus Viridescens, David R. Woody

The stereochemistry and enzymology of the β-oxidative biosynthesis of bile acids in rat liver peroxisomes, Rangfang Xu

Action of Allelochemicals on Algal Growth and Photosystem Ii Efficiency, Zhengfang Yang

Theses from 1995

Compliance-Gaining in Multicultural Groups: an Exploratory Study, Shannah R. Alloway

Communication Processes of Dual-Career Couples in the Transition to Parenthood, Melinda E. Arnold

Home Alone: Home-Based Business People and Their Communication Needs, Jeanne A. Austin

An Examination of Post-Cold War American and Russian Space Launch Systems, Stacy Darren Blevins

A Comparative Study of the Frequency of Nonclinical Panic Attacks as Experienced By Students in the United States and Their English Counterparts, Wendy Anne Broadbent

Early-Life History of the White Sucker (Catostomus Commersoni) in Lake Taneycomo, Missouri, John W. Calfee

Effects of Pretraining on the Visual Discrimination Learning Performance of 3-Month-Old Infants, Kelly Ann Carter

Historic Preservation as an Economic Planning Tool: the Case Study of Mount Vernon, Missouri, Harry Jason Combs

The Effect of Diet and Vitamin Manipulation on Communication in Autism: a Case Study, Susan Bonita Conn

Changing the Paradigm: a Theory of Human Development Based on the Emergence of Nonduality, David A. Cook

Talk Show Viewing Motives: an Exploratory Perspective, Stacy L. Cress

Flashpoint: the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict and Its Implications For Regional States, Michael P. Croissant

The Trident Program and Strategic Policy, Randall David Crompton

A Survey of Galois Theory, Christina L. Daniel

The United States and the State of Israel: a Critical Examination of U.S.-Israel Relations Since 1981, Charles A. Dittmer

The Performance of Children With and Without Language Disorders on Perceptual, Inductive Reasoning, and Deductive Reasoning Cognitive Tasks, Julia D. Flattre

Habitat Analysis of the Ozark Hellbender, Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis Bishopi, in Missouri, Timothy Matthew Fobes

Current Sensory Stimulation Practices for Individuals in Coma or Vegetative State, Emlyn Ann Gardner

The Whole Blown Universe, Kenneth Michael Gillam

Employee Downsizing: Analysis and Effects, Charles H. Good

Water Quality and Urbanization: a Multitemporal Study of the Pierson Creek Drainage Basin, Greene County, Missouri, Judith Laing Grable

Employing the English Major, Mitzi Lynn Harris

A Comparative Analysis of Two Community Housing Development Organizations in St. Louis, Missouri, Frederick J. Hessel

Air Flow and Volume During Repeated Syllable and Sentence Productions, Kristina Louise Heth

Hypoxia-Limited Survival, Respiration, and Mate-Guarding Behavior in the Amphipod Gammarus Pseudolimnaeus Bousfield, William Wyatt Hoback

An Example of Regional Intergovernmental Solid Waste Planning, Thomas R. Hosmer

The Human-Canine Bond: Differential Effects of Pet Presence on Family Communication, Jennifer Sak Jackson

Creating War, Inventing Peace: the History Behind Oslo, Its Implications, and the Arab-Israel Conflict, Lewis M. Johnson

Noise and Mode of Presentation Effects on the Memory Performance of Individuals With Closed Head Injury, Luella Tanis Jonk

Federal Bureau of Prison Wardens' Correctional Orientation to Rehabilitation, Mary Lynn Kinkade

A Descriptive Study of the Attitudes and Treatment Practices of Licensed Professional Counselors When Addressing Bulimia, Stephanie Lyn Kollmeyer

Physiological Characterization of Four Psychrophilic Marine Bacterial Strains, Rebecca Koziel

Good Sentences And Well Pronounc'd: Female Rhetoric In The Merchant Of Venice And The Proclamation Of 1579., Rebecca Ann Lape

Archetypes, Rhetoric, and the American Reader: Explaining the Success of Susanna Rowson's Charlotte Temple, Sally Ann Lemons

North Korea: Resolving the Threat, Brian D. Lippa

Habitat Selection By Size Classes of Largemouth Bass, James M. Long

Speech Aerodynamics of American English and Japanese Speakers, Holly Kathryn Lyon

Training Analogical Reasoning Skills in Children With Language Disorders, Christine D. Perrey

The Stories Ministers Tell: an Analysis of Stories Communicated in the Assemblies of God Organization, Scott Lee Ping

Nuclear Proliferation: Assessment of the Nuclear Capabilities to the Year 2000 Among Selected Nth Countries--India, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea, Neil H. Raskin

A Comparative Study of the Effects of the Difference in Self-Esteem of the Middle School Students After Conflict Management Instruction, Janice E. Reynolds

Essays in the History of the Masque: Essence and Echoes, Jane Ellen Robison

Directing Choices: a Production of John Patrick Shanley's Italian American Reconciliation, Michael A. Rothmayer

Prosecuting the Syrian Threat to Israel: Motive, Means, and Opportunity, Gregory Neil Rublee

Arab in Texas: a Creative Project on Intercultural Communication, Kamal Yousef Saieh

Bias Reduction of Estimates By Bootstrap Method, Linda J. Schuchman

Velopharyngeal Function During Speech Production of Older Adults, Stacey Lee Shull

The Relationship Between Superintendents and Boards of Education: the Effect of Communicator Style, S. Angie Smith

Continuity and Change in German Security Policy: the Pivotal Role of Unification, Michelle Lyn Spencer

Compensatory Adjustments in Speech Articulation, Shelley Renee Stebbins

U.S. Nonproliferation Policy and a Strategy For Proliferation Management, Joseph Eric Trapple

An Evaluation of a Preventive Health Management Method: Using the Personal Health Guide Produced By the Washington Business Group on Health, Tammy J. Tucker

Reproduction and Diet of Pseudemys Concinna Inhabiting a Cold Water Reservoir in Southwest Missouri, Lisa Kay Turner

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