The first MSU graduate thesis was submitted in 1968. Since then over 3,600 theses have been submitted as part of graduate work at MSU.

Since the fall of 2008 graduate students have been required to submit their thesis in electronic form. Online access to most theses from 2008 to the summer of 2015 is available only on campus. Print copies of all theses up to summer 2018 are available in Meyer Library and in most cases through inter-library loan.

Did you submit a thesis as part of your graduate studies at MSU before 2015? If you would like to see the text of your thesis on this site please contact


Theses from 2006

Bisphenol A and Obesity, Lara Johnson

The U.S. Government and the Privatized Military Industry: Obscuring the Line Between Public and Private Sector Roles, Michelle K. Johnson

Determination of Mercury (II) and Nitrate Concentrations in Natural Waters Using Ion-Selective Electrodes and Atomic Emission Spectroscopy, Christopher Kabonic

Anne Frank: an Educational Performance Piece for Middle School Students, Darby Kennerly

Investigating Local Motions in Damaged DNA Base Pairs Using Solid State NMR, Monica N. Kinde-Carson

Yitzhak Rabin: the Struggle For War and Peace, 1967-1995, Stephanie Kirk

Reassessing the Russian-American Relationship: How Russia Continues to Undermine American Strategy, Mark A. Klassen

A Biological Assessment of the Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrates From Two Urban Streams in Springfield, Missouri, Michael R. Kromrey

Classification, Clustering, and Their Statistical Properties, Benjamin J. Lakin

Can I Get a Witness?: Narratives of Disaffiliation as Narratives of Healing Written by Women Who Grew up as Jehovah's Witnesses, Mary Marguerite Langille-Hoppe

The Ideal Subject: Power, Discipline, and Technologies of the Self in American Psycho, Brian Lipscomb

The Effects Trained Peers Have During Storybook Readings With a Child Who Uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Sara L. Lucas

The Relationship Between Energy Loss and Velocity Change in Analyzing Vehicle Collisions, Carla Magee

Academic Achievement and Graduation Rates of Native and Transfer Students in the Department of Agriculture At Missouri State University, Randi L. Manier

Sea Basing: From Concept to Implementation, Venkata Ramana Marata

Colonization of Biofilms in a Freshwater Stream by Fecal Coliforms and Escherichia Coli, Brian R. McMinn

A Comparison of Speech Output Types For a Child With a Developmental Disability, Lisa McNamara

Fault Lines: Ideology, Pragmatism, and Geopolitics in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Travis M. Middleton


Nutrient Loads in an Urban Ozark Watershed: Jordan, Fassnight and Upper Wilson's Creeks, Springfield, Missouri, Ronald B. Miller

Evaluating the Dietary Guidelines: the Development of an Evaluation Tool, Jonathan Mooney

Criterion Validity of the Spelling Performance Evaluation For Language and Literacy (SPELL), Rebecca J. Mooney

The Effect of Nonmagnetic Doping and Growth Temperature on the Magneto-Transport Properties of Manganese and Cobalt Doped Zinc Oxide Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors, Govind Mundada

Effect of Consonant and Dissonant Intervals on Categorization of Emotionally Valenced Words, Billy Jack Myers

Identification and Analysis of a Putative Cell Surface Receptor For C. Elegans Collagen Type IV Using Bioinformatics Tools and RNA Interference Mechanism, Srilatha Nalluri

Theatre Attendance: Media and Interpersonal Communication in Persuasion, Diana Ka Nelson

Use of Fecal Progestins and Androgen to Determine Gender in the North American River Otter (Lutra Canadensis), Tracy Northcutt

The Geography of Daffodils, Rosalie O'Leary

Asoka in the Postcolonial Imagination: Contemporary Ideological Readings of India's Past, Johnathon Parsons

Regulation of CGRP Expression in an in Vivo Model of Temporomandibular Joint Inflammation, Vinit Patil

The Effects on Parenting Readiness and Attitudes of Teens in Response to Caring for an Infant Simulator, Debra A. Price

Goal Framing Effects on Subordinate Goal Processes, Jenene N. Pulley

Over-the-Counter Medication Use among Preschool Age Children, Kathleen Purvis

A Study of Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite and Gold by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Praneeth Kumar Ramasagaram

Effectiveness of a One-Day Educational Program for Young Traffic Offenders, Joy Raybourn

How the Missouri Baptist Convention Shifted Their Identity to the Southern Baptist Convention's New Hegemony, David James Rice

Predictability of Staff Risk in a Mental Health Agency, Aaron B. Rimel


Growth And Population Assessment Of Spotted Bass (Micropterus Punctulatus) In Beaver, Table Rock, And Bull Shoals Lakes, Northern Arkansas-Southern Missouri, Jeremy Troy Risley

Thallium(I) Coordination Polymers Based on Monosubstituted Arylcyanoximes, Daniel Robertson

An Investigation of the Effects of Feldenkrais-Based Sensory Movement Techniques on Breathing for Voice Production for the Stage, Jessica Rockwell

Canticles: 5 Songs For Chorus And Orchestra, Jason Salazar

Detection of Fire by Eastern Red Bats (Lasiurus Borealis): Arousal from Torpor, Anna A. Scesny

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15: Reconciling Abjection Within Confinium, Robert R. Schafer

A Creative Project in Costume Design: Escape from Happiness, Dustin Shaffer

Topological Properties and Their Relations, Suchitra Raman Sripada

Predicting Terrorism: Mission Possible, Alan Steinberg


Occupational Nepotism Among Law Firms: A Study of Nepotism Beyond Anecdotal Evidence, Tracy L. Stout

The Relationship Between Teachers' Motivation and Student Achievement, Larry Stuart

Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Camp Barnabas: Therapy or Fun?, Amanda Sundberg

A Sensor for DNA Hybridization Using Fluorescence and Electrical Impedance Detection, Erin E. Sutton

Differential Regulation of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Secretion from Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons by Carbon Dioxide, Carrie Vause

Microwave Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor: Instrumentation and Implementation for Carbon Materials, Gregory P. Vierkant

Relationships Among the Big 5 Personality Dimensions, Role Stressors, and Work-Family Conflict, Leighann E. Volentine

The Geopolitical Rise of India and the Development of Sino-Indian Relations, David Walgreen

The Role of Fantasy Theme Chaining in Howard Dean's 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary Campaign, Benjamin Ryan Warner

Intracellular Trafficking Of Connexin 43 (Cx43) And Gap Junction Formation In Leiomyosarcoma Cells Following Interruption With Brefeldin A And Cycloheximide, Tammy S. Welchert

Functional Analysis of Off-Task Behavior of Elementary-Age Students with Emotional and Attentional Disorders during Reading Activities, Nicole A. Welch

A Study of Groundwater Movement in the Panther Sink Area, Greene County, Missouri, David M. White

Most Worthy of Interpretation: the Hermeneutics of Personal Perception and Communal Narration in Nathaniel Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter, Patrick S. Williams

Classification and Prediction of Impervious Surfaces in the Brush Creek Watershed, Missouri, Robert Jonathan Woosley

Hezbollah: Chattel of Deception, Bradley Wyrick

Effect of Tannin Additions on the Formation of Polymeric Pigments in Norton Wine, Jing Zhang

Theses from 2005

Rigid Motions of the Plane, Tina M. Akers-Porter

Introduction to AOT Nanoreactors for the Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles, David J. Arrant

Factors That Influence the Choice of a Generic Baccalaureate Nursing (BSN) Program, Jan Atwell

Fourth Generation Warfare: America's Challenge in the Twenty-First Century, Leonard A. Backes

Fear Of Failure, Goal Orientation & Propensity To Challenge, Lizabeth S. Barber

Understanding Islamist Terrorism: What It Is and How It Threatens the United States of America, Caleb M. Bartley

The Global War on Terrorism in the Context of Great Power Politics, Jared A. Bickenbach

Nuclear Weapons and Proxy Conflict, Matthew Bowen

The Effects of Student Choice on Achievement and Motivation of Middle School Science Students, Mary L. Brockman

Religion and Politics: Adding a Definition of Religion to John Rawls and Richard Rorty, Mary Brune

Residents' Perceptions of Neighborhood Parks in Springfield, Missouri, Marcelyn Bunch

Characterization and Identification of Putative Collagen Iv Cell Surface Receptors in C. Elegans Through the Utilization of RNA Interference and Bioinformatics, Shannon M. Burcks

Man-Made Constellations, Sara Burge

The Spectroscopic and Electrochemiluminescence (Ecl) Properties of Dipicolinc Acid (Dpa), (Bpy)2Ru2+ (Bpy = 2,2'- Bipyridine) and Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Quenching of Ru(Bpy)32+ in the Presence of Phenolic Estrogens, Jessica Byrd

United States Army Elite Forces and the Global War on Terrorism, Brian J. Casey

The Quest for Political Legitimacy Within Christian and Islamic Fundamentalist Movements, Kyle Coble

Park Bench in My Head, Joseph Cover

Accommodating the Learning Disabled Student: Building a Learning-Conducive Classroom in Postsecondary Writing Courses, Katherine G. Craft

The Effect of Reproductive Condition on the Thermal and Spatial Ecology of the Female Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon Piscivorus) in Southwest Missouri, Adam L. Crane

The Cicada Summer, Ryan Crider

A Somewhat Different Voice: the Usa Patriot Act, Kara Davis

Acquired and Cross Immunity of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides) to the Glochidia Larvae of Unionid Mussels, Benjamin J. Dodd

The Dangers of Chinese Naval Strategy: Why China's Doctrine Makes Nuclear War More Likely, Paul R. Dodge

The Necessity of Active Measures in Counterproliferation, Damian L. Dulski

Centers of Gravity: An Understanding of Clausewitz in the Context of America's Past, Present, and Future Wars, Shane D. Faris

Growth Patterns in the United States: Impacts on the Local School System, Andrea N. Finkbiner

Factors Affecting Ability to Recall and Recognize Product Names: Implications For Legal Liability, Philip J. Finley

Transitory Season, Jami A. Frush

The Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Activity Studies of Pt(Ii) and Pd(Ii) Disubstituted Arylcy Anoximates, Leon J. Goeden

A Comparison of Embryonic Developmental Rates After Staining With Pkh-26-Gl, Christina D. Gottschall

Battling Words: an Alternative Reading of C.S. Lewis' Til We Have Faces, Robert A. Griffith

A Quasi-Experimental Study to Determine the Effects of Daily Free-Reading on Sixth-Grade Students' Reading Lexiles, Linda M. Grigsby

A Description of Depression in Women Experiencing Infertility, Susan K. Groban

Cognitive Abilities of Low Birthweight Children at School Age, Catherine B. Haddow

Behold These English Dogs!: Englishmen in the Atlantic World Before the Holy Office of the Inquisition, 1560-1630, Michael S. Hale

Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Quenching of Ru(Bpy)32+ in the Presence of Acetaminophen, Acetylsalicylic Acid and Their Metabolites, Catherine S. Haslag

The Mazmanian-Sabatier Implementation Framework Examined: an Application to Storm Water Policy, Marie Elizabeth Beckmann Hatlelid

Companions on the Journey: Symbolic Interaction in Helping Relationships and the Development of Spirituality For Young Adult Catholics, Mathew B. Herrman

Comparison of Pain Interventions: Distraction Versus Acceptance, Mikaela J. Hildebrandt

A Study to Determine the Effect of the Arkansas Comprehensive School Reform Model on First-Grade Students' Self-Regulation Skills During Writing, Janelle Hintermeister-McBroom

17 November and the Strategy of Deception: Was Golitsyn Right?, Romana Hlouskova

The Relationship Between Body Checking Behaviors and Other Predictors of Eating Disorder Symptoms, Laura B. Hoffman

Sudan: Enduring Issues, Challenges and Policy, Brittany K. Hogan

The Ancestral Memory: George Orwell and the Defense of the Individual Conscience, Michael J. Horton

Comparison of Pre-Yearling, Yearling, and Post-Yearling Ultrasonic Measurements of Body Composition in Brahman Bulls, Tracy D. Jennings

Special Operations Forces: From Reaction to Preemption, Matthew P. Johnson

The Creation and Evolution of the International Terrorist Organization Al Qaeda, Tanner K. Johnson

The Effects of Glochidiosis on Fish Respiration, Brianna E. Kaiser

Generation of Transgene Constructs for Improving Grape Quality and Characterization of two Regulatory Genes in Vitis Species, Brijesh Karakkat

Saudi Arabia: Friend or Foe, Jacob R. Karn

Growth and Characterization of Inorganic/Organic Spintronic Devices, Temitope O. Kassim

Urban Insurgency and the Search for a Solution: United States Counterinsurgency Strategy for the Twenty-First Century, Andrew C. Katen

Efficacy of Career Counseling in a University Setting, Tracy A. Keaton

Effects of Ecological and Geographical Barriers on Homing in Three-Toed Turtles, Terrapene Carolina Triunguis, Roy L. King

The Future Force and Insurgents: A Need For Balance in Force Transformation, Stephen D. Klow

Points and Curves in Affine Space, Daniel R. Kopsas

Jordan Creek Baseline Water Quality Project: Development of Analytical Methods, Mary E. Krause

Defending American Credibility: The U.S. Commitment to the Republic of South Vietnam, Dinh M. Lai

The Defeat of the 1914 Missouri Woman Suffrage Initiative, Lynn Michele Lansdown

Foliar Herbivory on Understory Oaks as a Function of Forest Type and Prescribed Burning, Pamela L. Lucas


Geospatial Analysis of Gravel Bar Deposition and Channel Migration Within the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri (1955-2003), Derek J. Martin

Uncle Sam's Web-Feet: The Evolution of U.S. Naval Special Warfare, John G. Martin

A Vision for the Future: A Religious Application of Symbolic Convergence Theory, Sam A. Mathews

The Conflict in Kashmir, Izaias P. Matos

Construction and Characterization of Erbium(III) Porphyrin-Based Polymer Membrane Electrodes for the Determination of Benzoate Anions, Joseph K. Mbugua

Aging and Women's Relationship With Women in the Context of U.S. Beauty Culture, Sarrisa J. McClure

Deadly Science: Biological Weapons and the Threat to America, Donovan R. McKeown

Ecophysiology of Hibernating Eastern Red Bats (Lasiurus Borealis), Miranda B. Milam-Dunbar

Contemplating a Different Beauty: Perceptions of Attractiveness and Impression Management in Performance Evaluations, Matisha D. Montgomery

Gamla: A Question of Ultimate Sacrifice, Joe K. Moore

Winter Roosting Ecology of Red Bats (Lasiurus Borealis) in Southwest Missouri, Brad M. Mormann

Finding the Cure: the New Challenges to Biological Warfare, Jacquelyn B. Moseley

An Introduction to Singularity Bifurcations, Jeremy Nation


Step-Pool Morphology of a Wilderness Headwater Stream of the Buffalo River, Arkansas, Aaron M. Nickolotsky

Effects of Classroom Diversity Training on Appreciation of Similarity and Difference, Sarah D. Niere

Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods, Aaron Nieuwsma

The Effectiveness of Two Visible Elements of the Kodã¡ly Method in Second Grade General Music: Rhythm Syllables and Solfa/Hand Signs, Krista L. Noland

Physical and Biological Impacts of Gravel Mining on Three Southwest Missouri Streams, Todd B. Parnell

Molecular Beam Epitaxy-Installation, Vacuum Generation and Growth, Hemanth Kumar Parsa

The Description of Asthma Management Activities and Responsibilities of Children and Their Parents, Jennifer L. Passanise

Effect of Clothing Size on Women's Body Image, Self-Esteem and Mood, Sonal Patel

Altering Ion Transport Across Alumina Nanotube Membranes, Sai Sumana Penumetcha

The Imperium Americana Paradigm: Reshaping the International System, Steven D. Peterson

Relationship Between Cattle Cash and Futures Markets, Rachel Anne Postin

The Effectiveness of Using Web-Based Pre and Post Laboratory Activities to Implement Student Active Strategies For Introductory Chemistry Laboratories, Kimberly A. Redinger

Things That Send Women Running, Candice B. Richards

Girl Talk: A Multi-Genre Coming of Age, Leslie Richardson

Health-Related Quality of Life in Fibromyalgia: A Descriptive Study, Laura D. Richter


Mercury Contamination Of Channel And Floodplain Sediments In Wilson Creek Watershed, Southwest Missouri, Willard E. Rodgers II

A Descriptive Study of Parents' Perceptions of Services For Their Autistic Child, Michelle Rush

Acorn Contribution to Mammalian Energetics, Cecilia Corinne Schoppet

Media Influence on the Political Decision Making of College Students Aged 18-25, David W. Schultz

Containment of China: an Analysis of Future U.S. Relations With India and Taiwan, John R. Schweighardt

Mind the Gap: The Failure of the Central Intelligence Agency to Support U.S. National Interests, Glenn W. Scrima

Morley's Trisector Theorem, Carolyn H. Shand-Hawkins

Japanese Theater Missile Defense: Impact on North East Asia, Justin M. Sinclair

Creating the Exotic East: Romantic Literature, Orientalist Scholarship, and the Colonial Construction of the East, Martha Smith

Accepting the Unacceptable: Textual Accessibility in Baum's Oz Books, L'Engle's Time Quartet, and Rowling's Harry Potter Series, Melissa Smith

The Internet's Impact on Journalism, Paula J. Smith

The Dragon in the Backyard: Chinese Strategy in Latin America, Stephen B. Smith

Developmental Advisement and Goal Theory: Enhancing Student Motivation and Goal Achievement, Kelly R. Sowers

War Continued by Other Means: The Politics of Religion And Violence, Jean A. Stalhood

A Constructive Approach to the Inverse Galois Problem Over the Rationals, Branden R. Stone

Separation That Autumn Way, Joshua Stroup

Information and the Limits of Air Power, Benjamin R. Styring

Processing and Fabrication of Polyaniline Micro-Devices Using Photolithography, Shabana Sultana

The Impact of Personality and Social Support on Work-Family Conflict and Stress, Jessica M. Thomas

The Effect of Protein Kinase C Inhibitors on Desensitization of the Murine P2Y2 Receptor, Dana K. Tucker

The Relationship Between Demographic and Academic Variables, Mathematical Self-Efficacy, and Dosage Calculation Performance Among Associate Degree Nursing Students, Susan J. Verwey

Harnessing a Revolution: the Development and Strategic Implications of United States Military Transformation, Daniel B. Weinstein

Russia's Strategic Nuclear Weapons Programs and Their Role in Russian Grand Strategy, Daniel A. Wenk

The Value of Study Abroad: Intended Outcome Goals and Evaluation Instruments of the High School Study Abroad Industry, Jennifer L. Wiley

Behavioral and Metabolic Responses of the Southern Red-Backed Salamander (Plethodon Serratus) to Predatory Stimuli: Influence of Body Size, Nathan L. Windel

Self-Handicapping Strategies And Success Of College Students In a Developmental Mathematics Course, Marissa Wolfe

United States Alliances With Australia and Japan in the Twenty-First Century: a Look At United States Grand Strategy For the Greater Asia-Pacific Region, Samuel R. Wood

Environmental Assessment of Jordan Creek Watershed Using Bed Sediment Quality and Macroinvertebrate Indices, Springfield Missouri, Daniel J. Wurglitsh

Transcendental Numbers, Fan Zhou

Theses from 2004

Visual Processing: Heart Rate Differences Between Low and High Reading Ability Adults, Anna M. Abbacchi

Development and Validation of the Male Body Size and Shape Inventory (Mbssi), Brittany J. Allen

Composing While Learning - Achieving While Writing: A Proposal For Process Teaching And Portfolio Assessment For Basic Writers At SMSU, Kelly E. Anthony

Savanna Restoration Through Prescribed Fire: Demographic and Physiological Responses of Oak and Hickory Seedlings and Saplings to a Changing Light Environment, Douglas P. Aubrey

A Psychological Evaluation of the Performance Text of the Morality Play in Relation to the Black Death, Kevin Babbitt

Governing Interests: Structured Interest Maximization as a Construct For Choice Dynamics, Leslie J. Bass

In Jericho's Shadow: U.S. Border Security Strategy to Counter Nuclear Terrorism, Jason S. Bauer

Evaluation Of CGRP And VIP As Biological Markers In Activation Of Trigeminal And Parasympathetic Nerves In Response To Sinus Symptoms, Jaime L. Bellamy

Integral Basis of Pure Cubic Fields, Kristen Bieda

Survey of Knowledge About Antibiotics and Their Use, Ellen Bivens

The Bioethical Beliefs of College Students Age 18-21 and the Influences That Shaped Those Beliefs, Stephanie A. Blake

The Effects of Masking and Bite Block Placement on the Speech of an Adult With Verbal Apraxia: a Pilot Study, Dana E. Boatman

The Planarity of Hasse Lattices of Finite Groups, Joseph P. Bohanon


Consequences of Reservoir Drainage on Downstream Water Chemistry, Suspended Sediment, and Nutrients, Southwest Missouri, Mark W. Bowen

A Comparison of Summer and Winter Roosting Habitat and Behavior of Evening Bats (Nycticeius Humeralis) in Missouri, Justin G. Boyles

The Effect of Temperature and Digestion on Metabolism in Black Rat Snakes, Elaphe Obsoleta Obsoleta, April M. Brennan

Electrochemiluminescence of Ruthenium (Ii) Bis-Bipyridine Acetylacetonate Type Complexes, Sean C. Brooks

Measurement of Quality of Life in Adults With Dysphagia, Ashley Burnett

Inter-Rater Reliability of the Functional Communication Measures: a Pilot Study, Amy L. Butler

Designing, Building and Testing of a Polymer Evaporation System, Adnan K. Butt

What Makes It Pop?: an Analysis of Selected Pop Songs, Matthew A. Cobb

The Promise of Things to Come, Dan Cogell

Web Site Privacy Policy Statements: How They Impact Consumer Trust, John R. Criswell II

An Evaluation of a Self-Regulation Based Academic Recovery Program, Logan R. Dale

Reasons Students Choose Or Hesitate to Choose Nursing as a Career, Teresa F. Davis

Voicing Our Concerns and Being Heard: Social Service Employees' Communication Experiences of Crisis, Rachel M. Deibert

Effect of Processing Method and Extender on Motility and Fertility of Chilled Stored Stallion Spermatozoa, Carlina L. Dekat

Auditory Evoked Potentials in Speakers With Apraxia of Speech, Shelby A. Dellheim

Patriarch as Trickster: the Social and Literary Function of the Jacob Cycle in Genesis 25-33, Brian R. Doak

Ad Astra: Space and U.S. Geostrategy, Scott E. Doxtator

Quagmire: the Strategic Implications of a Failed State in Colombia, Andrew R. Draffin

Green Ash, Kevin Drzakowski

Reproductive Endocrinology and Musth-Behavior of a Captive Male Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximus), Connie Duer

The Male Nurse and License Discipline in Missouri, Anita L. Evangelista

Habitat Selection By Cavity-Nesting Songbirds Utilizing Artificial Nest Boxes Below High-Voltage Power Lines, Shannon L. Faller

Environmental Education's Effects on the Attitudes, Knowledge and Concern For the Environment Among Secondary Students, Kimberly A. Fields

English Theatre in Cairo, Egypt: Dialogue and Resistance, Jessica A. Franklin

Hezbollah's Global Outreach Program, Marlene A. Fuller

The Fair Wind, Brandon Funk

The Dominion of the Bear: the Kremlin's Strategy in the Southern Tier, Damon J. Gabriel

What Shall I Answer?: The Interrogatives Of William Blake's Jerusalem, Luke V. Gibbs

Experience With Chemical Cues Influences Subsequent Behavior of Rainbow Darters, Etheostoma Caeruleum, Angela Gibson

Safety of Missouri Middle School Science Facilities, Gregory S. Gillham

Obstacles For Developing Alternative Transportation Systems in Springfield Missouri Area, Adriana Giraldo

The Effect Of C-Terminal Tail Mutations On Desensitization Of The Murine P2Y2‚ Nucleotide Receptor, Hillary M. Glauser

Security Council Reform in the Context of Global Policy, Olga E. Gordon

Japan's Efforts in Missile Defense, Jeff I. Grigore

Investigating the Effects of Vinclozolin on Reproduction in Three Generations of Sigmodon Hispidus, Barbara J. Hannah

Structure And Characteristics Of The Small Lodging Businesses In Branson, Missouri: A Survey-Based Study, Kazi N. Haque

Practices and Attitudes Toward Inclusion of Children and Youth With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Lyn Harris

Chinese Missile Sales to the Middle East, Rachel E. Hollrah

The Transformation of U.S. Army Attack Aviation and Its Struggle For Relevance After the Cold War, William K. Jakola

Polka Dancing and Poppyseed Kolache: How Czech Families View Their Ethnic Identity, Kai M. Janovsky

An Intervention to Improve Critical Thinking in Nursing Students, Kathryn M. Jones

Off-Line Data of the 6He +209Bi Breakup Reaction Utilizing an Interactive Data Language (Idl) Data Analysis Package, Scotty R. Jones

Communicating Risks: an Exploration of Uncertainty and Satisfaction in Dentist-Patient Interaction, Timothy R. Jump

Recondite Reading: William Gaddis's Carpenter's Gothic and the Difficulties of Late Modernism, Andrew P. Karr

Effects of Leadership Self-Efficacy on Goal Structures, Kimberlee M. Kassel

Awakened Lambs: Jewish Armed Resistance in the Ghettos, 1939-1944, Gregory A. Katzin

The Effects Of Instructional Tools On The Mathematics Achievement Of Intermediate Algebra Students, Deborah R. Kemp

Cryopreservation of Asian Elephant Semen (Elephas Maximus) in Conjunction with the Use of Spermac Stain to Evaluate Acrosome Status in Both Asian And African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana), Wendy K. Kiso

Personality and Collaboration in the College Composition Classroom, Jeffrey M. Krakow

An Evaluation of Academic Honesty Attitudes, Behaviors and Correlates, Lindsey A. Kufahl

Habitat Use and Spatial Ecology of Blanding's Turtle, Emydoidea Blandingii, on Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Mound City, Missouri, Lisa Lehnhoff

An Investigation of the Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Electrochemiluminescent Properties of Platinum Ii Octaethylporphyrin Including a New, Experimental System For Testing Hydrophobic, Light-Emitting Molecules, Toby R. Long

Israeli Theater Missile Defense Systems, Brent A. Lord

Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-Cancer Properties of Organotin(Iv) Cyanoximates, Tiffany R. Maher

A Sitting Army?: Narrative, Presence, and Persuasion in the America's Army Computer Game, Shawn Maxfield

To Strike Such Terror: Post 9/11 U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy, Karen L. McCaulley

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Services For Children From Multicultural Backgrounds With Severe Communication Disorders, Vanessa A. McFall

United States Biodetection Capability: a Study of Structure, Capability, and Appropriateness, Kate D. McMechen

Zooplankton Species Composition and Diversity in Floodplain Ponds: Effects of Flooding and Local Site Characteristics, Kim A. Medley

Revisiting The Eastern Question: A Strategic Imperative For U. S. National Security In The Northern Tier, Daniel E. Miller

Physiological And Phylogenetic Characterization Of Three Psychrophilic Marine Bacteria, Brinnon L. Morrison

The Effects Of Heightened Emotion On The Verbal Fluency Of An Adult With Non-Fluent Aphasia And Apraxia Of Speech: A Pilot Study, Pauline Muhoho

The Effect of Increased Heart Rate on Memory and Performance of a Motor Sequence, Keri L. Nichols

Participation Motivation of High School Cross Country Runners, Adam O'Hara

Explorations in Automorphism Groups, Jeremy A. Osborne

Lead, Zinc And Cadmium Content In Structures In Jasper And Newton Counties, Missouri, Jeffrey W. Pavlik

Pesticide Effects On Endocrine Function, Metabolism, And Thermoregulation In 13-Lined Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus Tridecemlineatus), Jean A. Perry

A Continuous Story Of Wrongs And Outrages: The First Arkansas Union Cavalry, Michael L. Price

NATO and Kosovo: Great Expectations, Great Failures?, Boris Proepping

Evaluating The Effectiveness Of An Issues-Based Curriculum On Student Knowledge And Attitudes Toward Amphibians, Whitney B. Rapp

Predatory Strike Behaviors Of The Western Cottonmouth, Agkistrodon Piscivorus Leucostoma, William M. Ray

Effects Of Combinations Of Para-Hydroxybenzoic Acid And Boron On Growth And Mineral Content Of Velvetleaf, Melissa A. Remley

The Yoshida Doctrine Revised: Japan's Shifting Foreign and Defense Policy and Its Implications For America, Joshua P. Rowan

Integrin Distribution in Collagen Iv Mutants and Use of Rna Interference to Identify a Collagen Iv Receptor in C. Elegans, Umme Rumana

Effects of Liquid Base, Time, and Temperature on Viscosity, Karen Sandridge

Remodeling Beth, Ruth C. Schafer

Developing Salicylate-Selective Polymer Membrane Electrodes Based on Lutetium (Iii) Porphyrins, Stacy W. Scranton

Post-Cold War Economic Espionage in the United States, Chiradeep Sen

A History of the Coterie Theatre and Its Contribution to Theatre For Young People, Patricia Sentlinger

Alluvion, Jenner T. Shaffer

Spatial Ecology and Habitat Use of the Western Fox Snake (Elaphe Vulpina Vulpina) on Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Justin J. Shew

Development and Analysis of Some Mathematical Models in Population Biology, Angela D. Shreckhise

Electrochemiluminescence of a Lead Bromide Cluster, Pavneet Singh

Comparative Measures of Viscosity of Thickening Agents, Ronda K. Smith

Concepts Of Ethics In Public Relations Management: A Practitioner's Perspective, Stephen T. Smith

Dissecting The Process Of Dissection: A Comparison Of Animal Dissection And Computer-Generated Dissection With Middle School Students, Kris Spencer

Exploring The Impostor Phenomenon Affective Cognitive And Social Correlates Of Perceived Fraudulence, Layla R. Stanek

Investigation Into the Reasons Students Stay in Band, Amy Steinkuehler

Mercenaries in History and the Modern Era: Impact of the Privatized Military Industry on U.S. Security Interests, Christos N. Stephanides

The Effects of Goal Orientation on Responses to Feedback, Erin K. Stinson

Comparison of Three Computer Access Systems: Speech Recognition, Morse Code, and Scanning, Kevin Stockton

Production Of A Functional Collagen Type IV:: GFP Fusion Protein Reporter Construct In Caenorhabditis Elegans, David K. Stone

Manifold, Benjamin Strohmeyer

Images of Change: Language and Power in the Works of Toni Morrison, Laura L. Taylor

The War on Terror: Implications For the Future of U.S. Relations With France and Germany, Thomas S. Tholen

Comparison of Two-Dimensional Ultrasound and Three-Dimensional Ultrasound in Fetal Sexing of Cattle, Brady D. Timmerberg

Roost-Site Selection of Bats in Northeast Missouri With Emphasis on the Endangered Indiana Bat (Myotis Sodalis), John C. Timpone

Fall Prevention Pilot Project in the Elderly, Deborah A. Upton

Gender Biases Within the Beck Depression Inventory-Ii Among Clinicians-In-Training, Jennifer M. Wagner

Judgments of Responsibility of Sports Injuries Based Upon Level of Athletic Identification, Megan D. Weaver

Improving Students' Performance By Implementing Motivational Learning Strategies And Constructivist Teaching Methods, Michelle Wityk

You Never Lived the Life You Remember, Ashlei Woelk

A Face That Looks Like Yours, Sam Woelk

The Effectiveness of Using Conceptual Change Interactive Lecture Demonstrations to Address Misconceptions in Introductory Chemistry Courses, Crystal A. Wood

The Bear Next Door: Russia and the Near Abroad, Jaimy M. Wood

The Effect of Music on the Mathematics Achievement of Third-Grade Students, Julia Young

Molecular Studies Of Virus-Induced Gene Silencing In Nicotiana Benthamiana And Six Defense-Related Genes In Grapes, Xueyan Zhong

From Modern Prometheus To Modern Persephone: The Evolution Of Archetypal Myth From Mary Shelley To Virginia Woolf, Wanda L. Zimmerman

Theses from 2003

How Do Ethnicity, Age, and Insurance Coverage Affect Dental Use Patterns in Children?, Elizabeth K. Adams

To the Shores of Tripoli: The Libyan Threat to the United States of America, Jon S. Aldridge

Biology of the Rare Woodland Perennial Trillium Pusillum Micheaux (Liliaceae) in Southwest Missouri, Cynthia S. Andre

Effect of Annealing on Magnetic and Magnetotransport Properties of Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Ga(1-X)Mn(X)As, Mohammad A I Arif

Hidden Markov Models and Some Applications in Bioinformatics, Maryam Alyasin Arvizu

It Comes and It Goes: the History of Professional Baseball in Springfield, Missouri: 1887-1950, Rusty D. Aton

Enemies of Mankind: the Developing Threat of Modern Maritime Piracy and Terrorism, Scott Banker

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